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  1. That's seeing them live...not what I typed the first time!
  2. I'll second that Def Leppard is great. Went to their show here in Connecticut at Wallingford in August. They sounded great, played for three hours. If you like em, I strongly recommend ssing them live.
  3. Nope, it's just not a Canadian thing --- the only EC release I dislike more than WD is Change of Heart...I'm in favor of more releases like Tonight You're Mine. Then again at this point I'll take anything that is new!
  4. Sounds like we need Don Zimmer to come in and cool things down.
  5. Julie, I think John Waite is one of the most underrated singers out there. Alot of the stuff he did with the Babys is real good. He was on the Ringo tour this past summer.
  6. Things might have been alot different had Eric followed up MMLC with a new album. I'm pretty sure after having Hungry Eyes and MMLC as top ten hits, what ever single he released off a new effort would have received air play, and plenty of it.
  7. Hey Don -- back on the EC Japan concert -- don't feel bad, back in 87 a guy running a sound board at the Dirty Dancing show at New Haven Col. gave me a tape recorded copy of Eric's five songs -- as a favor to another EC fan I sent him a copy -- he tells me I'll never let anyone else hear it -- long story short he sends it off to these two kids that idolized EC in Wisconsin and now everyone has it!!! Should have kept my big mouth shut!!!
  8. Andy -- any relation to former NHLer Andre Dore ? Knew him when he played here in CT for New Haven/Hartford...believes he still skates for an Adult league around here and owns a home here also.
  9. All the best Eric for your birthday --- sorry for being a little late with this message.
  10. Count the Rubinoos in as being influenced by the Raspberries.
  11. Billy


    I'll add Johathan Cain (Babys/Journey) to the list.
  12. Billy

    Male Vocalists

    Allow me to throw in Robin Zander of Cheap Trick.
  13. Keith Scott of Bryan Adams band --- been going strong for over 20 years and most under-rated.
  14. Prior to Bernie's great site there was an EC chat room on AOL that Eric would frequently pop in on and answer questions --- as previously stated a good thing ended when some moron reported him to AOL for using the word "shitty" in a post. Anyone out there remember those Sunday night chats?
  15. The music store I shop here in Connecticut (Strawberries -- it's a chain) has an Eric section -- usually they have EC 1975, EC 1985 and Winter Dreams (US release). I've yet to see the other three releases in.
  16. Billy

    Sick of it all

    I don't think we are talking about Third Eye Blind here...can't classify them as "cookie cutter trend"...not after the success they have had.
  17. I'm 100% across the board with Miranda Richardson. She is a bit older than myself, but that's ok. Got to Runaway.....
  18. Sounds like a good idea if there is some new music to promote also.
  19. Matt you indicate "you could give the song to Avril"...you know her?
  20. Gotta love Avril -- so she is dinking beer. Probably drinking some of that Don Cherry stuff --says she is tired of performing Complicated. She better not drop that from the set -- people are paying good money to hear that from her -- kinda like Raspberries not doing Go All the Way. And while we are talking Junos -- nothing for Bryan Adams and Spirit. BOOOO!
  21. Good post Tony. Well said. Let me know when the rally is ....I'll be there.
  22. I'm on AOL and there is a feature called "Radio AOL" -- I selected the 80's and they have played Hungry Eyes and Make Me Lose Control on a regular basis. Kinda feels like 87-88 all over again.
  23. Billy

    My absence

    Julia, you and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers.
  24. Spirit may have been over looked at the Academy Awards and the Junos but not at the Oscars. The soundtrack is up for an award there. "Here I Am"(the single released off of the soundtrack) had good success her in the States as well as Canada, Bryan has recently recorded "Here I Am" and "Brothers Under the Sun" in French as well and has performed them in French on his recent tour in Quebec.
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