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  1. Happy Birthday, Steve! I hope you have a great day!
  2. Happy Birthday, Tom, Keith, or whatever your name is! Hope you have a happy day, neighbor!
  3. Who's hanging out on the computer on a beautiful Saturday afternoon? Me! Thanks, Kiwi and Muzza, and LC for the first pick! Now I have to decide who to choose first!
  4. Happy Birthday, Clayton! Hope you have a great day!
  5. Happy Birthday, Darlene! I hope you have a great day!
  6. Happy Birtdhay, Tony! Hope you have a great day!
  7. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!I had a nice relaxing day, went out to dinner with my hubby, and just generally did not much of anything. Everyone in EC land is super! Thanks again!
  8. Happy Birthday, Elle! Hope you have a great, fun filled day!
  9. Happy Birthday, Marlene! I hope you have a great day! It feels like ages since I last saw you-hope to see you again soon at a new concert!
  10. Happy Birthday, Joe! Hope you had a great day!
  11. Happy Birthday, Eric! May each year get better and better for you, and may you find happiness in the year ahead. Take care of yourself and hug your kids!
  12. Laura


    That is seriously weird!
  13. Happy Birthday, Rich! I hope you have a great day!
  14. Wendy-Cool customizing job on the t-shirt. Although I would cry if I messed it up because creativity is not my strong point. I think I'll leave mine as is!
  15. Happy Birthday, Anne! Hope you have a great day!
  16. Happy Birthday, Dave! Hope you have many more and have a super day!
  17. Happy Birthday, Pretender! Hope you have a great day!
  18. Happy Birthday, Beth! Hope it was a great day for you!
  19. Harry- We bought a Honda CRV recently and we love it. Of course I'm driving the 2000 Crysler Cirrus mostly. We wanted something a bit larger than our previous cars, and we looked at the Subaru Forester, and were going to look at the Hundyai Santa Fe but the salesman turned us off-latched onto us like a vulture.
  20. Happy Birthday, Paula!! Hope you have a great day! I second what Tim said!
  21. Happy Birthday, Brian! Hope you have a great day!!
  22. Happy Birthday, Brian! I hope you have a great day!
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