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  1. Artists I buy new material from when I haven't heard it... 1. Eric Carmen 2. John Waite (am I the only John Waite/Babys/Bad English fan here?) 3. Paul Davis 4. Eddie Rabbitt (Rest in Peace) 5. Bryan Adams 6. ELO 7. Foreignor 8. Alan Parsons 9. Jane Oliver 10. Neil Sedaka
  2. It better not be "Tonight You're Mine" or "Take It or Leave It"! Seriously though, the first one that popped into my mind was "My Heart Stops". Not really your traditional love song, but it is in keeping with my fun-loving side, and what all-American girl wouldn't want someone to sing those very sweet words to her with total sincerity? Fun question! It kind of makes me feel like I'm Bachlorette #2 on the "Dating Game"! --Julie
  3. Hmmmm...I guess it's a tie between "Sunrise" and "On Broadway". I dislike "Sunrise" enough that I never even realized that I had a "live" version of it until last weekend! I absolutely LOVE the beginning of it, but when 'Tracy Partridge . Seriously though, at first, whenever you said something disparaging about "Winter Dreams", I'd get annoyed. But, after reading all of your other posts, I know that you're not trying to be mean. So, I respect your opinion. I do love, "You Took Me All The Way". I thought it was wonderfully clever and brought the song full circle. As for the Berries. Well, now that I'm older, I don't really like "Tonight" or "Ecstacy" just because they're soooooooo NOISY! My old ears are just too sensitive. Seven or eight years ago, they were my favorites. Now, I'm more interested in the vocals, and they're buried in the beat. Of course, all of my opinions may change tomorrow... --Julie
  4. Yes, I was warned. But, I am weak. Now, I have "It's A Small World" going around and around in my head complete with oompahs and accordions...plus a maddening desire to dust off my dad's Frank Yankovichs' tapes... AaaaauuuuuuggggghhhhHHHHHHHHH...papa...um...papa...bumbumbum...BABUM... Quick -- (or should that read, "The Quick"?) someone stop the madness... --Julie
  5. I've got to concur. While I love them all, there's just something extra-special about "Cruisin' Music" that puts it ahead of the rest. It's got a great beat. It always sounds fresh and fun. (Gosh, maybe it really is the tamborine?! I kind of always associate the tamborine with Tracy of 'Partidge Family' fame.... )Anyway, I've always thought it was better than any other "beach" song I ever heard. It's all layered and lush and polished without losing the spontanaity that goes hand and hand with the genre. Cool! --Julie
  6. My refund from Ticketmaster was very quick and painless. They called me. Course, the Lincoln show was cancelled. My refund showed up on the same credit card statement as the initial charge for the tickets. --Julie
  7. Thanks a lot, Kirk. Now I have that song stuck in my head --Julie
  8. Julia, Just click on "Message Board" in Bernie's message above and it will take you to it. I got on the January of 2002 and it'll take you up to the present. It was fun to read. --Julie
  9. Hi Darlene! Nice to have you back. I've missed you and your posts. No problem with hormones here but I do get steady doses of EC daily! ---Julie
  10. You're not getting older, you just keep getting better! Best wishes today and always! --Julie
  11. I agree that it is very difficult to "rank" the songs, but if I had to say, this is the ONE that really does it for me, I'd have to pick "The Way We Used To Be" from the Geffen album. I absolutely love that song. It is just a song that brings me to tears and has a lot of meaning for me. It's also the song that brought me full circle to Eric's music. I had always loved "GATW" and "I Wanna Be With You" and absolutely loved "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" but I really hadn't realized that they were all the same person. (some DJ's never tell ya who it is!). Anyway, while watching "Days of our Lives" back in my dorm room with my best friend, "The Way We Used To Be" got some airtime for a couple of days as a theme song for Pete and Melissa. I loved it and had to have it. My bf said it was "Eric Carmen", I said, "Who's that?" , "The guy that sings 'All By Myself', you know, the lead singer from the Raspberries". Until that moment, I had no knowledge of all of this (duh). I just knew that all of those songs had really left a mark on me. It was a mission from that point on to try to get everything he'd ever recorded. Steveh, you've been reading my mind. When I was driving home from work tonight I was listening to "My Heart Stops" and I thought, that's just the happiest little song. It'll never be a huge hit, it isn't particularly a brilliant piece of music, but it is just a 'feel good' song. Likewise with "Cartoon World", "Sunrise", "Cruisin' Music", "Top Down Summer" and "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips". (I'm not saying these can't be hits-I love everything that Eric does--I'm the one that would buy a CD of him clearing his throat!!!) The 'happy' Raspberry tunes that come to mind are "Hands On You", "With You In My Life" and "Drivin' Around". All songs that make you feel great, forget your troubles and smile --Julie
  12. Julia-- You found Eric's guitar! So glad you got to see it! Have a great trip! I LOVE London. I spent January of 1982 in London while I was in college. It was such a great time! Say "hi" to Barry the Bobbie for me! --Julie -the farm gal
  13. I live in Mondamin, Iowa -- population 350 (assuming nobody is on vacation or in the hospital). That's about 45 miles north of Omaha, Nebraska and 60 miles south of Sioux City, Iowa. Omaha, being pretty much in the center of this great country of ours, would be the PERFECT spot for Eric to do a show (by the way, "Mondamin" is the Indian name for corn) --Julie, the farm gal
