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  1. Is there any sport better than playoff hockey? I Could not leave that game last night, stayed up until 12:45 even though 6 AM comes darn quick....I could not leave the TV....you got it Julie -- intense! Can't wait for game 6 tomorrow night. Congrats to the Penguins and Wings fans -- you guys must be going wild -- this is awesome and I'm a Rangers fan.
  2. I believe Bryan penned a tune with Eric called "Feels like Forever" in the early 90's. Anyone know anything about this tune and where it is or heard it? Or am I mistaken? Bryan is similar to Eric where he writes much of his lyrics and music and both their music from 20 years ago sounds just as good today. I'm thinking "Tonight You're Mine" and "Reckless".
  3. First time I've viewed this one -- thanks for adding it.
  4. I'm a Rangers fan, but pulling for the Pens to take it all. Good bunch of players -- talented and fun to watch. Good Luck in the finals.
  5. Shea a toliet bowl? That's OK -- it's our toilet bowl! Many good memories at Shea!
  6. Thanks for that post Julia. Even though it is a few days after Mother's Day, it really made me think and I am so thankful to still have my Mom. Too many times I take things for granted, you are right, you never know when we will take the last breath!
  7. Your killing me LEW!!!
  8. Hey Paul: best wishes for a great birthday. Cheers, Billy
  9. Thanks for the heads up Diane -- I am a big Boston fan and will try to get to that 8/6 concert here in CT!
  10. Cool idea...I'll be looking forward to this new segment. Thanks Bernie.
  11. Last summer at Shea, Go All the Way and Crusin Music were played on a regular basis during BP. During the 2000 World Series, game 3, before the start of the 3rd or 4th inning, I Wanna Be With You was played. Nothing like watching BP on a 90 degree day, ice cold Bud in hand and on comes Crusin Music. Someone that spins the tunes at Shea is a Raspberry fan.
  12. Philly will not get by Pittsburgh. It's going to be a Detroit - Pittsburgh final.
  13. Eight Belles death is so sad. What a beautiful horse.
  14. I thought Rod Stewart also when I heard "Take It or Leave It"....
  15. Let's Go RANGERS. Some great playoff matches coming up.
  16. NBC is doing the Hawks - Wings game Sunday as the Game of the Week. I think it's great -- only problem the 12:30 start. I think more people in this area would be tuning in if the game was later in the day, like 4. From a Ranger fan here, I hope the Hawks get in. Original Six rules.
  17. Pretty glad My Heart Stops is not included on any of the 6 releases.
  18. ESPN should televise this instead of alot of the crap they show...anyone know if this game will be broadcast anywhere? Being a big baseball fan, I've read about the Dodgers paying in this ball park and would love to see it. Maybe MLB.com will have it on.
  19. Hey, real cool. Pretty neat this Michael Chabon has the T-shirt too!
  20. NY Post Headline Tuesday: PAUL PAYS HER AN ARM AND A LEG.
  21. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
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