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  1. I believe Sudden Sam finished up with the Yankees when Go All the Way was hitting the air waves.
  2. Count me in Bernie! Just placed my order!!!
  3. Well guys that makes three of us here that do not own a Springsteen album and voted twice for W!
  4. One of my favorite Raspberries songs!
  5. Good job again Marvin. Are you pulling for the Nats (Expos) to get in? I says Let's Go Mets!
  6. Thanks Marvin for posting that article. Good stuff.
  7. After 25 years it still boggles my mind how this tune did not at least crack the top 40 in 1980 --it still sounds great today in 2005!
  8. Great job Eric. Thanks Bernie for sharing that letter!
  9. Billy

    Tony's Home!

    Hey Tony -- in a week you will be like new. You will feel better every hour...rest up my man!
  10. Hey Tony -- you having laproscopic (sp?) or are you getting cut? I had the old fashioned way (the knife) in 87 and the recovery period was a bit slow -- had to go back for laproscopic in 03 and could not believe the difference -- I was walking the next day with no problem. One thing you do not want to do at the beginning of recovery is eat heavy -- alot of trips to the can will put you in some pain. Best of luck --
  11. Sorry folks, without Freddie, it isn't Queen.
  12. Any idea who the girl was that appeared in Eric's Geffen videos I wanna here it from your Lips and I'm Through With Love ??
  13. Eric -- what a great year for you !! Thanks for the music -- Happy Birthday and may this upcoming year be blessed with health and happiness. Cheers!
  14. Bernie, I used to look forward to getting those Carmen Connections in the mail -- what a gas it would be to see some of those in their entirety -- takes me back to college!!!
  15. Count me in as another one who doesn't have VH-1 classic.....I feel your pain!
  16. Thanks for that Def Leppard update Harry.
  17. How did Def Leppard do ? What other two songs did they do before "No Matter What"??? Thanks !!
  18. "On the Beach" is one of my favorite Rapberries songs...since I grew up right up the street from the beach it brings back alot of great memories from the 80's!
  19. My vote is in. Holding at 78%
  20. don't forget Bryan Adams and Def Leppard!
  21. Those picture of Eric in an Indians uniform are up over on the Raspberries site.
  22. No warm up band needed --- just Raspberries is great.
  23. Hey Lew -- I got a few poloroid pics from a girl that attended that Fairfield U show -- I was too young to go.....see you at a Cutters game.
  24. Billy

    Toby Beau

    I think I remember the song going something like "yes you're mine angel baby, yes you're mine angel baby, for the rest of the night"... funny thing is I always thought Toby Beau was a solo act and not a group!!
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