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  1. I've always thought that Eric could do a killer version of "Oh Holy Night". I forgot to mention Nancy Griffith. She's a lot of fun to sing along with--especially "Flyer". --Julie
  2. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    Paul's "I Go Crazy" and Eric's "The Way We Used To Be" still bring me to tears nearly every time I hear them. Both are powerful, haunting songs. And maybe, like Marvin, they are songs that have a lot of meaning for a certain time in my life and still evoke some strong feelings. IMHO, those first simple cords to "I Go Crazy" are exquisite. No other way to describe them. *sigh*
  3. Well, here's some of my faves: Jane OliverMama Cass Eva Cassidy Bette Midler Donna Summer Jane Oliver (I really love Jane's voice!) Olivia Newton John I like many of the singers on the other lists too! --Julie
  4. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    Thanks, Matt! I figured you're faster than a search on Google!! --Julie
  5. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    Yes Marvin, this is Dan Hamilton from Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds. Sadly, I heard that Dan passed away a few years back. Great, powerful voice. Hey Matt--do you know anything about this? Everybody's lists are great! Since there seems to be some common thread here amongst us, it makes me wonder if there is something special about the shapes, sizes, etc... of our ear canals and drums???!!!! LOL!! --Julie
  6. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    In somewhat of an order, the ones that instantly came to my mind were: EricJohn Waite Paul Davis Dan Hamilton Eddie Rabbitt Neil Sedaka Lou Gramm Duane Allen Bryan Adams Well, there's a bunch more I'm sure, but those are my fave's. I gotta say though that Eric and John Waite's vocalizations have a very profound, mood altering affect on me!
  7. I'll echo that! Happy Father's Day, Eric, Bernie and all of you "Dads" on the board! --Julie
  8. We seem to have a "topic within a topic" thing goin' on here.....so typical . Anyway, I remember posting on this very topic several months ago and stated my first concert was "Lawrence Welk" !!! (I was just a little kid though) My first concert as a full-blown teenager was "The Captain and Tenille" with my then boyfriend. The next day he gave me a great card with a penciled sketch of Toni on the front that said "Love....." and on the inside, "will keep us together" and was signed, Love Always. Oh how I cherished that card. Still have it. He hadn't told me that he loved me at that point, but there it was in print! (needless to say, we broke up a few years later....but, that's another story!!) The concert that impressed me the very most was oddly enough, John Denver. I wasn't a huge J.D. fan, but had tickets so I went with a friend. At intermission, someone tripped and dumped a "Big Gulp" full of Coke on the sound board and totally shorted it out. The auditorium had lights but nothing else. (this was at Ak-Sar-Ben Coliseum in Omaha, NE). Anyway, after a really long delay, John Denver himself came out on stage and bellowed out to the crowd, "can you all hear me?" "Ya!!!" we responded. So, John picks up a regular guitar and walks out on to the center of the stage and sings his little heart out! What a performance! It was the coolest concert experience I've ever had. Pure, unfiltered, un-enhanced, un-amplified John Denver. I'm guessing that not too many people ever had the chance to hear him sing this way, and it was truly magnificent. They were able to get everything going again, but that 20 minutes or so was unforgettable and John really lived up to the adage, "The show must go on"! --Julie
  9. Well, I hate to say anything bad because the last time I mentioned a song I didn't like, I got a nasty "private message" from someone on the board. So, if I sound all sugary sweet about every song Eric's ever done, it's because of that. Anyway, it's the voice I crave--like candy to my ears. It's a tone thing, I guess. He could sing me the names out of the New York City phone book, and I'd probably listen to him at least through the "T's" on CD and he could "Go All The Way" through the Yellow Pages if it was live! ---Julie
  10. I found this on the message board under the thread, "Does Eric Read the Message Board". --Julie
  11. How about Eric with that white jumpsuit lying on top of a Baby Grand with a milk mustache?? --tee hee Julie
  12. I guess I'm too young to remember "Make Room For Daddy", but I do remember Angela for playing "Penny" in "Lost in Space".
  13. I don't watch the show, so don't know what style of song they would want Eric to do. I would love to hear him do "The Way We Used To Be". I think this song needs some serious exposure. I loved it the moment I first heard it and only love it all the more now. It is a beautiful, timeless song that has great potential if only it were spot-lighted and promoted in the right way. What a great platform to spotlight it on! --Julie
  14. Oh Geez! I'm 99% compatable with Axl Rose!!!Heavens! Who makes up this stuff?? -- Julie
  15. Remember to make a wish when you blow your candles out......something along the lines of some new Eric music to listen to would be a good example of an excellent wish!! Hope you have a terrific birthday! Best Wishes! Julie
  16. Wow, I missed that too! I about fell off my saddle! --Julie
  17. It came through here just great and I'm really enjoying it! What a treat to see and hear the guys all together! I've only ever seen still photos of them, so it is really exciting. LOVE the facial hair, too! I'll have to see if I can make a VCD of it to watch on the big TV. Wow! This is the best thing I've had in my Easter Basket since I was 7 years old! Thanks, Bernie! --Julie
  18. Ya....let's see, was it on the "Tony Orlando and Dawn" reunion album and possibly Marie Osmond's latest???? Seriously, I just can't possibly imagine anyone but Eric singing it. I agree with Darlene. It's his vocal timbre, whatever, that makes this song enjoyable. I do like it. --Julie
  19. Quick! Get me some insulin! LOL!!! Too funny. These people have way too much time on their hands! Oh, to be young again! --Julie
  20. Oh, I would LOVE to hear Eric sing "Maybe I'm Amazed". I think the critics would eat him alive though. The other songs that come to mind are: "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress"--Hollies(?) "Hot Blooded" --Foreignor "Vincent" --Don McLean "Billy, Don't Be A Hero" --Just seeing if you're paying attention.... Heck, I think he could do an awesome job on the International Ladies Garment Workers song--you know, "Look for....the Union Label......etc..!" --Julie
  21. I'm still here, but I too have been keeping up with world events. *This* is a good escape...an almost guilty pleasure in times like these. My heart is with our troops and their families and friends as they face unknown odds in these uncertain times. --Julie
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