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  1. I was there by myself, and I don't think I would have felt comfortable walking alone in that area. I was glad the HIE was as close as it was to the HOB. I did walk back from the HOF on Saturday, but I knew that the route I was on was busy and lots of traffic with the Xmas tree lighting and parade. I thought about walking down to the square for the lighting, but again didn't want to venture out by myself at night. I tend to take taxis if there is somewhere I want to go at night. Being a small town girl, I don't even walk around my town at night!
  2. Bernie-You do have a big head! I was in the 3rd row first seat in the balcony, so I had to stand up,too. Of course I probably deafened everyone with my screaming, so it's a tradeoff.
  3. Gene-Just got home and looked at the pictures. They're great! Can't wait till you get some of the rest on your site.
  4. I was in the balcony, and I didn't smell it at all! BTW, Badfingerbarb, for some reason I thought you were from Chicago, and got you mixed up with Blackhawkpat. So if you were confused because because of something I said, now I see that you are from Tulsa and not Chicago. It's the blonde in me, sorry!
  5. I enjoyed meeting everyone from the board. It was a blast and maybe we can all get together again (Maybe NY eve?) I hope everyone got home ok. I had to do the Thanksgiving thing at my parents house after I flew in and so I just got back to the board!
  6. I got the feeling that Eric didn't recognize me from the board. And they were so tired that I didn't want to bug him too much. I did talk to Jim when I was knelt down next to him for the group picture. And Wally was wonderful, asked how I liked the concert and chatted with me for several minutes. I do wish that the meet and greet was a little better organized. I would love to come for New Years Eve but am not sure I want to put out the money again so soon. But I'm not ruling it out, either.
  7. Thank goodness that the HIE left papers in front of the door the night after the concert! I brought my article home with me-along with all the other momentos of the concert and my trip!
  8. Hey, glad you guys made it home. Happy to have met you. Will send you pictures when I get them developed. I just got home today. Maybe I'll see you if I get to Mall of America sometime!
  9. Paula- Not that I know of. I'll be at the airport probably about 1030 or so. I'm 5'3" and blonde.
  10. Billy-Nice to see a Packer fan in Conneticut. I remember that game also. Go Pack!
  11. Dave-I'm still not there! I'm Laura from WI, as opposed to HOBLaura. And Razzy is Paula, not Paul.
  12. Thanks for all the prayers and wishes for a safe trip, add mine to all those travelling anywhere on the holidays. Hope to all a Happy Thanksgiving and see you in Cleveland!
  13. I was planning a cab, because I'm travelling alone. I get in on Friday afternoon, though.
  14. That's ok, he forgot me too. I'm Laura, and that is my real name.
  15. I personally have asthma and perfume/cigarette smoke and such things can set me off. I hate to wheeze through the concert. Maybe I'll just use my inhaler and take my chances.
  16. I know that I had emailed Marvin and we were planning on meeting in the lobby of the HIE, and walk over from there. I think we also mentioned brunch, because we probably won't get in that early.
  17. Congrats Julie! Best wishes to you and your fiance!
  18. Razzy-Yes, email me. Maybe we can get together if we are both on the same flight!
  19. Julia-Glad you're coming to Cleveland! See you there!!!!!
  20. I'm planning on bringing my digital camera, cause I want to get a picture of everyone so that I can put a picture with a name. It doesn't sound like I will bring it to the HOB, unless there is somewhere safe I can put it during the concert! I would like to have it at the pre-show reception.
  21. Razzy-Don't feel bad, I'm flying out by myself on Friday. I usually fly once or twice a year for conventions and meetings. I asked my husband and he didn't want to come with me. So I'm going solo. I usually take taxis or hotel shuttles, and don't get too very nervous, although I don't venture out too much at night unless I'm with a group. I think some of my family and friends think I'm nuts too, but when they realize it is a dream come true for me they are happy for me in realizing it.
  22. Well, I haven't exactly decided what I'm wearing, but I will have on my raspberry ribbon thanks to Annie. I'm short, about 5'3", weigh a lot more than I should. Blonde hair, highlighted as of today to hide that gray, medium length. At the meet and greet, I'll be the one with my jaw to the floor in awe of meeting these guys!!!!
  23. Do you think I'm going to trust my ribbon to my suitcase? No, I think I'm wearing it on the flight too!
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