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  1. Without a doubt, in my mind best album Eric did thus far...there should have been a few hits off of that one.
  2. Good job Bernie -- this is cool! Thanks.
  3. Billy

    Deborah Gibson

    What I take from the article I read, this effort is her trying to break back into the pop/rock arena -- I don't think this is a Broadway effort.
  4. Billy

    Deborah Gibson

    Yeah, her new single is entitled "Naked"...I guess this is the right time to pose.
  5. Was reading today that Deborah Gibson has finally decided to pose for next month's Playboy to go along with her new single -- I guess she figures if it worked for Belinda Carslile with the Go-Go's it might work for her.
  6. I'm happy to say I started collecting cards when I was 8 in 1968 and saved them all. Of course as I got older the collecting slowed down, but I did manage to collect alot of great stuff, mostly baseball and hockey.
  7. On the Beach is one of my favorites. I'd put that right behind Tonight and Ecstacy on Side 3.
  8. Good to hear you are back Bernie. Now let's get Marvin back so we are running on all cylinders!
  9. Billy


    Marvin -- I'm glad to see you are ok. Keep the passion for the band -- I'm hoping I will continue to see your insightful posts showing up on this board. You are a big reason why I stop in as much as I do!
  10. Billy


    If Marvin leaves, he leaves with 2,818 posts, the most in history. Marv, can we offer you a one year deal so we can get that 3,000th hit?
  11. Billy


    I will miss Marvin's posts. What a great guy. Perhaps he is working on a book with all the great stories he has over the past few months.
  12. What a dumb way to end the review!
  13. Hey Gene, thanks for the great work.
  14. Soon as they are available on line count on me buying each one at least once.
  15. Bernie, Thanks for the link to the archives. Fun to look back at what was going on in the early days of this great site.
  16. I'm sure when relief efforts are all accounted for the United States will be one the the top contributors. My friend Michael lives in Phuket, Thailand and I am in touch with him daily. He reports to me the Thai people's thanks to us for all that we are doing to help them...not all of the relief effort is coming in terms of who donates the most money -- the US goverment funds those Sikorsky Black Hawk and Bell/Lycoming Huey helicopters that are flying all the relief over. I know that Sikorsky employees have been working over this past holiday to produce more Black Hawks in the event the world needs more for situations such as these.
  17. Hey Bernie, that review you wrote has the hair on the back of my neck standing...great review.
  18. Thanks for the great pictures Gene!
  19. God bless Reggie, who died this morning of a heart attack. As a life long Green Bay Packer fan, this is a very sad end to the weekend. Not only a great player but a great man. Waive the five year rule for the Hall of Fame and induct him now.
  20. I got my T-shirts seperate from the litho but they did arrive on the same day.
  21. Another first class job Bernie!!
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