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    Oh, this is so sad--she has been in thought alot lately. She certainly left her mark here with all of us. What a special person--and such a wealth of information and trivia. She had a remarkable and quick wit and a caring and compassionate soul. She will be greatly and deeply missed.
  2. never mind--for some reason, this time around it went into my spam folder! Go figure! Lol!
  3. hmmmm......I didn't get the email this time around. What's up with that?? Nothing has changed. Help!
  4. "designer" panti-liners by Brooke Shields How about Lipton resurrecting the people drinking iced tea and going backwards into the swimming pool? They could do their raspberry iced tea and have the boys do it!
  5. Hey! I finally lost 2.2 pounds this week and was awarded my 25 pound magnet at Weight Watchers! Whew!
  6. oops Muzza--I think my Darling Hubby is getting a bit jealous! He's wondering why I'm asking about the tractors!
  7. Sure Muzza--we've got several BIG tractors! Our newest one is a big blue Ford New Holland 9680. It's really nifty! We've also got an Case International 9130. If you come in the fall, you can ride in our 2-seater combine (which darling hubby and I find very romantic!!) it's a Case International 2188. I'm sure you can find pictures on the internet...... All have air conditioning and sound systems..... Have you ever driven anything that big?? I've driven the combine through the field a bit, but I'm kinda scared that I'll do something awful to it! Julie
  8. Well, we've got a nice spare bedroom upstairs and it's supposed to be in the 90's for awhile.... I suppose I could put him to work watering my plants...... Plenty of motor racing programmed into our Tivo--so that wouldn't be a problem. Not sure about the rugby, but I suppose it's somewhere on the satellite....... We need some help planting the 80 acreas of sweet corn too.....hmmmmm....this is sounding pretty good. Kiwi--how soon can he get here??
  9. a family friend of ours used to whip up something with dish soap--can't remember the forumula and he's been gone a number of years. I bet there's some gardening site on the internet for organic gardening that would have lots of friendly ideas! I also believe that you can plant mums around your veggies--bugs don't like them??! Maybe I have the wrong plant! Hopefully someone with a lot more knowledge will chime in!
  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to post Lucky's pic, Bernie! I really appreciate it! You can tell just by looking at him, that he's not an ordinary kitty--not that I'm prejudiced... On another note, I was pretty upset at work today--I had written up an obituary and posted a photo of him at the nursing home in the break room and somebody pulled it down! Geez! He worked there! Why do some people have to be so mean? Blessings, Julie
  11. Thank you all so very much. It's been a pretty rough couple of days. Thankfully, 2 little kittens found us last fall and "adopted" our family and they are really easing the pain and making us laugh with their crazy antics--Bindy was sliding across the linoleum and caught her foot in her dish sending kitty food flying all over the kitchen and then she was pouncing on it as if it were prey last night...... Gotta love it! Oh I so love "the Rainbow Bridge". What a tear jerker that is! I haven't had a chance to look at that other link yet--will have to tonight when I can have a good cry. Bless you all and all of our pets.... Julie
  12. We currently have a male pheasant living in our yard. Rarely see him, but hear him all the time. Also had 2 deer in the yard the other night and something digging big holes! Guava's sound good!
  13. My precious 9 year old tuxedo cat, Lucky, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. He was visiting his "grandparents" (my folks) for a couple of weeks. He died very peacefully in his sleep--but it was a terrible shock for my parents (82 & 85 years old) who were looking forward to spending some time with him. Lucky has been a therapy cat for the past 8 years. Six years, where I used to work, and 2 where I currently am. Lots of sad faces here today. Lucky has really done a wonderful job of making people happy in his life. When he was first working, he used to visit a lady who no longer had the will to walk or socialize. Within a short time, she could be seen pushing Lucky up and down the halls of the nursing home in her wheelchair--she walking--him riding! She was eventually able to move into an assisted living apartment! That's just one example of countless. Lucky knew a lot of people and was almost too smart for his own good! I taught him to "lick" on command which was very helpful when he tried to bite the vet! She told him to lick her 6 times and then said, "I've never seen anything like this!" Anyway, I know so many of us have pets and it is so heartbreaking to lose them. I have no children of my own, so to me it was very hard to lose him. Thanks for "listening". Julie
  14. vincas (some folks call them "pinks" moss rose begonias geraniums hollyhocks wild roses (it's Iowa afterall!) lilacs bridal wreath Veggies: peas onions cherry tomatoes jalepeno pepper plus--we grew 80 acreas of peas for Green Giant. Just harvested those last week and now we're getting ready to plant 80 acreas of sweet corn. 700 acreas of corn 500 acreas of soybeans Julie
  15. Well, you say you're hard-working--you listed it first. That's very honorable, but you don't mention you're a loving husband till near the end. Prioritize. Your wife should be the most important thing in your life and you in hers. You mention church-going, so I will offer you the best advice I know--pray with and for your spouse. Hold her hand and pray out loud--pour your heart out. That's how my darling hubby and I work through things and it works just dandy. Hang in there. I'll say some prayers for your marriage! Blessings, Julie
  16. Here's a link to a store in Council Bluffs, Iowa I have bought all of my Raspberries/Eric stuff in over the years. It occured to me that a lot of you collect this stuff and would LOVE this store. This Tim guy that owns it is a treasure chest of musical knowledge! Link to newspaper article about the store: Kanesville Kollectibles Link to the store's website: Kanesville Kollectibles Home Page Julie
  17. I'm having an awesome week! Last week I just lost .6 of a pound. Looking for much better numbers this week! Wish I had a box of chocolates in my cupboard! Well, maybe not....I'd just eat them! Carry on gang!
  18. A warm welcome to you Dave! You're our kinda guy! Great news!!! Blessings, Julie
  19. Marv--just make sure you carry an umbrella in case it rains!!!
  20. That Kiwi is a lucky lady! Thanks for taking good care of her! Oh and the shorts?? Not just yet! I did manage to lose 1.4 pounds of the 2.2 I gained the week before, so things are going a bit better! Blessings, Julie
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