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  1. Never mind-I found you reply. Should have checked my email first.
  2. Smitty- I sent you a private message because I need an email address to send you my pictures.
  3. Tony- You're in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself.
  4. Annie- I might be coming back and may bring a friend for conversion. Pretty soon there may be another Berryhead to join us. She's looking for something to do on NYE.
  5. Smitty-My pictures are supposed to be ready on Friday. I ordered prints and a disc. If they turned out ok I will email you some. I also took some of the guitars so I will send some of those to you too.
  6. Smittie-Thank your husband for me. I enjoyed meeting you also, and I am sure we will meet again someday, hopefully for another concert. I honestly just couldn't remember who it was. I think I was in such a state before, during, and after the concert that I just couldn't think straight!!! :rolleyes:
  7. Hey Rick-Nice to see you around here! About time! Had a blast at HOF!
  8. I'm in 22 and 23 with Marvin, Kazumi, June (mymooladi). I'm next to Jim kneeling next to the sofa. And I can edit everyone out except me and the guys.
  9. Barb-Yeah, I remember looking at them, but I didn't see anything of Eric's in the stuff that was there.
  10. I just ordered a litho, another shirt and a Raspberries pin-I didn't have enough cash for everything the other night and they didn't take credit cards. Now I can use the credit card to get what I wanted.
  11. Oh, I forgot to add my thanks for the bag of goodies from Kay, the candy from Smitty, the lighted Raspberries pin from Gina. I missed the bag at first, and someone was nice enough to give me the one they got for their husband. I'm sorry I can't remember who it was but I really appreciated it. If you know who you were post it here so I can thank you in person.
  12. And I thought it was baby booties instead of a roll of quarters. (In reference to certain comments made about well placed roll of socks!) You guys just cracked me up. It was quite a blast trying to get pictures taken!
  13. I don't remember seeing anything of Eric's in the R&R HOF? Is this an oversight, or is he not interested in having anything in the Rock Hall?
  14. Annie-Thanks for the ribbons, they were a wonderful thing. It was great meeting you, despite me falling all over the sidewalk!
  15. The only reason why I knew there was a list was because one of the photo people came into the crowd of fans and wondered where the list was. When we asked what list, they said the list of email names. Then I forgot about it but remembered before I left the HOB. Apparently the list of email addresses disappeared for awhile. Maybe that's why not everyone knew about the list.
  16. Marvin-What a cool story. I heard you and Jennifer were at the sound check but I thought you were invited. It's funny to hear how you snuck in. Paula, Jeff and I were hanging out in the lobby and thought about trying to get in but we were afraid that we would be banned from the concert-more than I wanted to risk, and I'm such a chicken anyway. We heard from Gene Taylor that the sound check was going on. Yes, I fell on the crooked Cleveland sidewalk. Just call me Grace! Only got a little scraped up though, nothing serious.
  17. Darlene-When you get ready to send them out and I will send you my private email to send them to. It will support larger attachments than my Hotmail account.
  18. Check your email-I just got mine not too long ago.
  19. I also would like to post my thanks to Dave, Jim, Eric and Wally for the wonderful concert and the great memories!
  20. I know, and that's why I don't venture out alone a great deal. If I knew you were taking a tour of the town, I might have tagged along with you!
  21. Jim- I also enjoyed meeting you and your family. It was a good thing your son brought ear plugs or he would be deafened by my screaming! I really can't thank you enough for coming through for me!!!
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