  14. Pure. How about Faith Hill? I'm not really into country but I do think she has a beautiful clean sound.
  15. Hmmmmm. What about Babs? Or Bonnie Raitt?--Julie
  16. 2 Cups Flour 1 Cup Packed Brown Sugar 2 Eggs, slightly beaten "....'cause I got, Hun-gree Eyes..." 1 tsp vanilla 1/4 tsp salt... Works for me, Darlene!! -Julie
  17. I'd love to hear it too, Bernie! --Julie
  18. Didn't he do "When You're Only Lonely"?
  19. Well, I gotta put in my 2 cents worth here I guess...or should I say my watered-down Barry Manilow, blind, deaf, fake drum lovin' and yet subjective opinion, too. I love IWBTLY. Guess I'm only guilty of lovin' the whole package. I haven't ever singled out one song, because I love them all. Course, I'm just a hick farm girl from Iowa with no class or sophistication and maybe a tin ear... I was tickled pink when I heard it the first time and have only grown to love it more. I even like "Walk Away Renee" (geez, hope I don't get banned from posting!) I get a happy little kick out of "Cartoon World." Reminds me of when my brother and I were kids and "Mighty Mouse" was on opposite of "Johnny Quest"...aahh, the mind doth wander. "I Could Really Love You" is great! Listen to it and tell me that isn't a Raspberry song! "Every Time I Make Love To You" is the kind of song that makes me go weak in the knees. Love it, love it, love it! To me, Eric's voice is so rich and exciting that heck...I'd buy an album of him readin' recipes out of the Ladies Home Journal, just to hear him. I'd buy a single of him clearing his throat for that matter. He is the master, no matter what the song. If you don't like a song, maybe you're just not in that place right now. I know I never much cared for that "Lost in the Shuffle" song until I got caught up in some of that proverbial 'red tape' myself. That song was my anthem for that week. I despised the whole "Boats Against The Current" album after I bought it out of the 99-cent bin at Alco. After several years passed though, I got it out again and really loved it. I had matured and could understand it and appreciate it for what it was. I was really happy to have this version of "Almost Paradise". I thought the Mary Clayton version was a bit over the top. I'm not going to rate the albums in any certain order. I've got a 6-disc CD changer in my car so it's a moot point. --Julie, the farm gal
  20. I posted this elsewhere, but was afraid it would get buried amongst the other postings. Ticketmaster just called me and said that the Lincoln Show was cancelled and they would be refunding my money. That was pretty easy! Anyway, I was planning to go anyway just for a night out and I really wanted to see Alan Parsons as well. I didn't let any disappointment show with the folks at Ticketmaster, though. I told them I was happy as I only bought the tickets because Eric Carmen was supposed to be on the bill!--Julie
  21. Ticketmaster just called me on the phone and said that the Lincoln, Nebraska Abbey Road Show has been cancelled. They will be refunding my money! It's kind of bittersweet though. I really love Alan Parsons and was at least looking forward to the chance at seeing him in concert. I didn't tell the the Ticketmaster people that though. I told them I was very happy as the only reason I was going was because Eric Carmen was supposed to be on the venue and ya da ya da...well, you get the picture!
  22. I LOVE it when someone sings "Julie, Do You Love Me" to me! I also love Shakin' Steven's version of "Oh, Julie". Barry Manilow did it too, but it wasn't as much fun. But, I digress, guess the topic is "Jennifer" and not Julie (BTW, are people always calling you "Julie"? They're always calling me, "Juli-a" )
  23. This is just an assumption on my part, but I always figured it was for Jennifer Grey who starred in "Dirty Dancing" opposite Patrick Swayze. --Julie
  24. Well said, Julia. I don't think anybody put a gun to anyone's head here and forced them to buy tickets to these shows. There are no sure things in life. If you really can't afford to eat the loss or accept the possibility that something could go amok, then you really shouldn't even buy tickets and make plans. Double shame on those posters who said that this is a pattern for Eric. If they truly felt that way, then why did they buy tickets in the first place? It's a very cheap shot to blame Bernie as well. Geez. These people would be the first to complain if Bernie didn't post advance notice of the shows and they weren't able to get good tickets. Yeah, I'll be disappointed if I don't get to see Eric perform. My tickets came in the mail just today. But, I don't want to see him pressured into doing something that he obviously is having a problem with either. This is only MY opinion, but if you're going to whine and gripe than maybe there are much better places to do it than at a website honoring Mr. Carmen. --Julie
  25. Hey Everybody, I just went to the Guitarmania" website and you can vote for your favorite! Are you all thinking what I'm thinking? --Julie
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