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  1. Hey Marv -- sorry I'm real late with this, hope you had a great birthday and best wishes for a healthy and happy year. Hockey is back -- enjoy!
  2. Does Frank Thomas get a World Series ring? Did he play at all this year for the Sox???
  3. Nice review and very impressive words about Jim.
  4. I think these are good reasons that having a DVD of the concerts is important -- great for the fans who have not experienced a Raspberries show yet and fantastic for the lucky people who went -- they can re-live the shows over and over. Of course not the same as being there but it sure would keep you up until the next tour/show.
  5. Roger Clemens theme song is Rocket by Def Leppard. When warming up for a start he has this played. Used it while he was a Yankee as well as an Astro.
  6. Congrats to the White Sox -- no doubt about it, baseball's best team. I'm a Mets fan, so I never see the Sox play -- I am really impressed with that club -- they have it all -- from Ozzie on down.
  7. Great job Gene. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks Jeff for that great article.
  9. Thanks guys for the great reviews. Keep em coming.
  10. Queen and Paul Rodgers have a DVD coming out already ?? --- hope the Raspberries follow this soon ....
  11. Mets fan here pulling for the White Sox. Did not see the Sox at all this year, but have watched the playoff games -- I'm impressed. Good lineup.
  12. Lew, you look a little like Jimmy Hurst, formerly of the Cutters.
  13. I think that was after the Dirty Dancing tour -- Eric had long hair going when the Dirty Dancing tour was going.
  14. Great idea, I'd be buying more than one copy for sure. I'd get a few for myself and hand out at few over the holidays.
  15. Let's Go Rangers. Glen Sather, how do you keep your job?
  16. The commercial aired 3 or 4 times last night on ESPN while the baseball games were on.
  17. Thanks for the message Jim. What a class move to write in. Ah, Lew, don't think you will catch the Yankees much after this weekend, never mind in San Diego.
  18. Thanks for that note Eric. Although I did not have plans for San Diego, the note was certainly a class move on your part. Thank You again.
  19. Haven't We Come a Long Way, My Heart Stops and Reason To Try --- there is three I could do with out.
  20. Change Your Mind and I Don't Know What I Want are good songs in my opinion -- hell, I even like Hands On You.
  21. Bernie many many thanks --- these weekly specials are great!!!
  22. I threw Eric a vote but it looks like he has as much chance as the Indians do right now.
  23. I believe Sudden Sam finished up with the Yankees when Go All the Way was hitting the air waves.
  24. Count me in Bernie! Just placed my order!!!
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