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  1. Happy Birthday, Eric! Hope it's a great one!
  2. Mine was just cancelled tonight. Maybe I'll wait a few days before reordering.
  3. Yes, just got notification myself tonight.
  4. Fascinating story, Eric! Makes me want to hear more. You really should write a book about your musical life, I bet it would be great!
  5. For some reason I couldn't access the link in Firefox. I had to use Internet Explorer. Weird...but got entered. Would look good in my office/shrine.
  6. Happy Birthday, Bernie! Hope you had a great day!
  7. I might still have my original album somewhere in my house!
  8. Pat- Just ordered the Mp3 version, should have done it long ago but just never made it to Amazon to do it! Looking forward to listening to all the songs over and over!
  9. Congratulations, Diane! Glad they tracked you down! Have a great and hopefully prosperous new year!
  10. Eric-Thanks again for the song that you allowed us to download. The commentary and the process of writing the song add depth that only you can give us. You have given us so much of yourself through your music. These are the gifts that you give us time and again. Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
  11. Just read through this whole thread. Wow! Can't wait for March, and with the teaser of the new song, I'm psyched! Go Eric!
  12. Sounds wonderful! Can't wait for the full version!
  13. Happy Belated Birthday, MJ. Hope it was special!
  14. Happy Birthday, Dave! Hope you have a great day!
  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Bernie! Hope you had a great day!
  16. Happy Belated Birthday, Kim! Hope it was a great one!!
  17. Happy Belated Birthday wishes, Lew! Hope you had a great birthday!
  18. Happy Belated Birthday, Belle! Hope you had a great day on your birthday!
  19. Happy Birthday, Julia! Hope you have a great day!!
  20. Happy Belated Birthday, Suzanne! I hope it was a good one and you got double the presents!
  21. Laura

    Favre Frets

    That's funny, Paulie!
  22. Laura

    Favre Frets

    Brett became very diva like towards the end of his career. He wasn't always the most upstanding type of person in his personal life. I think Brett's favorite person is Brett.
  23. Laura

    Favre Frets

    Rodgers is playing out of his head, and today wasn't one of his best efforts. Favre was a great quarterback, but a different type of QB. Rodgers will be kicking himself today for his interception that led to a touchdown a few plays later, and some of the throws he didn't make. I don't think Brett let a few interceptions ruin his day-he had a short memory in that regard.
  24. Happy Birthday, Reid! Hope you have a great one!
  25. Diane- Happy Belated Birthday! I didn't get on here last night but I hope you had a great day! Hope you didn't eat too much cake!
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