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  1. I'm a Rocket!!! Knew I shouldn't have had that sixth beer!!!
  2. My two cents: 1. On the Beach 2. Tonight 3. Ecstacy 4. Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak 5. I'm a Rocket 6. Should I Wait 7. Makin' It Easy 8. Last Dance 9. Money Down
  3. GO Lew!!! Happy Belated...sorry I'm late.
  4. Incredible thread! This is great. Thank You.
  5. At this rate we won't see hockey until after the holidays. Once again us fans get screwed.
  6. Nice but I still like Eric's vocal better! No one can do it better.
  7. Great job Marv --- I really enjoyed this!
  8. Giants 31 Patriots 14
  9. Billy

    GMan's Giants!

    From a Packers fan, congrats to the Giants, we got are asses handed to us. Shit. 15-1 out the window. Doesn't matter what you do in the regular season as long as you get to the dance....beginning to think the bye week and resting the guys on the 17th week is not a good thing. The championship game should be a great match up. Have fun.
  10. Billy


    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Jim.
  11. Belated Birthday wishes Lew! Cheers! Billy (Remember the old days at Yale Field!)
  12. Happy Holidays to all here!
  13. Billy

    Favre Frets

    Sorry LC, I don't think my post gets people jumping on the Favre is a diva bandwagon. I think Brett did a pretty good job of that on his own. Look, that little story was all over the sports news here today, and I am thinking, you've got to be kidding me. Kind of foolish to think a 42 year old could come out of retirement, especially after the year he had last year, and try to put a team in the playoffs. Pretty ironic it would be the Bears, just makes me laugh. Stay retired and in 5 years or so he can go into the Hall of Fame as a Packer.
  14. Billy

    Favre Frets

    Pretty funny about those reports saying Brett would listen to Chicago about coming back this season....think if the Bears didn't play Christmas night in Lambeau he would be offering his services? Come to think of it, I'd like to see Brett try to play with the offensive line the Bears have --- he'd be thinking twice. Ted Thompson looks pretty good about now, huh Brett?
  15. Great job Marvin! Thanks for putting this up.
  16. Happy Belated Birthday Marv -- Hope you had fun!
  17. Glad to hear you are back home Pat -- feel better -- Here Come the Hawks.
  18. Catchy tune, it's on here in CT all the time --- does have a pretty dark side to it, I hear it's about a kid that was an outcast in Nebraska that went on a shooting spree in a clothing store -- subject matter alot like the Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays".
  19. Happy belated Birthday Laura --- hope you had a great day! Best for a happy and healthy year.
  20. Happy belated B-day Eric ---- hope you had a great day and here's to a happy and healthy year. Best, Billy
  21. Add "It Should Have Been Me" to that EC album!
  22. Happy belated birthday Pat -- hope it was a great day for you. Go Hawks!
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