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  1. Did anyone play with the buttons at the bottom to make sounds and comments? That's pretty cool. I can see this becoming a real time consuming play toy. Thanks Bernie!
  2. I would come but I already have reservations for 6:00 pm, I'll see you all there!
  3. Marlene-I thought about bidding for it because I didn't recognize the person bidding, but then I had a different log in for ebay also. That plus I just paypal'd Bernie to the tune of 123.00 for the things I bid on. I guess that I have my place reserved on the new server!
  4. The pictures are great, as always! I really enjoy seeing them. Thanks for posting them.
  5. I'm going to wear my Raspberries t-shirt with my ribbon and flashing button, and my Raspberries.net pin!
  6. Hey Tim-Where are you in Wisconsin? I'm going to Chicago and will see you there!
  7. Jeff-You will have to email the guy that has the box. His name is Stevie-member number 145. Send him a private message through the member directory. That's how I got a hold of him.
  8. I can call them and see. The only reason I knew to make reservations was there was a link when I bought my tickets to make reservations so that you could "cut the line" and not wait in the cold to get into the concert. I may be in the opera box, so it is less of an issue. They said in an email that there was a private party at 5:30 and that the earliest reservation was for 6:00pm. They haven't let me know, my reservation was for 6:30pm originally. I think doors open at 7:00pm but I could be wrong.
  9. I heard "Santa and His Old Lady" by Cheech and Chong not too long ago. Hadn't heard it for a long time. Kind of a hoot!
  10. It sounds like they are not exactly sure what caused his death, either respiratory failure from sleep apnea or a sudden heart attack. Reggie was a great player, and I'm sure everyone will miss him. As a Packer fan, I know I will. 43 is way too young for anyone to die. He was a class act and a great motivator on the football field. Green Bay was not a place that anyone wanted to play, especially young, black football players. He helped to change that and make it a place where people want to play and made the football team turn a corner. He and Brett Favre made the Packers what they are today. RIP Reggie.
  11. Bernie-I had board withdrawl on Christmas! Now that's being way too obsessed (in only the best possible way!)
  12. I already made reservations at the HOB for dinner that night.
  13. The only way I figured out how to save it for sure was to get it out of my temporary internet folder and drag and drop it on the desktop. It works, there may be an easier way but I couldn't figure it out. I will email it to anyone who couldn't get it, or email me and I will get it to you. As one of those people who worked 12 hour shifts up till this year, I know it sucks to miss it.
  14. I was thinking the same thing, Michelle! I was wondering if I was going to get a gift, or if we had been too bad! Bernie, you just had to make us work for it. Great song, thanks to both of you!
  15. I'll chip in too. Maybe we will have enough for dinner in Chicago too!
  16. I'll be here now that I don't have to work on Christmas!
  17. Bernie-I'll join you on that Angel road trip. I know that I had one of their albums on cassette in the late 70's- I might still have it. I used to play the hell out of it. I was on Amazon.com looking but I think the one I had was "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" which is out of print and only an album is available at $50. Might order the Anthology just to remember the songs.
  18. Love Shack-B52's You Should Be Dancin'-Bee Gees
  19. Yes, Laura is interested but I already have purchased my tickets- I need 2 places. I will email you if I can to make arrangements.
  20. I am a nurse, my schedule isn't that flexible. Because it was the holiday weekend, and recently changing jobs to a clinic from a hospital helped me arrange the trip to Cleveland on Thanksgiving weekend. I only had to take a vacation day on Friday. Now, I don't have to work weekends or holidays unless I choose to work at the hospital (I'm still on call at the hospital, but I can choose whether to work or not.) Flying hasn't bothered me so far, and I usually do it once or twice a year. I'm going to the Chicago show, it is only about 2 hours by car from my house. But I may take the Metra train or rent a limo so I don't have to drive. I hate driving in portable parking lots.
  21. Razzy-Want to order that limo that we talked about? We are there!
  22. My husband had the Dirty Vegas CD, I think they were kind of a techno-pop type group. Not bad but not my type of music.
  23. My younger sister is 29 and just married a guy who is 22! However, I didn't. I'm 46 and married a guy 6 years older. :rolleyes:
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