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  1. Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you! --Julie
  2. As desperately as I want to see Eric in concert, I do not want him to compromise his integrity. If there is a problem, I hope it can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction, but, I trust Eric's judgement and know he will do what is best for all concerned. Eric's drive to make his music the best it can be is what makes him stand out above all the rest. --Julie
  3. Will try to stay optimistic...but, I just keep thinking of the Dirty Dancing Tour I've managed to get the day off from work and...I'm sorry, I'm whining. Gotta think happy thoughts. --Julie
  4. Hi Chet, Thanks for posting the review of the concert! I'm getting really pumped up for it! I was wondering if you could post a little review of "Eric's Hair" for the ladies of the board? Sprayed, teased, loose...you get the idea. Thanks! --Julie
  5. Well, I've decided not to take the risk with the 35mm. I'm toying around with sticking my digital in my purse, but I'll probably just end up playing it safe with a cheap disposable. Maybe I can fashion a 2X magnifier with some scotch-tape onto the cheap-o lens... Do you have to walk through a metal detector at these things? Do they go through purses? They didn't at Lawrence Welk.. --Julie
  6. Ok, I don't get out much, so I have a concert question to ask of ye who be in the know. (last REAL concert I was at was Whitesnake/Bad English -- unless you count, "The Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show" -- both radically different venues, but that's another story ) So, anyhow, if the auditorium rules say NO CAMERAS, how serious are they about this?? I could get some awesome pix with my 300-mm zoom and mighty Canon flash in tandem with my good seats, but I don't want to get my equipment confiscated. Any advice -- could ya get me a press pass, Bernie? For the benefit of the website??? --Julie
  7. Billy, I just went to Ticketmaster's site and it was too busy to order tickets. Don't know if they have some other hot shows coming up or what. (Can't believe it's any better than this one Anyway, I got my tickets late Saturday night and got really good seats, so hopefully you can too -- I just typed "Pershing Auditorium" into my Yahoo search bar and got connected to them right away. Good luck! --Julie
  8. I got tickets for this one! 7:30 PM, Monday, July 8th at Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln, Nebraska. Left Center, row DD (which, I'm reasonalbly sure is row 4 from the stage!! -- Hope he plays left!) Let us pray for good health so that I don't have to come home and cry myself to sleep like I did when I drove there to the Dirty Dancing Concert. Think lots of vitamins Eric, plenty of fluids, aspirin therapy, throat massages, hot tea with honey and lemon, and...well, you get the picture. My best friend since kindergarten (we're 42 now) is going with me. She's not a big fan of our hero, but she loves Alan Parsons. -- Julie
  9. FYI: Some of the other songs on the CD are: "Go All the Way", "I Reach For the Light", "Overnight Sensation", "I Saw The Light", "I Wanna Be With You", "Tonight", "Play On", "Last Dance", "Hands On You", "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye" and "Hey Deanie".
  10. No, "Preserved" is not a parody album. I believe it's intent is sincere. Yes, it really is Scott McCarl. I really like that one a lot -- I'm going to burn it onto my favorites for the car. I'm waiting for a reply to the Ken Sharp question. That is a woman's voice -- it's not a gruff voice (like Bonnie Tyler for instance -- it's very feminine). There really are some enjoyable cuts on the CD. I like "Hands on You", "Rose Colored Glasses", "Might as Well" and some others as well (there are 21 tracks!) I really can't believe though that they chose to put such an icky version of "I'm A Rocker" on there--especially in the #1 track. The back of the CD states: "We also want to thank all the bands who contibuted tracks for this CD especially the bands who didn't make the cut. We received too many songs!" So...apparently they got worse songs than "I'm A Rocker". That my friends, is indeed a scarey thought..........--Julie
  11. I'm listening to "Preserved" as I write. Boy, that first song is just bad! What a terrible thing to do to "I'm a Rocker". The group that does it is aptly named "The Rank Strangers". It's definately a stinker. They owe the 'Berries an apology! "Goin' Nowhere Tonight" by Bill Lloyd is pretty good and I really love "Nobody Knows" but, hey, it's by Scott McCarl! No surprise there. "Cruisin' Music" by the Rubinoos is loads of fun. No complaints there. "Cry" by Bunnygrunt (where do these people come up with these names??!) well, what can I say other than it makes me want to CRY! Oh, and what's with that "Let's Pretend" by Brad Jones? Sounds like he was recently castrated and in need of pain killers.... "Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak" by The Swarays captures the essence of the original. It's a good listen. Oh, and, I'm sorry, but I thought Ken Sharp was a man. He sounds just like a woman on "Waiting". Am I missing something here? Is this the same Ken Sharp that we read about on the website??? Is it just a boo-boo on the CD cover? I'm on standby with an apology if I'm in error here. So, I'm not a professional music critic or anything, and these are only my own opinions and observations. I don't want to offend anyone. (Well, I guess I don't mind if I offend "The Rank Strangers". They deserve it.)--Julie
