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  1. Thank you all so much for the prayers and good thoughts. I am hanging in there trying to learn to live without the love of my life. I went back to work Monday and glad I did. Thanks again, Muzza and Kiwi for your phone calls and prayers! It means the world to me! You are amazing and beautiful human beings! Love and Blessings, Julie
  2. Julie


    Oh Darlene! You're too sweet to be sick! Praying that you have a speedy recovery! Blessings, Julie
  3. ya, after I talked to my husband, he planted the seeds of doubt in my mind. He says there is no John Deere place in Bancroft so he was having trouble wrapping his mind around it. Oh well. It still was pretty cool.
  4. and ya'll thinks we's a buncha hicks har in Ioway..... lol! Thanks--that was very cool! And, we live real close to Bancroft and I hadn't heard of this marvelous contraption.
  5. I had 45 Valentine's Days all alone, so know all to well how lousy it can be. I even had flowers delivered to myself at my old job one year because I wanted to "experience" all the hoopla. I have been truly blessed with a wonderful husband now though and really enjoy the holiday now. We'll grill steaks on the "George" and cuddle on the couch. We're supposed to have snow and 40 mph winds tonight--good couch cuddling weather I'd say!
  6. Well, for some reason that link doesn't work. Oh well. Trust me, it's cute! Do ya'll remember Morrocco Mole/Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel?
  7. ah! I found a picture of my lunchbox and thermos: Secret Squirrel/Atom Ant
  8. My lunchbox was actually very cool! I had a "Secret Squirrel--Atom Ant" lunchbox! Still have it and it's in wonderful condition. I saw one like it on ebay that was all dented and rusty a few years back and it sold for $65. My brother had an Apollo one. I'm not sure which mission though--I'm sure he still has it. We also had a Yogey Bear one.(good grief! How the heck do you spell that???!!!!) Our school had it's own lunch room with the picnic type table/benches. I carried my lunch until I was in junior high because I was such a picky eater.
  9. Ditto to what everyone else has said! Congrats!!! Well done!!!!
  10. Well, Friday was a little better, but not great. Did manage to keep things in perspective though. But, my mom ended up in the hospital, so it wasn't a perfect day. We ended up making a 3 hour trip to come home to see here. Thankfully, she's not farther away! Blessings and thank you all so much for your positive and good advice! Blessings! Julie
  11. Yesterday, my younger brother took my mom shopping in Omaha, and while they were making their purchases, my mom passed out, clunking her head on the counter (they were at WalMart) and then landing on her behind. She was taken by ambulance to a hospital. She's got a big ol' goose egg on her head and a sore tailbone. We made the trip down here as soon as we heard. She hasn't been feeling well since Christmas but they can't really find anything wrong with her. She's 82, so anything can happen. Dehydrated, vomiting, just not feeling well. Please remember her in your prayers--she's such a sweetie--you'd all just love her! Blessings, Julie
  12. Good Morning All! Today is a new day! I'm up early, got a great night's sleep. Very slight headache--seems to be more sinus related than Captain Morgan related. My hubby redid my taxes last night, and it looks like Iowa may actually owe me money! Lol! My hairdresser does an absolutely awesome job on my eyebrows! (Oh Bessie Boo--my reaction would have been the same as yours--I'd have laughed! Actually, I am very positive and upbeat. Yesterday, was just "one of those days" and it certainly didn't help to get chewed out by my boss. That's what really pushed me over the edge and made things not funny anymore. I got up this morning and read Kathy's post and really felt awful and knew that my life really is great and wonderful and I really didn't need to drown my sorrows. My prayers are certainly with Bernie and Kathy. Oh my. Thank you all for "being there" and I gotta say, when I reread what I wrote, I just laughed. Oh my spelling! Lol! Have a terrific day all! Blessings, Julie
  13. oh girls. You're all just so sweet and helpful. My sweet hubby is making the drinks for me! Lol! He says I forgot to say that I woke up in the midle of the night and so I didn't get any sleep and that's my problem. He agrees=--very out of character for me. Oh my....all of the hugging of the husband is NOT going to help me get any sleep tonight Kathy Lee!! I went and ate a lean cuisine pizza so am feeling a little better now. Also had some powdered peanut butter. Really goodd stuff! Oh my.....I an't believe that Lew isn't chiming in on my miseralble state of biing........... julir
  14. Oh my. This is soooooo out of character for me. I'm normally such a happy, cheerful little person....but today just sucked. I know, I should put it in perspective with the rest of the world's problems. I'm alive. I'm not injured, I have my health. But, today just sucked in so many little ways. So, I'm sitting here, drinking Captain Morgan and Diet Coke and feeling all pi**ed off at the world..... It started this morning when I couldn't get the 12 pack of orange pop opened so got the sissors out and punctured a can. Orange pop goes squirting everywhere and I couldn't tell which can it was coming from. Bad hair day.....no need to go into detail here. Pants too tight. Too much eating, not enough exercise. My own da*n fault..... Garage door gets stuck on the way up. New computer at work. That was great! But...inbox was all goofy and couldn't figure it out. (ok--this one is a little whiney...) The files that were transferred from old computer didn't all transfer. Sigh..... Went to pick up new embroidered work shirts. One had my name stitched, "JULIE" while the other said, "JUNE"????? HUH??? Somebody brought bakery rolls to