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  1. If it was someone I was serious about, it would have to be "Love Is All That Matters", but if it was a more frivolous relationship, then I would have to be something a little less serious, such as "All Through The Night"!
  2. In this poll I agree with Bernie- 1) Cruisin' Music 2) Top Down Summer 3) Drivin' Around
  3. I was credited the cost of the tickets only, not for postage or handling fees. It was on my credit card statement that I got earlier this month. (I had the tickets mailed to me.)
  4. What a tough one, Bernie! I voted for Ecstasy, just because.
  5. Eric-- I hope that you have a great birthday. Just remember that you're not getting older, you're getting better! (At least that's what I keep telling myself! ) Anyway, have a great day. I'm still hoping for my birthday present which would be an opportunity to see you in concert. My birthday is August 21, and I ask for the same thing every year.
  6. I bought "Boats" when it first came out. It especially seemed appropriate because in that year I broke up with my first love. We were engaged and he was in the Navy, and he was transferred from Great Lakes to Orlando. At 19, the relationship wasn't mature enough to last long distance, but we tried. So we literally became boats against the current. This album always held a special place in my heart.
  7. I personally live in southern Wisconsin, right across the border from Illinois. I know that there is a group of posters from Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, all of which are less than 2 hours from me. So anywhere in the midwest would be good for me (hint, hint!)
  8. Hey, in the hot summertime, lemonade and raspberry schnapps is great too. It is the new drink around here. I didn't even know that they made raspberry schnapps!
  9. Happy 4th of July all! Stay safe and cool!
  10. Bernie-Thanks for the info. After your recent posts and all the discussion, I sent my tickets back yesterday. Under the circumstances, I can understand Eric's position and his decision not to play. His time is better served staying home with his wife and kids than standing around for playing for part of the shows, just playing a few songs. Hopefully, we will see him again on the road.
  11. I agree with Steve. I just cancelled my tickets to the Mankato show on July 7th. If he decides to play as an equal partner, I might get tickets for a different show. I think if we can get the e-mail address and flood them with e-mails it would show we are serious Otherwise, here we stew and await word. Thanks, Bernie for all your info and patience.
  12. Bernie- Thanks for the update. Like Steve, I returned my tickets for a refund and gave them the reason that Eric Carmen wasn't playing. If things change, I'll get tickets. At least I'll get the face value of the tickets back.
  13. Steve-- I just called Ticketmaster and got a refund for my tickets at Mankato also. I gave them the reason that it was my understanding that Eric Carmen was playing here and now is not listed. If he does decide to play, then I will consider going. But it is a 5 hour drive, and I wouldn't go if he is not playing. Thanks for the heads up, otherwise I would have absorbed the cost of the tickets.
  14. My post earlier is not based on blind faith, but I do remember reading somewhere that Eric wouldn't tour if it wasn't a good production and if it was not up to his standards. Whether that is the problem or not, I don't know. I haven't decided if I will attend or not if Eric doesn't play. I just hope he decides soon, since the MN concern is a week away, and Chicago even sooner. I'm trying to be patient. Luckily, I saw him in Milwaukee with Ringo. Either way, my life will not end if he chooses not to play. In the universal scope of the world, it's just not that earth shattering either way. PS-Bernie, I don't hold you at all responsible. We all have free will to purchase or not purchase tickets. I know you do your best! I lost more money than the tickets at the casino on Thursday!
  15. Enjoyed "Wild Wild Heart" very much. It's hard to believe that it is from 1984. Sounds as good now as then.
  16. I too have tickets to the Mankato, MN show-in hand. If Eric's not there, I'll eat the cost of the tickets. I really don't want to drive that far for a concert without him. Especially if it isn't up to his standards, because you know they're pretty high.
  17. I hope it's not true, I have tickets to Mankato, MN and it's quite a drive. I would hate to drive all that way and find out that I can't see Eric.
  18. Hey Gina -- I thought about it but I thought that 4th of July weekend in Chicago would be a mess. So I opted for the Minnesota date instead. Have you ever done Taste of Chicago? What is it like?
  19. I would love to sneak my husband's Sony Mavica into the show but he would KILL me if anything happened to it. But I have a little digital camera that has lower resolution but if it disappears, I won't cry my eyes out. :rolleyes:
  20. Yeah, I found it after I posted. I always read the most recent posts first and work backwards. I posted the message, then read further 'cause I hadn't been to the site for a few days. Sometimes it's tough to get my husband off the computer so I can play!
  21. I was wondering how everyone got their pictures under their names, I must have missed that somewhere!?! I have a few more posts to go. Personally, I like his hair now. I was never a big hair person, but at least Eric's hair always looked well groomed, not like all rock stars. But I do like the shorter look, it makes him look more mature and more modern.
  22. Finally he's coming to Milwaukee/Chicago-and I'm off the day he's coming to Milwaukee! I'm so hyped! Otherwise I was trying to figure out how to get to one of the other shows! Now they just have to decide on a venue!
  23. Bernie: I know I said it when I found your web site many moons ago, but I felt like an island because I knew so few people who appreciated Eric's music. Now I know so many people who feel the same way I do. Thanks to you for putting this site together and for all the work you do in maintaining this site, and for giving all of us a place to share our opinions and comments. I feel like part of a worldwide family. Do you feel like our parents?
  24. I remember that I was 13, and had a little portable radio with an earplug that I used to listen to the top 40 on WLS from Chicago. It used to be the big AM station that all the teens used to listen to. I was listening to someone do the countdown and heard GATW during that. It was instantly memorable to me because it was dirty sounding. I bought it and was hooked. I don't think my parents ever really caught on to what I was listening to, which made it all the better!
  25. Maybe I'm just a little weird, but personally I liked the "Change of Heart" album cover best. I don't know if I can explain it, but it just struck me as casual and relaxed, kind of like the album. I also like the "Winter Dreams/I Was Born to Love You" cover. That's the one that makes my knees weak.
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