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  1. You got to be shittin me. (Pun intended) On the can for two years? Where do we come up with this stuff?
  2. What is the capacity of the Copps Coliseum?
  3. I was at Brett's first start vs Pittsburgh in 92 -- after that I went to Lambeau another 10 times was so thankful to see Brett play. If it is time to move on, what a great career! I got to admit, it does get a little tiresome every year of hearing the retirement talk -- if this is truly it, i hope he doesn't make the come back, a la Reggie White, in another uniform. Go out as a Packer, go to the Hall of Fame, it's been a blast. I guess it's time to see what Aaron Rodgers can do.
  4. Thank You everybody -- this is a great place to be!
  5. WOW -- Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I am the Billy here that was born today. Late 40's are tough!!! Thank You all once again.
  6. Good deal Bernie -- you can count on me to buy.
  7. Stratford High School class of 1977 -- More Than a Feeling - Boston, alot of Frampton, Sons in the Key of Life- Stevie Wonder, Night Moves Bob Seger, If You Leave Me now - Chicago
  8. Billy


    Best for a speedy recovery.
  9. Wasn't it pretty smokey in San Diego a few months ago?
  10. I went 6 for 10 --- got real lucky on a few.
  11. Good Luck with your new car!
  12. You got to keep your eye on e-bay -- that $60 for the Geffen is a little pricey -- 2 weeks ago I got Tonight You're Mine and Change of Heart, both Japanese releases, and all the extras on TYM for $35 (that's the total for both)and that included shipping.
  13. Thank You Bernie -- congrats on 2M hits -- I'm proud to say I'm member #26 and have been coming here for over 10 years -- I am so glad I found this site!
  14. I'm a Packers fan -- but weighing in on the San Diego - New England game -- I hope San Diego wins but if I'm betting, I just can't see them going into New England and beating a undefeated Patroit team on a ten degree day. Then again, I gave the Chargers no chance against the Colts, so go figure. This is the NFL and you have to play the games and win on the field.
  15. No problem with any order I placed. In fact, one time I ordered a T shirt and forgot to put the right size and Al came right back to me with an e-mail to verify the size. I also get everything in a week.
  16. Apple Cider vinegar is the cure for acid reflux. That is how I started with it. Google it on line and read up on it. I was taking Nexium for acid reflux for a bit until my insurance company stopped paying -- we did some research, found out that this is all natural, it works and it costs $5 a month. I take a shot before bed, drink a glass of water and brush my teeth and I'm good to go --on top of that I can eat anything I want and anytime -- and no long term side effects -- I'm no doctor, but read about it and give it a try.
  17. Well, at least you don't have the threat of perfect attendance hanging over your head! Take a shot of apple cider vinegar and a few aspirin and that will blow that headache and sinus infection out of the ballpark. Hope you feel better soon.
  18. Billy

    Giants Win!

    Terrell Owens act is bad -- "he's my quaterback, he's my teammate" --- hey Terell, you should have shown up for the second half. Go Packers.
  19. Just an FYI -- I click on the link above (notlame.com)and it does not work. I'll try again later.
  20. They still playing "Here Come The Hawks" when they take the ice? My brother is a big Blackhawks fan and has the 45 rpm. We used to listen to the games on Sunday nights here in CT on WMAQ with Lloyd Petit at the mic. Got Stan Mikita's 500th goal on tape. I am a Rangers fan (since 68) but have always liked the Blackhawks and the other original teams. (Bos,Tor,Mtl,Det)
  21. Happy Birthday Mike. I know you will be rooting for the Packers this Sunday night.
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