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  1. Didn't Eric pen the tune "reason To Try" for the 88 olympics?
  2. Thanks Eric for sharing that story. I always look forward to your postings.
  3. Joe Perry looks damn good for his age. He did a nice job last night. Good to see A-smith still rocking.
  4. WOW - 28lbs! My cat Oscar is 22lbs and I thought he was huge!!!
  5. Hi -- very sorry to hear about your cat. I lost my cat Scooter a few years ago, he was 16. He was my best buddy -- pets are very important. Think about getting another cat -- it will never replace your best friend, but you have great memories.
  6. Hard to believe it's been 10 years --- I really appreciate this site and Bernie's hard work. Glad to say I've been here for most of the 10 years!!! Wow...this means it's been about 10 years since Winter Dreams...
  7. Never Say Goodbye -- Bon Jovi?
  8. Excuse my error -- typo in the last sentence above -- I should be saying "this ISN'T a bashing Eric's music contest" -- just a few different opinions. Sorry about that -- couldn't find the edit key!
  9. I'm not here to pee in the punch -- just weighing in with an opinion -- heck, Bernie doesn't like Reason To Try -- maybe someone out there thinks it's great -- I thought that this board was about sharing thoughts in a professional, constructive way to make for lively conversation. Everyone can't agree all the time --- this is a "bashing Eric's musio contest", just a few different opinions.
  10. Welcome Interstate Managers is a fantastic listen. Real good stuff.
  11. Best of Luck with your new car Eric!
  12. Well said Paulie, I couldn't agree more. I hear you Lew and Marv....
  13. My Heart Stops is listed on the Tonight You're Mine CD that has just been reissued in Japan. I know you guys like the song but it's my least favorite EC song, no way it belongs with the songs from Tonight You're Mine. Maybe on Change of Heart but not there. Just my opinion.
  14. Thank You Bernie --- Thank You Eric
  15. Beautifully put raspberrywine -- Eric, you are in my prayers.
  16. I heard about this update today too -- thanks for putting up the link Ira...man, I am so sad about this.
  17. Debbie, thank you so much! This is great. I will be sure to show my daughter -- although she is only 12, she knows all about how she was named after the song...thank you again for sharing this.
  18. How sad is this. What a talented and gifted musician. I loved Boston -- I named my daughter after the song "Amanda"....rest in peace Brad.
  19. The High Cost of Loving You is a killer! Great tune.
  20. Better than the Growing Pains version (BJ Thomas ??)
  21. I think the olympic soundtrack Eric was on was around 1988 (??), Reason To Try was the song.
  22. I would have thought ABM would have ranked higher than #40 for the year!
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