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  1. I agree with Darlene! Although it has to be a bit more available to everyone, unlike the HOF gig.
  2. I also voted for "Love is All That Matters." That song always just struck home with me every time that I heard it, although there have been times in my life when "I'm Through With Love" should have been my theme song. I think the first song always spoke to the eternal optimist in me. I always thought LIATM would be a great wedding song. Laura PS: Love the voting format!
  3. I can only speak for myself, but besides Eric/Raspberries, I listen to a lot of Electric Light Orchestra, BeeGees, Jon Secada, REO Speedwagon, Moody Blues and Survivor. I try to listen to some of the newer stuff on the radio, but I just can't deal with some of it. I like to listen to classical when I need to relax and chill out. My husband is big into 60s-70s music but different stuff than I am, so we try to compromise when we can (In other words, I tell him how sick of Rush I am and he turns it off!) :p
  4. Laura


    I just registered and am trying to figure things out. Looks cool though, Bernie. I'm sure once we get it together for awhile we will think it's just old hat. Be patient all, Bernie's the master and I know it will be fine. ps- the preview post button is cool!
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