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  1. Oh, Marvin, Marvin, Marvin. What a difficult choice this is! I have to agree with Darlene about the "mood elevator" eliment in "My Girl". You just couldn't ask for a happier tune or a more "feel good" sound all the way around. But....beat for beat, I think I gotta go with IHTM. It's Eric's "rocker voice" that sends this one over the top. It's really a timeless rockin' classic. It sounds as fresh today as it did the first time I heard it. (Wouldn't "My Girl" have sounded great in a musical like "Grease"? I guess that's another topic though )
  2. "I was a dreamer You were a dreamer But perfection is consumin' And it seems we're only human afterall, And we've both been takin' the fall...." I think I may be in a different key....... Great idea!--Julie
  3. My cat, Lucky, is a HUGE fan of Eric! His all time favorite song is "I Was Born to Love You". Please don't think I'm flaky, but he really, really does love it! Lucky is a Therapy Cat at the Care Center where I am the Activity Director. He rides to work with me in the car and whenever "I Was Born to Love You" comes on the CD player, his ears perk up, he turns around in the seat and does this rather bizarre kneading and purring thing and stares at me. When I sing along he kicks it up a notch! So cute. Same reaction to "All By Myself", "Walk Away Renee" and "Come Back to My Love" (he likes the rockers too.)
  4. Eric and the Berries are the best, but John Waite solo and with the Babys and Bad English are terrific as well. There are some interesting parallels between them -- singer/songwriters, longevity, voices that have the ability to make me melt and they all have a good mix of material for whatever mood you're in. Other favs are Alan Parson's Project, ELO, Foreigner, Neil Sedaka, Jane Oliver, Savage Garden and Styx. I'm going to have to check out Kyle. Sounds like everybody really likes him. --Julie
  5. Very cool, Bernie! My computor crashed last week and I've been without EricCarmen.com for days and days! Imagine my delight and surprise when I logged in and found the re-vamp! What a great welcome back! Keep up the good work!--Julie
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