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  1. Real late with this ....but thanks people!!!
  2. Great song. Thanks for putting this back up!
  3. Nice try here but doesn't deliver the punch Raspberries version does. Kinda like Raspberries light.
  4. Happy Birthday Anne! Cheers! Billy
  5. Happy Birthday Pat and congrats on the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory. You and the Hawks are class acts. Cheers!
  6. Happy Birthday Larisa. Cheers!
  7. I'm adding Susanna Hoffs.
  8. Ernie was a class act and a great ball player. And that comes from a Mets fan. A great guy and total respect from here. RIP Ernie. "Let's play two".
  9. Stopped at home at lunch...ran into the FedEx driver who is delivering my Essential EC from Japan - excellent start to this week!!
  10. Happy Birthday Eric - best wishes for health and happiness!! Cheers!
  11. Blackhawk goal by Pat - unassisted - congrats Pat.
  12. Couldn't wait for the latest Eric newsletter "Carmen Connection" out of Fortuna, CA in the late 70's! We've come a long way Lew!
  13. I too really enjoyed the interview. A great listen and excellent insight from Eric. Thank You for posting it.
  14. Thanks so much Larisa - that was great!
  15. THAT was outstanding. Great job!
  16. Excellent article. Big week coming up. Can't wait to get my copy!
  17. Bernie that little video was great!
  18. Jesus, that is beautiful. Haven't teared up like that since Butterfly Kisses. Stellar.
  19. Great article - so cool! Makes my weekend.
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