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  1. Yeah Bernie! Zuckerberg’s got nuttin’ on you, Babe!
  2. I feel like that remote airbase that was supposed to be hit by a The first nuke in the movie, “War Games”...”Yeah, we’re here. Jesus H. Christ, were still here!”
  3. Ok, I’m back! Thanks Bernie for putting this all together, getting me addicted to the forum, Shaming, err, convincing the guys to reunite, and changing history! Oh, and thanks for this April Fools joke about shutting down the community! Really funny! But kind of cruel...Lew Bundles might not get it...😧
  4. Happy Belated, Neil Diamond Doppelgänger!
  5. Happy Early Birthday to one of the greatest songwriters, and many more! Stay healthy and try, oh please try to find somebody to help keep you feeling young!...Hee Hee...Kids, Blonde Babes,...Mission Accomplished!...you old, err, young dog, you...
  6. Nice to come back to a goldmine of E.C. telling it like it is, was, and should have been! Bernie and Eric need to put this all together and more in a cohesive book!
  7. Any chance "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" and /or 'Cindy In the Wind" are finally going to be given their due?
  8. I guess I haven't been here for awhile...HOLY CRAP! ERIC IS BACK IN THE BIZ! Is the new recording session just goint to be for 1 new song? He can't be coming all the way to LA for just one song... Live gig a Severeance Hall looks like it will be back on too!
  9. It was a tough situation in many ways...I just wish our musical genius could have found a way to be more diplomatic and convinced with win/win proposition styles to the egos of bandmates, Brothers Ierner, Supreme Leader Davis...and the rest that clashed with his mind's eye visions of perfection. Seems like he did some with Clive, but to no avail...
  10. Happy 2-day air-mail belated...Wait, what are we celebrating again? Hope you got all Muzza-d on cheap NZ wine on your special day.
  11. Thought Edith was played too over the top...But Jean was always a class act in her other roles and inteviews...RIP
  12. Hanson , Yes. Mmmmmm-Bop, NO!
  13. Laurel and Hardy are jealous in Heaven...They want a tribute site that looks this cool.
  14. Finally, a website I could get addicted to...he said back in 2001. Like a sadistic mental hospital warden...Bernie has been drugging me good for over a decade.
  15. Just funnin' with ya' Lar...But C'mon! 19 is plenty old enough to know the horror of what he was about to do. You DO believe in "personal responsibilty", don't you? Even though it was erased from the Lib Manifesto back in the 60's...Even when I was 7, I felt bad when I let a friend pick on another friend without saying something...And I was a stupid 7.
  16. Yes, yes...Poor little 19-yr-old impressionable boy...Why didn't his older brother just introduce him to porn like mine did. Surely Larry, he can be rehabilitated with free Obamacare couseling...And hopefully, gosh darn it, in a couple of years, maybe he can be a productive member of a forgiving Boston society! Libs...
  17. Imagine Eric headlining with RUSH...Ha! One, a master of memorable melody...The other band, completely void of it.
  18. Bob Gaudio, one of the Four Seasons and major songwriter, worked with Eric on the Geffen Album...and of course, Frankie covered "Boats..." on his late 70's studio album.
  19. My mom said when I was 1-2, I spent hours listening to "Walk Like A Man" single over and over and over...
  20. Loved that hit, loved her voice, RIP. Geez JuliaD, calling her just a "celebrity" seems a little impersonal and kind of disrespects her memory...I mean, she was a human being with a family and suffered a long battle with her 2 diseases...and all YOU can think of her is that she was a "celebrity"...I wonder when I bite the dust, what JuliaD's gonna say about me..."Another loser at ec.com provides worm food"?
  21. Seriously, although I have cringed at a few of the high melody notes Eric has hit in his finished products,...IT IS A TRIBUTE TO HIS GENIUS THAT I CANNOT THINK OF ANY LYRICS ERIC HAS WRITTEN THAT I WOULD CHANGE!...Other than limiting the number of "Baby" repeats in a song or two.
  22. I'm pretty sure one of the first drafts of "Tonight You're Mine" included, "Then Clive put his hand in my pants..." I can see why Eric changed that one...
  23. Looking at the pics and hearing the stories of the victims...I am just feeling like crap and full of anger/hate/revenge...I want to drag the bomber from the back of a car through the Boston streets for...let's say, 26 miles!
  24. Not surprising that Eric's favorites are his ballads...As a classically-trained PIANO dude, the chord progressions, melody lines, fills, more introspective lyrics can all be emphasized in a more personal way when you slow your baby (composition) down. Whereas, Eric being more of a rhythm guitarist, when you write a cool rockin' number, It's great to record and perform live, but your piano/keyboard sometimes becomes kind of percussion instrument and less personal...
  25. Eric's recent posts are BLOWING ME AWAY! There is another whole book here! Bernie, get on it!
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