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  1. Babys/Raspberries sounds great to me! Went to see Bryan Adams tuesday night here in Connecticut. Bryan was great as usual. What a talent. I wonder what Eric ever did with that song Bryan and him worked on in 91? (Feels like Forever) Guess I'll find out next week when I read my book!!!
  2. Got mine today -- the paperback copy comes on vacation to Vermont next week -- the hardcover stays home! Now I have to try and keep away from this gem so I'll have something to read next week on vacation....it's not easy! Great work Bernie and Ken S.
  3. Check out the headline on today's (Monday)New York Post sports page (back page): WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S (It's in reference to the great weekend Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams had) This had a different meaning to me! Hope you guys had a great time.
  4. Eric -- Best wishes for a happy birthday -- have a great healthy year -- cheers -- Billy
  5. just the thought of having this book and knowing the great places it comes from (Eric's house and Bernie's house) is a thrill for me. Can't wait! A new song and a book all in the same summer!
  6. I've listened to NSD about 50 times -- the song gets stronger everytime I listen to it -- this should be released. What a great song --thanks Bernie!
  7. Hey at this rate we should be seeing the 1,000,000 visitor to the site soon!
  8. Got mine through Real Player -- put it on a CD --I'm good to go!!
  9. Wow..great job Bernie -- I really like this song -- imagine if this followed up Make Me Lose Control .... great to hear some new music even if it is from the Eric archives. Would still like to see him release some of those archived songs!! Thanks again Bernie...what a month ...a new book and new music.
  10. Billy

    Canada Day!

    To all our Canadian friends on the board a Happy Canada Day. Do the Jays and Expos play home games in honor of?
  11. Billy

    Go Habs Go!

    Thanks Pat for that update --- the Theo Fluery story is an interesting one for sure. I read where he had a pretty tough up bringing and I believe he played his junior hockey for that nut that was molesting players. I can see him resurfacing in the AHL or a league like that. I'll tell you, when he played for the Rangers you never knew what the guy was going to do. But he gave 100% + every night.
  12. Billy

    Go Habs Go!

    Marvin -- since you live in Calgary you might know this --- what happened to Theo Fluery? Is he living back there? Theo kind of reminded me of Darryl Strawberry -- one hell of a talent who let the elements get to him -- although his stay with the Rangers was not sucessful, I will say he came to play every night -- unlike most of our players who were over paid loafers. I know Theo ended up the the Blackhawks last year but crossed the line again and they released him.
  13. Maybe Bernie has stats on the frequencies of who signs in and when -- I visit 3 to 4 times a week, consider myself a regular but my posts are far and few !!
  14. Very well said Michelle. That was great.
  15. Bernie -- just reserved my copy today -- hope I'm not too late!! This is as good as a new CD -- finally something to look forward to!!!
  16. Billy

    Go Habs Go!

    Go Leafs Go. (I'm really a Rangers fan but we do not participate after March) Mike Danton, always knew this guy was a screwball.What the heck is he thinking?
  17. With the exception of "My Heart Stops" that sounds like a CD I'd like to own!
  18. I watched the show wating for "ABM" -- just as well they didn't play it --- I don't want the song to be a tie in for some guy barbquing by himself in a bathroom.
  19. I'm almost sure this was the piece that was run on VH-1 a few years ago.
  20. Do the producers of That 70's Show have to get permission to use All By Myself or is it ok to just go ahead and incorporate it into the show? just wondering...in any event, All By Myself gets some more national attention tonight!
  21. Yep, we've talked this before, but I remember the Eric chat room on AOL and Eric was very active on it. A few ruined it. I'm confident he checks in here.
  22. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Michael also play on Eric's first album?
  23. Latoya did the song proud -- great job.
  24. A few of my favorite 80's bands -- Def Leppard and the Go-Go's. Also add Bryan Adams from the "Reckless" days of 85.
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