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  1. Happy 25th, Eric and Bernie and all who have graced this forum! ~ BMP
  2. Happy birthday to a pop rock genius --- Eric Carmen! BMP
  3. 6. Change of Heart 5. Geffen self-titled 4. I Was Born to Love You (or "Winter Dreams", depending on what country you bought it from) (I have the American release, which, unfortunately, lacks his superb "Caroline No" cover.) 3. Arista self-titled 2. Boats against the Current 1. Tonight You're Mine BMP
  4. Happy birthday, Eric! Birthdays happen only once a year, but your music lives on year round! BMP
  5. Hard to tell who would have passed for who. I was pushing to emulate Eric (Come on! Get a load of those shoes!) BMP
  6. I had just turned 8 when I first heard "Go All the Way" - loved it! Young, yes. But I loved the music, and still do today! L-R, by the way: my brother (then 6), my cousin (then 11), my cousin's neighbor across the street, and yours truly (then 9). BMP
  7. I think most of you know which pose we were trying to emulate. Taken in September 1973 by my aunt in her back yard. I'm the goofy looking guy on the right. I was 9 then. I had gotten the "Fresh" album as a 9th birthday gift in July 1973. BMP
  8. Happy birthday to the man whose "Go All the Way" inspired me to want to be a musician when I was eight years old! BMP (Now a church organist at 51, but still enjoys Eric and Raspberries tunes like they day they were first written)
  9. RIP Dennis. Very shocked and saddened by the news. BMP
  10. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms of ec.com. BMP
  11. My youngest child - my 17-year-old high-school senior daughter - just finished reading "The Great Gatsby" and ENJOYED it. I told her Eric Carmen would be proud and explained to her (as best as I could) the connection between that and "Boats against the Current". BMP
  12. Prayers and condolences to Wally and family. BMP
  13. Killer audio, even better than the CD from LA (which is still really good). Nice crunchy guitars! Thanks, Bernie, for posting. Happy Thanksgiving to all here! BMP
  14. "Friday on My Mind" by the Easybeats comes to mind, especially with the "Tonight... tonight..." of which a similar rendition surfaces in the unreleased by fantastic "Oh Tonight". BMP
  15. Hi Susie. Welcome aboard. BMP
  16. Marathon Man - with an orchestra - yeah, baby! BMP
  17. Happy birthday. Sorry so late. BMP
  18. Hi Kelly. Sorry to hear about your dad's passing. I do remember him and your uncle with Cyrus Erie. What is your Uncle Mike up to these days? Anything musical? BMP
  19. One more favorite lyric: "Bop om doo don oo mop shoop!" That lyric needs to be PATENTED, let alone copyrighted. BMP
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