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  1. Mellie, this is the type of thing I love hearing -- us fans turning on new people to the band. Word of mouth (or should I say music to ear, in this case) is a great tool. I went to Amazon on Saturday night and ordered the 2 delux sets that were available -- I will be giving each one to friends who are music fans and know my love of this band. I am sure I will get good reviews from them and hopefully this move will spark a few more sales. If each one of us can buy an extra and give it as a gift to a friend or a family member, this will help the cause.
  2. Good stuff --- can't wait to read the rest of the article. Thanks.
  3. Hopefully the show will be released on CD or DVD. Brad Delp and Boston was great.
  4. SWEET JESUS! This package is fantastic. Not only is this one of the BEST live albums I've ever heard and the DVD is outstanding. I can't say enough, Thank You. I can't wait to get out of work and listen to this again with a few cold ones!
  5. Best Wishes Eric for a Happy Birthday and a healthy year !! You are the best! CHEERS.
  6. Stopped by home on lunch and it's here!!! Can't open it until later -- I open this and I'm not making it back to work!!!! This afternoon better go QUICK!!!!
  7. Nothing in Connecticut yet....hopefully tomorrow!!
  8. No problem -- I'm going to buy one in the stores anyway --- the special edition I get goes up on the book shelf next to the hard cover Marathon Man. My hall of fame is growing!
  9. Although I do not wish bad times on anyone, I have a real tough time feeling sorry for people like Lindsay, Brittney, Paris, Michael Vick...the list goes on...these people have too much money and time on their hands...
  10. Great show !! -- would love to hear it again -- thanks again.
  11. That was freakin outstanding. This is great. I'm going to go have another beer. WOW!
  12. Mona Lisa from Queen's "It's a Miracle"....
  13. Hey Ira -- i heard this!!! I went and put it up as a new subject, Berine go ahead and take it down -- I was so excited to put this up on the board I didn't bother to check to see if was a subject -- sorry about that! And yes, Shawn Green is still stuck on 7HRs and 20 RBIs!!! Good job!!!
  14. You can imagine my surprise this AM while driving in to work to hear a caller to Richard Neer on sports radio WFAN 660AM telling him he wanted to let him know that "the Raspberries are coming out with a new release next week"....to which Neer replyed "ah, the Raspberries, Dennis' favoite band" Not sure if he was referring to someone working at the FAN or Dennis the guy that wrote the liner notes on Raspberries Best....anyway a pleasant surprise...even on sports radio they are talking Raspberries!
  15. And what's up with the NFL letting this clown play? -- It's about time these people learn that playing in the NFL is a privlidge not a right -- ban this guy and make a statement. Yeah, there were no drugs on him at the airport last summer too. How many chances does this jerk get? Perhaps they should put some of those starving dogs in a pit with Vick for about a half hour with a stake strapped to his ass. That would wake him up.
  16. Wow...what a powerful review --- great job Don --- I can't wait to get the package -- I'm leaving for vacation on 7/29, hopefully I'll get it by then!!
  17. That Geffen album is another under rated gem -- second to Tonight You're Mine for me.
  18. I thought it was neighbours! (As in Bryan Adams "Waking Up the Neighbours") Happy Canada Day...Happy Independence Day everyone.
  19. Happy Canada Day !!!
  20. They didn't announce the artists that are playing at Shea, but I told the guy and his daughter I was with about the Raspberries and he is going to order Starting Over because of the song. My daughter told them "I hear this song at home alot"!
  21. Just to let you guys know, Crusin Music was played at Shea yesterday morning during the Mets - A's warm ups -- was playing at about 11:40 and sounded loud and great. Sunshine, ice cold brew and Raspberries music playing at Shea -- I couldn't ask for much more. Life is Good.
  22. I'm going to today's Mets game, I'll be listening -- there must be a Raspberrie's fan at Shea directing the music -- last time I was there they played I Wanna Be With You !
  23. Julie, I too am very sorry for your loss. Pets are a very important of my life, I know that feeling you have...thoughts and prayers for you at this time.
  24. I think Tonight You're Mine is Eric's best album -- It Hurts Too Much should have been top 20.
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