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  1. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday Jim. Good health and success in 05!
  2. Got to tell you Bernie, I can't put the book down -- got mine in August and read it on vacation. Read it again last month just in case I missed something. I always pick it up from time to time -- the autographed copy is on the bookshelf, the soft cover is always within reach! Thank you again for this great publication. Bought another one as a gift for another fan next town over -- the book is an excellent present for any music fan or for those interested in getting into the business.
  3. Tony -- I'm sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. Totally agree here, get rid of those background singers on Boats. That was Clive Davis' brilliant idea.
  5. I agree with Eric, the show was a "celebration of the Raspberries"...no solo stuff was needed.
  6. Great story Marvin, thanks for sharing. Your stories are interesting and very well written. A few more of these and you may have to come out with a book!!
  7. Great job Bernie --- thanks so much for the great pictures!
  8. I'll second that, great photo!
  9. Thanks so much Marvin for sharing that story -- man, that is beautiful -- I am so happy for you --you got to be feeling quite awesome about now!
  10. I couldn't use the credit card option, didn't work for me -- I signed up for pay pal and got a few shirts and the picture. I'll be back later to do some Christmas shopping!
  11. Marvin—nothing you write is going to bore me—write away my man, I can't wait to read it!
  12. We will be hitting one million on that counter soon!
  13. What a great wrap up of what was a great night for you Darlene -- reading these reports are so much fun -- I am so glad for you and all that attended. This has been one heck of a year for us. New book, new song, reunion concert...doesn't get much better than this!
  14. Tom thanks for the great recap. Although I couldn't be there your words painted an excellent picture. Thanks again.
  15. Hey Laura -- great to see another Packer fan on the board -- need Brett to perform more magic Monday night.
  16. I hear there will be a DVD of the show -- I read it here somewhere -- hope they get it out for the holidays.
  17. Sure hope a DVD of this show comes out soon. Great article.
  18. Billy


    Sosa to the Mets -- just say NO --- the thought of him in a Mets uniform makes me puke. I'd rather have Hildago out there. Without the roids Sosa is another Giambi.
  19. How about when the Packers went to Detroit for a Thanksgiving game in 85 and Green Bay's Walter Stanley torched the Lions for 3 TD's. I think at one point the Packers trailed by 21 in that game,came back and won. Go Pack Go.
  20. I'd like to add to all going to the show have a great time and safe wishes for all!
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