the breakroom. I ate one. Pants are even tighter now! Had to wait in huge line at the grocery store when I was purchasing 2 balloons. Then, no one available to fill them with helium, so, I went to fill them myself. (it's a small town--they appreciate my help!) One balloon wouldn't inflate. Guy shows up to help. Wouldn't inflate for him either. Another guy shows up (where the H--E--double toothpicks were these 2 dudes when I was waiting in line???!!! Car below "empty" and then had to sit and wait for a train!!! Chugged into "Kum and Go" (I kid you not, this is an actual name of a gas station chain in the midwest--totally disgusting, but that's another drink on another day!!!!) Gas was $2.94. Everywhere else it is 10 cents cheaper, but I don't have enough gas to get there! Asked nurse to go and purchase a going-away gift for another nurse where I work. Thought that was ok as I explained all of my woes. Went to court house and got new tags for my car at the tune of $309. (that really sucked) Went back to work and ate a tuna fish sandwich while working at my desk. Got called to the office and got my A$$ chewed because the nurse said I wouldn't go buy the present because I didn't have time...... Went to a retirement party for a lady at the bank. Picked a very lousy dessert that has now given me gas and a tummy ache. (sorry if that's too much info for some of you to handle) I know there was more, but, I'm on my 3rd Captain Moran and i reallly don't evn care..... oooooooo!!! Got home and foun a leter from the Iowa treasurs ofice and i owe more mony. Now that relly sucx!@! jjjjjjjjjulie
  15. Well, on the farm we name our trucks and tractors. Currently we have "Papa Smurf"--a gynormous Ford/New Holland tractor, "Violet" and "Ruby" and "Pete" are some of the old grain trucks we use during the harvest. The star of our semis is "Pearl"--a beautiful white semi with a white grain trailer. Lol! The "rule" here (with the exception of Papa Smurf) is that they have to be named after someone we know. Julie
  16. Hi Everyone! I met my goal of working out 4 times--actually, I worked out every day! (well, not on my birthday I guess--but did extra later on) James and I have been using the weight bench in the basement. Actually, we set up an area to workout in. I have an ab roller down there too and have worked up to 60 crunches every night. Do my weight routine with James spotting for me--course, he's so darn cute that I look up into those big brown eyes and well.....I get distracted....and then he gets all distracted....and then....well...... But, anyway, the workout routine has been going really well!!! The only bad thing is that I want to eat, eat, eat! Jules
  17. Hope you had a great day, Mike!!! Julie
  18. Hi and thank you for the sweet wishes! It was a special day! Went out for lunch with my work buddies and in the evening my hubby and I went shopping in Spencer for groceries! Lol! I loved every minute of it! The night before, my father-in-law and his fiance took us to a nice place to eat. Blessings, Julie
  19. Kathy Lee--I'm game for a challenge. What'cha got in mind? 3 pounds is awesome!!! That's inspiring! I challenge everyone to work out at least 4 times this week--starting today (Monday--not sure about what day it is in New Zealand, Muzza. Would that be Thursday here?! Lol!!!) I'm also having some trouble with the water part. My boss is having me go out of the building and out into the community and the bathrooms are few and far between! I had to use a road ditch a couple of weeks ago!!! Good Grief! Julie
  20. So, is everybody motivated now that the New Year has arrived?? Are you exercising? Drinking plenty of water? Eating healthy foods and cutting down on fat? Come on, everyone! We can do this! Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! I've eaten so much lettuce and carrots this week that I'm starting to feel like a rabbit! Anyway, I am motivated. Darlin' hubby (DH) wants to go on a vacation to Branson at the end of March, beginning of April for our anniversary. My 30 year high school reunion will be this summer. I really just like how I feel when I'm livin' right! Hang in there and let's motivate each other and work together! We can do this!! Jules
  21. Wow, Reid! So glad that this wasn't any worse!! We ended up going to the local casino for a free concert by the "Senders". It was really good. They did tons of covers of 60's stuff and it was just a lot of fun. Danced a lot!
  22. I'm going to continue with my healthy lifestyle--continuing to exercise, eat healthy, drink more water and less pop. I will add variety to my diet so I don't get bored and discouraged. I started doing these things in 2003 and have done very well. I do sometimes slip up, but I always manage to come back and get inspired. Everyday is a new beginning! I also want to try and keep my house cleaner. Oh, it's not bad (do you all watch Clean House and Clean Sweep??? I would NEVER end up on there) but I do have areas that could use improvement. Best wishes on everyone's efforts in this new year!!!! Jules
  23. Julie


    Yep, I'm doing it too, Kathy Lee!! Lol!!! I'm currently working on my giant computer desk! The rest of the house is looking great. Have you ever heard of "FlyLady"??? I'll post a link here. I've checked out this site off and on for several years now, and finally signed up last night. It's free and they send you e-mails every day to give you little chores to do around your house everyday. Flylady I know several people that use this site and just love it. Julie
  24. Hey! My awesome husband was released from parole yesterday!!! We celebrated with prime rib! Yummy! Don't worry, he wasn't an axe murderer and he is totally reformed now! I'm just so happy for him--he said it's like having a big weight lifted from his shoulders! Blessings, Julie
  25. That truly is a Christmas miracle, Julia! Wow!
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