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  1. Billy

    Giants Win!

    Go Pack Go! Lambeau is going to rocking! Sunday night.
  2. Best of Luck Paul. I will be watching.
  3. Real good articles. I didn't realize that Rolling Stone had voted "Tonight" or "Side 3" as Best Record of the Year.
  4. Susanna Hoffs is besutiful, but the Go-Go's are outstanding especially live. I give the Go-Go's the nod. And yes, "Unforgiven" and the rest of that God Bless the Go-Go's CD is great.
  5. Hey Marv, with the original six we would have an all star game every night! The Winter Classic was the best -- how cool was it seeing those original uniforms -- both Pittsburgh and Buffalo should stick with those -- I say dump most alot of these US teams that don't make money and interest is low (let's start with Nashville, Florida, Tampa Bay, Phoenix) and make the league stronger and smaller. The NHL did one hell of a job with the Winter Classic. What a great way to spend 3 plus hours on New Year's day!
  6. Marv: Thanks for putting this up -- I am a big fan of Delp and Boston -- excellent song -- I just ordered it. Thanks again for making us aware of this.
  7. Happy Holidays to all and a healthy and happy 2008.
  8. Billy

    "On the Beach"

    I really like "On the Beach"....the seagulls are fine with me. Great song.
  9. Another Dan fan here who was very disappointed to hear this news --- I also really loved the Twin Sons of Different Mothers effort with Tim Weisberg....the Power of Gold and Tell Me To My Face are two of my all time favorites. RIP Dan. You will be missed.
  10. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  11. Hey Lew - We will have to get together sometime for a few. Too bad the Cutters folded.
  12. Poloroid photos of Eric and Wally at Fairfield University in Connecticut before a 1974 concert -- Let's Pretend picture sleeve and 45 inside -- just a few of the good things. Of course, the autographed Live CD is the the best!
  13. Those black shirts are sharp -- I just ordered me one for the holidays!
  14. Live version or regular version?
  15. Change of Heart ? Disco ? Come on.
  16. WDRC 102.9 in Hartford, CT played "I Wanna Be With You" on Thursday and also mentioned that they are on tour!
  17. How about getting the guys together to sing the National Anthem at Jacobs Field during the ALCS?
  18. 1. Go All The Way 2. I Wanna Be With You 3. Tonight 4. Ecstacy 5. On The Beach 6. Crusin Music 7. Let's Pretend 8. Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak 9. Nobody Knows 10.Overnight Sensation
  19. I just purchased another deluxe set for the car -- (I'm leaving my autographed super copy inside th home so it doesn't get trashed) - got it at FYE in Waterbury, CT -- they have one more left, the guy told me they had 5 so the great news is they have sold three other copies besides my purchase. He says they will be bringing more in at the end of the week!
  20. God Bless Scooter -- I am a Mets fan but I always enjoyed hearing the Scooter over on WPIX. He was and is what baseball should be all about.
  21. Thanks for sharing these great pictures!
  22. Great job Bernie on the web cam !! Good to see Lew there representing Connecticut!
  23. Mellie, this is the type of thing I love hearing -- us fans turning on new people to the band. Word of mouth (or should I say music to ear, in this case) is a great tool. I went to Amazon on Saturday night and ordered the 2 delux sets that were available -- I will be giving each one to friends who are music fans and know my love of this band. I am sure I will get good reviews from them and hopefully this move will spark a few more sales. If each one of us can buy an extra and give it as a gift to a friend or a family member, this will help the cause.
  24. Good stuff --- can't wait to read the rest of the article. Thanks.
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