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  1. This is beautifully done. What an awesome tribute. Cheers 🍻 to you Bernie. Thank you.
  2. 😂 sorry about that. It was already posted! Carry on….😖
  3. In today’s paper inserts, Parade magazine, featuring 1972, the stories behind the year’s most unforgettable songs. Raspberries featured for Go All the Way. Great to see this!!
  4. Wow….some beautiful pictures there!
  5. Heyyy Bern - quick question - No Hard Feelings from the King Biscuit Flower Hour from 4/3/1973? Was Eric doing solo work that early or was that with Raspberries?
  6. Happy Birthday Lew!! 🎂🍻
  7. Billy


    Happy Birthday Eric ! Best wishes for health and happiness in your upcoming year! Cheers 🍻
  8. Nice to see Dave recognized on his birthday last Saturday in the CT Post! Happy Birthday Dave!
  9. 1. Hard To Get Over a Heartbreak 2. Party’s Over 3. Makin It Easy
  10. It’s a Hat Trick Lew! And great to be back!
  11. Back in the saddle again! Great to be back! Thanks Bernie. Thanks Lew.
  12. Best EC solo album in my opinion also. How It Hurts Too Much was not Top 40 was and is absurd.
  13. Happy Birthday Eric! Enjoy your day. Best for happiness and health. Cheers! 🎂🍺🐕🇺🇸🎸 -Billy
  14. Just heard the interview today. Loved it. Great to hear Eric on the air.
  15. Happy belated Birthday 🎂 Bernie!
  16. This was great 👍. Thanks for putting this up Kirk!
  17. Good find Lew. Almost word for word from that radio bit I caught Monday AM.
  18. Wow, this is great! Enjoyed this. Thanks Lew!
  19. Happy Birthday EC - enjoy your day, best for health and happiness. Cheers.
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