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  1. Thought I needed to "bump" this thread up! How are we doing?? I've had a rather stressfull time of it lately and have gained back 10 pounds!!! I recommitted last Wednesday and am doing quite well--of course, having the stomach flu is a huge help!!! Darlene--great idea to write it all down. At Weight Watchers, that's what we do. I belong to the "on-line" version and we can journal right on their site and it figures it all out for you. Plus, you can type in your own recipes and it will figure out points too. Well, not feeling well at all, so will have to go. Am spending another day home from work today. Blessings, Julie
  2. Dave, Your post brought tears to my eyes! I do wish you and your lovely B2B a beautiful future! May you be as richly blessed in love as my own dear husband and I have been. We both spent many years praying for God to bless us with the perfect mate, and he did indeed! May you always remember the joy of this special day and always keep it in your heart and your attitude. Love and blessings, Julie
  3. Great story Trindy! So cool! But hey, I say "move on"--it's time. Eric did. Look where he's at now! Julie
  4. Lemon-up shampoo! Remember it well! I lived on a "dry" campus in college, and used to keep my vodka in a Lemon-Up bottle right with my other toiletries! No one was ever the wiser!
  5. Julie

    Dave Smalley Dream

    We need Darlene here to interpret! She's the Queen of Dreams! It's been awhile, but she'd be the one to trust!
  6. Lol! While watching the video, I kept waiting for it to go flying across the stage! That's a real talent to be able to keep it in your mouth!!
  7. Julie

    No Sirens!

    Kathy--you're in my prayers! Yep, I think it came from Iowa--not my part of the state though! Glad you're ok! We've had 15.9 inches of rain at our place since Saturday! I kid you not! Luckily, we live on higher ground. We have had water in our basement and a lot of folks had much worse. It's just crazy! We're in the northwestern part of the state--just 35 miles from the Minnesota border. Blessings to you! Julie
  8. "ok, let me see if I have this right. You say, in New Zealand, you pour a cup of lizard spit on the burgers to give them a burst of flavor?? Well, ok, I'm game....."
  9. Jim: "hmmmmm....do I tell him about the bugger in his nose or just let him walk around all afternoon at the party this way.....??"
  10. Oops! A day late, but the sentiment is the same--Happy Birthday!!! What a terrific way to celebrate your special day! Hope you have a terrific year!! Blessings, Julie
  11. ooooo! I almost forgot!! I got Bubble Wrap!!!! Thanks, Jim! It's the most beautiful piece of bubble wrap I've ever been privy to hold!!!
  12. #267 arrived in IOWA today!!! Yippee!!! This has got to be some kind of world record for my mail!!!! My package was pretty buggered up on a corner so my folder of lyrics is damaged, but everything else is great!! Wow! I just never dreamed mine would arrive so fast! Am I the highest number to be delivered so far?? Julie
  13. I second that! Just knowing that our New Zealand friends are on our soil, makes life all the more exciting! Sure do wish I could come to WAB and join in all of the fun and festivities and meet Kiwi & Muzza as well as everyone else! Blessings, Julie
  14. Julie


    We have Whirlpool appliances. Ours are new as we got them when we got married 27 months ago. My father-in-law bought us an old Whirlpool dishwasher at a garage sale for $10 that is awesome! Don't know how old it is, but it's a workhorse! Julie
  15. Ya, and I don't even have a clue who this guy is?! Lol! Maybe I'll auction off my spot on Ebay.......
  16. I got mine to work finally! Even though I said that popups were ok, it still had an issue with it. Yep, the hair was bad. Wish there were more shoe choices! Lol! I think Kirk is a dead-ringer and I've never even met him!
  17. Well, I made one this morning and it sorta looks like me--the "girls" aren't big enough though! Lol! Anyway, when I hit "save" it says to name it, so I do, and then, nothing! Doesn't give me a choice/place to save it to! What am I doing wrong??! Created a messenger account and everything. I turned off my popup blocker. Any advice?? Thanks! Julie
  18. Lost 2 more pounds this week at Weight Watchers! I'm really happy! I've gone down another size as well. Darling Hubby says I look "hot!" Oh, and Muzza? I wore shorts on the 4th of July! (In public!!) Julie
  19. She sang on a few episodes of "7th Heaven" when she was on there. I thought she was good.
  20. Anita--haven't heard the song you speak of, but right before our wedding 2 years ago, "Simply Red" had done a remake of "Brand New". Awesome! We played it at our wedding dance! (we played "I Was Born to Love You" and "Isn't It Romantic" by Eric as well!) Julie
  21. S-Stay With Me U-Urgent G-Gimme Some Lovin' A-A Little Bit of Soap R-Reunited B-Band on the Run A-A Rainy Night in Georgia I-I Can See Clearly Now Great idea Muzza! Julie
  22. Julie


    I couldn't find an obituary. Most papers these day charge an enormous fee for printing one, so a lot of people simply don't do them anymore. Even our little local paper here charges around $200 to print one! Julie
  23. I'm leaving a bouquet of pink roses by the front door......
  24. Julie


    Does anyone know where Cheri actually lived? I know she was in the hospital in Two Rivers and that other town (can't spell it but started with an "M")? I was trying to find an obituary for her to post here, but it's like a needle in a haystack since I don't know where she lived. Blessings, Julie
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