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  1. Bernie- You do such a great job with the website, and I can't express to you what it has meant to be able to come here and get the latest news!!!! On this Fan Appreciation Day, I just want you to know that I really appreciate all that you do.
  2. Brian- I too would be interested in the interview, if there are no problems with copywriting/other issues.
  3. My guess- from left to right Steve-Lead; Alan-Tenor; Andy (bahoo)-Bass; Dan-Baritone This is actually kind of fun not knowing and trying to guess!
  4. Speaking of fast food, there is a burger/fast food chain in the midwest called Culvers. Their food isn't healthy but it is really, really good. They serve butterburgers, which just means that they butter the buns, then grill them, then put the hamburgers and stuff on them. If you ever see one, try it. They also serve frozen custard that is to die for (and probably will kill me, too!) I try to eat salads so that I can have the dessert, but every once in a while I have to eat the Bacon Butterburger Deluxe!!!
  5. I bought the Japanese and American versions. I did my part to increase the sales of the CD.
  6. Hey...watch what you say about us cheeseheads! Actually, I remember that comment and it was pretty funny.
  7. My sad score was 45.8. I can never remember half of those lyrics anymore. I'm more a child of the 70s though.
  8. Tony-I'm impressed that you have both "One" and "You Win Again" from the BeeGees. I love both of those songs. I would add "Walkin' on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves, and "Radar Love" by Golden Earring. Also, "Sunrise" by Eric.
  9. Laura

    Name Game

    I use my real name also, but I use a Hotmail account on my profile, because I know that sometimes spammers and strange people harvest emails and I prefer to keep my spam to a minimum in my regular email account. I'm sure that some people could access it, and I've emailed Bernie with my regular email account. I do check the Hotmail account, but keep it for my online account. ps-I'm a lurker sometimes also, so we're not all strange and weird! I'm just too lazy to sign in unless I have something to add.
  10. Julia- You're in my prayers. I know that I will be facing that in the next few years. Thanks for the reminder that we should never take the people we love for granted. We never know who's turn will be next. My husband's father died when he was 17, and they didn't have a great relationship at that time, just like all teens do with their father. I think that has affected so many facets of his life. He really regrets that he didn't tell his father that he loved him the morning he died.
  11. Julia-Those desserts look way too good. I hate to cook and am not any good at it, so I appreciate those who are able to do it and do it well. But those 12 hours shifts were getting to be a killer as I got older. <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> Plus now I get weekends and holidays off, and only work 8 hours a day.
  12. Is anyone developing a bad case of nausea besides me? <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />
  13. I know a few people mentioned on other boards here that they like the Monkees- I think that's my guilty pleasure. I even enjoy watching the show, it's so 60s. I see now they are out on DVD's. I even saw them when the 3 guys were out on their first reunion tour in the 80s.
  14. And some of us are not DD sized, so we figure when you are looking at our chest, you really are reading the tshirt!!!
  15. My two favorite one hit wonders are- 1) Walking on Sunshine-Katrina and the Waves 2) Precious and Few- Climax
  16. Bernie-You're such a tease... I can't wait to read the book. And I must say that I'm not patiently waiting, I'm impatiently waiting. It sounds so interesting to be able to get everyone's take on the Raspberries experience. We all appreciate what you do, Bernie, and I know that it will be worth the wait. We know that you don't do anything half-way.
  17. I think I have the Icehouse "Man of Colors" CD also, really enjoyed it but haven't listened to it for awhile now. I think the 80's were kind of a mixed bag. I liked some stuff, like INXS, some of Bryan Adams and Def Lep. I was never big into the technopop stuff.
  18. Thanks Marvin! I think that I've seen AJ briefly somewhere along the line. I'll have to check his music out.
  19. I've enjoyed Dan Fogelberg since I heard his "Souvenirs" album, it was one of his first albums out. The artist who I think had the most potential before he was taken too soon was Jim Croce. That man could rock or sing the most heartbreaking ballads. He was taken way too soon , if he had lived he probably would have continued that way. I still enjoy listening to both of them.
  20. The first books I remember are the "Dick and Jane" series. I see that they are coming back into vogue now, you can buy them at Walmart.
  21. I thought that Bobby Sherman was a paramedic now. He was my first crush, I think I was about 10 or so.
  22. I think the perfect song is "Love is All That Matters". It's not about one day or one night but about love that lasts.
  23. I've got a few more to add- "My Ding a Ling" by Chuck Berry "Squeezebox" by the Who I just absolutely cringe when I hear those songs. Give me another day and I'll think of a few more.
  24. I celebrated the 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday last August.
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