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  1. How about when the Packers went to Detroit for a Thanksgiving game in 85 and Green Bay's Walter Stanley torched the Lions for 3 TD's. I think at one point the Packers trailed by 21 in that game,came back and won. Go Pack Go.
  2. I'd like to add to all going to the show have a great time and safe wishes for all!
  3. Randy I agree -- I think "Tonight" will lead things off.
  4. Too bad there wasn't a pay per view for this concert. I'm not going and I'm still over here jumping around like a nut!!!
  5. Congrats Julie -- getting engaged, Raspberries are back, a new EC song and a book all in one year. Sounds like a great year for you!!
  6. Good job Gene --- thanks so much for allowing us to see these pictures.
  7. There should be no opening act for the Cleveland show -- that is their night and it's a home game. If they were to take the show on the road and felt an opening act was necessary, how about the Rubinoos?
  8. The Change of Heart sonfs Eric did on the Merv Griffin show from 78/79 were lip synched.
  9. That's an encouraging update!! Thanks Marvin.
  10. Tom Schultz of Boston? Why would he be there? Never knew he was a fan.
  11. I have to do some research on wheather or not she was featured in Playboy -- reason why I think so is that I remember reading some where that she wanted to shed the "teeny bopper image" -- hence the switch from "Debbie" to "Deborah".
  12. Wasn't Deborah featured in Playboy last year??
  13. Hey Bernie -- that is good news if the band considers doing other shows! Even though I can't be in Cleveland on the 26th I am thrilled the reunion is happening --- I'll be pumped even though I'm not there!
  14. Pretty good -- when she hits 40 he will be in his 70's...better fill that perscription for the viagra.
  15. Any chance of the boys doing Hands On You...just kidding.
  16. Think back to last year at this time -- who would have thought we would have a book and a reunion concert all in a few months of each other. Thanks Bernie....this is awesome.
  17. Any chance they might publish a program with picutres for the show? Hopefully if they do they will print up a ton of extras so the fans that can't be there can get them.
  18. I find myself going to the board alot when I should be working!! This is great.
  19. Great to hear they will be filming and recording the show -- at least fans like myself who want to be there but can't will be able to enjoy! For all of you that are lucky enough to go have a great time!!!
  20. What a great interview -- thanks Marvin for sharing that. Good job!
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