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  1. Another person doing All By Myself is LaToya London (American Idol) -- read somewhere where it will be on her latest CD.
  2. "Christmas Shoes" is done by the group New Song. Is that Bob Carlisle ("Butterfly Kisses") on lead??
  3. My copy of the Definitive Collection has Hungry Eyes on it as well.
  4. Marv --The entire 1994 team was there, in uniform except for Brian Leetch who was with Boston on the road. It was one of the best tributes I've seen for a player --- Mess went through a box of tissues.
  5. Marv -- How is Alexi Kovalev playing for you guys? I was surprised to see him at MSG last Thursday night in a Rangers jersey to honor Messier. Was that an off night for Montreal or is he injured?
  6. Bob Gainey was a good player and is a good hockey man. He will be worth a few games on his own behind the bench. I may be mistaken, but didn't Gainey have the coaching job when Bobby Clarke was running things in Minnesota when the North Stars were still there? I think they made a pretty deep playoff run. Anybody see the tribute to Mark Messier Thursday night at MSG? What a night for one of the best players ever and without a doubt the number one leader in hockey. Just a beautiful night with the Rangers winning in overtime. Hockey is fun again here.
  7. I think the Seahawks have their hands full with the Cats next week. That team is on a roll and they have peaked at the right time. John Fox and his staff have done a masterful job so far in the playoffs. Steve Smith has established himself as a big time player. Can't see how Seattle will have an easy time. As for the 69-13 prediction by CubfanMike, geeze you were way off on the score and you had the teams wrong. The Bears played the Panthers, not the Jags.
  8. Doesn't get much better than that endorsement from Eric -- congrats to you both.
  9. A healthy and happy 2006 to all!
  10. This is good news -- a DVD would be great.
  11. Can anyone explain to me how the Packers are 6 point favorites for tomorrow night's game vs. Detroit? At 2-10 I figured the game would be at least even! The Lions must really blow. Also, the NFL must be looking for a game in a blizzard -- 7:30 kick off in Green Bay in December? I'm all for it here but what about those folks that go to the game and have to drive home later?? What is the forecast out there for tomorrow night?
  12. What a great book -- and the "extras" -- man what a first class opertation !! Spent most of the snow day here yesterday reading -- thanks so much Bernie and Ken. And thanks to Gene for the excellent photography. This book is a winner.
  13. Great picture --- thanks Eric for the Aerosmith review!
  14. Mutt Lange gets my vote. He will give them that Def Leppard sound.
  15. Word in from Shelton CT -- mine has arrived but I'm at work until 8:30PM -- Bernie please e-mail me an early excuse pass so I can get out of here!!! I'll be reading mine all night long!!!
  16. As a Packer fan I tip my cap to the Bears -- they have a great defense and excellent special teams -- I am looking forward to the rematch on Christmas Day. The Packers have had a great run (13 straight winning seasons), at 2-10 I'm still proud to be a fan.
  17. I got this from a friend of mine -- after the Thanksgiving game in Detroit, the Lions had the weekend off -- one of the players is from the city I live in here in Connecticut -- he was back home and at a local hang out -- he told my friend that Marriucci lost total control of the team, it was so bad that a few of the receivers were not showing up to meetings and made their own hours for practice -- Millen had to make a move or he ran the risk of the team just mailing it in for the rest of the season.
  18. Hey Bern -- can you autograph my copy?
  19. Yeah, Favre is a little over rated. He is in the top 10 at his position all time. Kind of tough Mike to be a premier passer every year when you have no one around to throw to. Then again you have that super star Kyle Orton throwing for you, so I guess what you say about Favre makes sense.
  20. You are right Laura -- Matt Millen has been making promises for years. He should go. And if anyone should be fired in that division it ought to be Mike Tice. As for Mooch, I'd love to see him back with the Packers. That is where he started and he and Favre are best friends.
  21. Well Mike, don't you think it is about the Bears win a game in Chicago against the Packers? Geez, it's only been 11 years in the a league that features parity. And if Favre does retire, it is straight to the Hall. How many quarterbacks have the Bears gone through since Favre came into the league? If you are giving the Packers 83 points, I'll take Green Bay and the points!
  22. Hey, let's stop the season now and give the Bears the Lombardi trophy. No sense of playing the games-- "drive" to the championship -- how about winning the division first? Nice start but let's get through December before we start crowning them the champs.
  23. Packers will have something to say about the fate of Da Bears.
  24. Packer fan here -- yeah, i know 2-8, we suck. But -- 8-2 against the spread this year. A little cash in the wallet makes you forget about the tough season. We will be back next year, with some 20 mil under the cap we should be able to rope some players in.
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