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  1. Burton is one of my favorites. From the Guess Who to his solo work, he is a great listen.
  2. Happy Birthday Eric. All the best to you for health and happiness.
  3. I could get CKLW from Windsor at nighttime and I live in CT. When the local Danbury daytime station here would shut down, CKLW took over. Windsor Spitfire hockey.
  4. Excellent work here Lew. What a great read.
  5. Thanks for this Bernie! This is awesome.
  6. Susanna’s recent “Bright Lights” is awesome. Aimee Mann (Til Tuesday) plays on the album as well.
  7. Happy Birthday Eric - to health, happiness and prosperity in your new year! Cheers 🍻
  8. This is beautifully done. What an awesome tribute. Cheers 🍻 to you Bernie. Thank you.
  9. 😂 sorry about that. It was already posted! Carry on….😖
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