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  1. Hey Gord-don't rush those years to those of us who are older than you-I was born in 1958, and I'm not in a hurry to be 2 years older than I already am. BTW, Eric was born in 1949, so he is only 11 years older than you.
  2. Happy Birthday, Eric! Hope it's your best ever! Thanks for all the great music. Let's hope there is lots more to come (music, that is!)
  3. I will be the first to admit to having no musical knowledge, but I do like the song and your voice does sound like Eric's. Thanks for posting the file on the site.
  4. I thought that you were serious, too!
  5. This is the one song that I missed because I was working on Christmas when it came out. Could someone email me both versions? I have heard the song but don't have it on a mp3 version. A trade could be arranged if necessary.
  6. Gord- I looked at the other artists also, everyone has a lot of talent. How much do you charge for your paintings? If you don't want to say here, just email me.
  7. A clique is a group of people who tend to come together and form a group, and ignore other people and their opinions. Kind of like the popular kids in high school. They only included those who they think are cool and no one else matters. My pet peeve is rude, obnoxious people, whether they are driving, in line, or in message boards.
  8. I remember seeing Cheap Trick at a little club here in Beloit, they are from Rockford, IL which is about 30 miles south of us. REO was big here too, and I remember a bunch of people in my high school class went to see Chicago and all wore their teeshirts on the same day right after the concert. There were tons of rock bands around, no DJ's like clubs have now. You could go to a bar and just sit and watch the bands. ps-Rick Nielsen put a guitar through the ceiling at the little club where they played here in town, when I saw them.
  9. Very cool paintings, Gord. They're all great
  10. I wasn't going to place Mariah Carey's CD's on Erichenge, I was just sacrificing them at my Eric alter in my home!!!! :p
  11. I don't plan on having a date with Carmen or anyone for that matter, it's just that you can't view the results unless you vote, and I was curious to see the results. I'm also married. But don't take it personally, Carmen. I would like to learn Spanish, maybe it would help me understand some of your posts.
  12. I personally prefer to sacrifice Mariah Carey CD's on my alter to Eric, gets rid of them so that there is more room for the new EC CD that I pray will come out.
  13. What I did was found it in my temporary internet files, dragged it to the desktop, and put it into a folder on my hard drive. It seemed to work that way. Laura
  14. I think Gord means like a real time chat. We tried that once awhile ago, and it really didn't turn out too well. No one showed up at the appointed time. Too many time zones and work schedules to get a time that works for everyone.
  15. JuliaD-So sorry about your cat. We lost our dog just before Christmas. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers on your loss.
  16. I've always enjoyed the Bee Gee's Here At Last album. I liked the song Edge of the Universe better on the live album than on the studio version, I think it was on the Main Course albums (which is my favorite BeeGees album). Another live album I've always been partial to is Frampton Comes Alive! partially because it was huge when I graduated from high school and there are very pleasant memories associated with it (I won't tell you what they are but you can probably guess without too much difficulty.)
  17. If Harry Chapin wasn't dead, I would think of him because of the storytelling comment. How long are you going to keep us guessing?
  18. I check in every day, some times more than once a day. I only chip in when I have something important to say. I do consider myself a regular and enjoy most of the topics. I also am unable to read music or play an instrument, although someday I would like to learn. Sometimes the banter in here really makes my day.
  19. I voted no because there is enough strife in the world today. If I want to watch people argue about politics, I will watch it on TV. I come for a little relaxation and to converse about music and stuff. I can't see any good to adding politics to the stuff.
  20. I did actually reserve one of the autographed hardcover editions and the softcover. That way I can keep the hardcover pristine and dog-ear the softcover copy. That's why I reserved both.
  21. I would pay $500 and fly to wherever in the US or Canada for the chance. Of course, for $500 I would have to have really good seats! I would do it in a heartbeat if I had the chance! If only dreams would come true!
  22. I am also a Leo. Birthday is August 21, although I think that I am on the cusp of Virgo, if the terminology is right. I have some of the traits of both.
  23. If you want to sign an online petition to stop the seal hunt or get some pictures of cute little baby harp seals, go to www.ifaw.org. There is a story on the MSNBC site about the seal hunt, and there is also a site for the Canadian government about the history of the seal hunt. I remember signing the petition against the baby harp seal hunt in the 70s. I collect little baby harp seal stuffed toys and cermamics. It is just cruel and inhumane, IMHO.
  24. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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