  12. Shaved head, hmm? That would be interesting. Of course, with those soulful eyes, I'm sure he could pull it off. (the "Graemlins" pull off the shaved head look rather nicely, too ) --Julie
  13. Didn't you just LOVE his hair on "The Definitive Collection" cover? That's a great pic. I still remember the first time I saw the video for "Hungry Eyes" though and everything just worked so well. The hair, the suit, the tie, the posture. Very nice indeed. The embarrassed look, the gulp...oh my ! Think I'm going to have to get that out tonight and watch it. --Julie
  14. Any further info on the Lincoln, Nebraska show?? --Julie
  15. Ok, maybe it's a frivolous topic, but hey, I gotta get up to my 26 posts so I can get my picture! So, I'm just wondering about how Eric's hair is going to be for the tour? Personally, I like that shorter look we've seen him in lately. I loved his hair in the "Hungry Eyes" video. I'm just thinkin' that the big 80's hair thing just isn't gonna cut it (no pun intended ). --Julie
  16. I just thought it would be ever so appropriate to have a special place to honor Bernie for all of the hard work he has put into this site. I've been visiting since the first day I was connected to the internet (Nov. 2000) and have been more and more impressed as time goes by! The love of the music is the thread that binds us all together and Bernie is the master weaver. Thank you, Bernie for making everything come together so beautifully!--JB
  17. Aahhhhh....I was 12 years old and in the car on the way to the grocery store in a gold Chevy Caprice with a white vinyl top with my mom the very first time I remember hearing "Go All the Way". I remember how I got caught up in the rhythm and mom and I hummed along every time we heard it. I asked her what the words were and she said she didn't know. (We're talkin' AM radio back then, and I was just 12 --and by the way, in my part of the world, 12 was pretty innocent and I had absolutely NO IDEA what 'go all the way' meant . If she knew, she sure wasn't going to tell me!) I finally decided it was, "Don't Go Away" and that's how I sang it until I got in college!!! --JB
  18. oops. Need to clarify. I really like the newest guitar pic on the home page--the one where he's looking down.-- Julie
  19. I love the pics on the Geffen album. The whole package works well. He is just too cute, cigarette and all (glad it's not a scratch 'n sniff--rofl!!)The back of the Geffen album is very good as well. My most recent favorites are the one Bernie has here at the home page with the guitar (sizzle, sizzle) and the leather jacket/wish I could get my hair to do that/straddling the director's chair pic on "The Definitive Collection". Very nice indeed! That would make a great cover shot for his single of Foreignor's "Hot Blooded" ;-) --Julie
  20. Oooooohhh yeah! That image works for me! How about it ladies? --Julie
  21. Just this morning on my drive to work I was thinking about this very topic. I was trying to imagine Eric singing, "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. I'm trying to sing it in my head, and I just can't remember all the words, so my apologies if it's strickly a "chick-song". I'd also like to hear him do the Beatles "Yesterday" and Paul Davis' "I Go Crazy". I readily concur with the Bad English song. It would be soooooo good! --oh, and how about "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner? Julie
  22. Thank you, Bernie for your hard work and dedication. This site is truly a labor of love and it shows! --Julie, a most appreciative fan
  23. I do love them both, but I identify more with "I'm Through With Love." It's been so long since I've been in love that I've adopted this as my "theme song"! If I ever meet that special someone, I'll probably switch to "Love Is All that Matters" That's the really great thing about Eric's music--he has a song for every emotion. --Julie
  24. You might be an E.C. fan if ... you keep a recipe card box on your desk with all of Eric's songs/written by info/which album it's on/and other info, hand-written and alphabetized for quick reference!
  25. I may have dreamed this, but....I think I read in an interview once that Eric said that the 'Berries did an awesome version of "Whiter Shade of Pale" or maybe it was "Knights in White Satin"? At any rate, if I didn't dream this, I'd love to hear either one of them!
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