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  1. Best Wishes Dave for a healthy and speedy recovery.
  2. My favorite EC song and video! Great to see it again. Thanks.
  3. When I seen the subject "Cold Case and Eric" first thing that came to my mind was you were enjoying a cold case of beer and listening to Eric!
  4. What was Britt Ekland saying on that fade out -- anyone here good with French? If it's too sexy for the board don't bother.....I don't know French but it sounded pretty good to me.
  5. Also omitted from Rod's Tonight The Night on the single version is the girl speaking French on the fade out.
  6. Awesome work Gene -- thank you for sharing, I appreciate it.
  7. All the best for a Happy Birthday and a healthy year! Cheers Billy
  8. Thanks for putting up that link to the article.
  9. I have this book also -- haven't looked at it in a while but if I remember correctly there is a full page shot of Eric playing the guitar.
  10. Getting back to the Clay Aiken/Bobby Sherman deal -- I thought it was K.D.Lang!
  11. A DVD would be great -- I'm waiting along with you guys.
  12. Congrats on the 1M hits Bernie -- I'm proud to say I've been here from almost the beginning -- for me the BEST web site out there is right here!
  13. "Something So strong" was a great song!
  14. Eric -- thanks for that great story!
  15. Happy Holiday -- Easter & Passover -- to all!
  16. Don't mess up a good thing -- let's leave these four guys to work together, keep on doing great shows and maybe we will get some new Raspberries tunes.
  17. If it was promoted properly, It Hurts Too Much should have been top 10 along with the entire Tonight You're Mine album.
  18. thank for that great review. This guy gets it.
  19. A live release sounds great -- let's hope it's out in 2006!
  20. Al Gore -- the self proclaimer of "inventing the internet" -- give him the boot. Along with him toss Palmiero, Sosa, McGuire, Bonds and all of the other steroid abusers.
  21. The Bud commercials were awesome as usual. The streaker at the horse football game was great!
  22. Another person doing All By Myself is LaToya London (American Idol) -- read somewhere where it will be on her latest CD.
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