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  1. Darlene-Welcome back! Glad to hear you're coming. See you in C-town!
  2. I'm in on the R&R HOF trip and breakfast/lunch/brunch/eating whenever we decide to get up on Saturday. I'm at the Holiday Inn Express also.
  3. Thanks to Bernie and Mannoman for arranging this. I am planning on attending, to get a chance to meet everyone. Just emailed my to HOB to reserve my spot. I don't think $50 is unreasonable for this, I've spent more for less. Less than a month to go!!!!
  4. I love history, so I read a lot of Stephen Ambrose. He made history seem so alive. I also like Ann Rule, because I like to try to figure out why people kill other people, and she writes true life murder stories. For fiction, I like Amy Tan. But I love to read and will read just about anything.
  5. I would bet there is a lot of lip synching, or whatever it is called now, on TV. What is funny is that apparently the band was playing the song she had already done, and that is what was playing on the recorded track, but she was supposed to do a different song. It seems like most bands have done it at times, more often than live singing/playing.
  6. Annie- Got mine also! They're great! Thanks so much. See you in Cleveland. I'm getting in on Friday!
  7. I have heard "The Day Before You Came" I think it is a very different song, almost a depressing, haunting type song. The video for the song had just Agnetha in it, I don't think any of the other group members are in it. I have the Abba video hits DVD so I would have to re-watch it. Not your typical happy pop type single.
  8. I usually check the board once or twice a day, but I have had to be out of town this last weekend and next weekend I'm off to Colorado for work for the weekend (conference). I'm hoping the hotel has wireless internet access so I can keep up on everything.
  9. If we can swing a group dinner thing, it would be great. Just let me know a time (I'm solo too.)
  10. Hi Jeff- Welcome to the group! It's a great time to be a berries fan!
  11. I think when that album came out, they were nearing the end of their run. Both couples were either divorced or having troubles. I have that album also and it is a strange mix of music.
  12. What a cool thing to know that he is thinking of everyone on the message board. I have a GA and am going to be able get a meet and greet ticket (Thanks to someone special). It is still great to know that he reads the posts and is concerned about his fans!
  13. According to the web page for the HOB, doors open at 8 and concert starts at 9. I would assume the meet and greet would be after the concert, but don't know that for a fact. (I would think everyone would be too hyper before the event for the meet and greet.)
  14. I was wondering if I was going to have to sneak my digital Elph in to the show to get a picture with the guys. It's nice to know that they're thinking about the photographer.
  15. I plan to go to the HOF but was planning to go sometime Saturday. I'm not getting in Friday until 2:45 or so, by the time I check in and get freshened up, it will be time to grab some dinner and go to HOB. If you get tickets I would take one.
  16. Bernie-Great surprise with the intro page. Loved it!
  17. Count me in too! I will email you my address. Razzy-welcome to a fellow Wisconsin EC fan. Hope to see you in Cleveland next month.
  18. Hof63-I did and I sent you a message. Thank you so much!
  19. Marvin-I just made my reservations at the Holiday Inn Express also. I'll be getting in Cleveland about 2:45pm. I thought about coming in on Thursday but didn't want to be in my mom's bad side for missing Thanksgiving dinner. As it is, this weekend is costing me a lot, but I know it will be worth it. (And I'll just work a few more hours after the fact to pay for it.)
  20. I came home at lunch but by the time I got there I couldn't get the balcony seat, had to grab a general admission ticket. I was so disappointed, I would have paid the $100.00 for the extra. Anyone got an extra balcony seat?
  21. See my email in the Reunion Announcement for a chance to buy tickets earlier.
  22. Hey, if anyone is interested, when I went to the HOB site, I signed up as a member (for free) and they are having a presale of tickets starting on 10/4! There are only a limited number available but I figured I would try because I will be out of town next weekend. It just gets you a email from the HOB. Since it costs nothing I figured I would go ahead. Good luck all!
  23. I'm going to try to swing a chance to go, I have to work on getting the day off work. It's the day after Thanksgiving. Bernie, let us know if there is any opportunity to get tickets early.
  24. But don't you wish you "were" there! I know I do!
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