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  1. I'll have to go digging through my old LP's, but I want to say that John Travolta did "All By Myself" or maybe "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again". I remember listening to it once and gagging --Julie
  2. For the record, Bernie, I did leave it up just in case it was something that would be downloading. I played at least 6 games of "Sea Towers" and I have a high-speed connection, but I came up empty. . Thanks for thinking of us though. You do a terrific job and I appreciate everything Berrie much. Tony--congrats on the wedding!! Would "his and hers" straight-jackets be a good gift?? So sorry about your cat. They really get into your heart. I recommend listening to "Wild, Wild Heart" during the grieving process. --Julie
  3. Man, I am soooooo bummed out!! I was suspicious that there would be something special up for Christmas, so I logged on early Christmas morning. There was the package. I clicked on it. Nothing. I thought, "Well, maybe Bernie's in the process of doing this" so I logged off. I came back on right after our company left. Same thing. Up on top, I had "??? Microsoft Internet Explorer". No matter what I did, all I got was those dumb question marks. I tried "save as" and everthing else that could be right-clicked on. Nothin'. So then, I thought, "well, Julie, don't be greedy. It's probably just the package that is the gift." Still, I logged on about 8 o'clock last night, and at 10 and around 11:30. All I got was those question marks. Now, I worked hard all day and I come home and log on only to find out that I missed this song that I've been dying to hear. Ya, I know, I'm really in super-Whine-y mode. Sorry. I'm just so bummed because I tried so hard .....I have to go.....The tears that are streaming down my cheeks are making my keys slippppppery and my sobbing is scaring my cat..... --Julie
  4. OK, I'm thinkin' that a computer game based on "The Sims" would make a great E.C. toy! The 'skins' would be Eric, the Berries, Jimmy I., Bernie, Darlene, etc.... The career tracks would be, Groupie, Musician, songwriter, manager, producer, Rock Star, Polka Queen, Record Critic, etc. You could design and build a new recording studio for our hero. You could invite all of your friends over for rock concerts around the hot tub and you could serve your guests big glasses of milk!! I'm also thinking that Tony would make a great "Tragic Clown"-type character, that would get into your music studio and drive everyone insane . To rebuild energy, you would listen to Eric tunes on your "Sim stereo". Oh my...I better patent this idea!
  5. Pumpkin and pecan pies here. The Boston Cream pie sounds great, Matt. Haven't had that in ages! Lots to be thankful for this year. --Julie
  6. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I know I had "Hungry Eyes" when I took the pies out of the oven a little while ago (made from scratch--might as well "Go All The Way" ). ---Julie
  7. Hey, love the banter folks, but.....did anyone actually go to Sam Goody.com and listen to the cuts from "Preserved"? ---Julie
  8. When I think of Boyce and Hart, I think of the TV show "Bewitched". If memory serves me, seems like they were on an episode. I also connect them with "Days of Our Lives" the soap-- I believe they wrote the theme song. -- Julie
  9. I love the cover on "Change of Heart". It's very cute--especially the pic on the back. (The Geffen cover is the best in my opinion--ooo, maybe a good topic for a poll?). I've always really liked this album--I love the song "Change of Heart" as well as "Someday"--both are very good to sing into a hairbrush with!(girls, you know we've all done this ) One of my best E.C. finds, was the songbook for this album. I was flipping through music books at the Clay County Iowa fair just a few years ago at a booth for a local music store, and there it was--brand new, never opened, for a couple of bucks. The cover had a bit of rub-wear, but the binding had never been bent open. It was kinda like manna from heaven....sigh. Julie
  10. If you go to Sam Goody you can listen to some snip-its of the songs that are on the "Raspberries Preserved" CD tribute. Now you too, can hear the awful thing that "The Rank Strangers" did to "I'm A Rocker". Thankfully, it's just a brief rendering (and believe me, here on the farm, we know what "rendering" means <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> ). At any rate, the words class-action lawsuit come to mind... Julie
  11. I've listened to John Waite all day today in all incarnations. I love the "Live and Rare Tracks" and would love to see Eric put out something like this. (hint-hint) Looks like the Waite fans are crawling out of the woodwork here lately. John pours his soul into his music like Eric and has a great mix of rockers, ballads, in-betweeners and some wild stuff, too. I saw him with "Bad English" in Omaha and was blown away--a pleasure that I have never gotten to experience with Eric but one I'm sure would be beyond description. I don't really want to hear Eric do John's stuff and vice versa. But, ooooo, wouldn't it be sweet to hear them collaborate?! (hint hint) Oh, and somebody mentioned back several posts ago that they didn't like "Missing You" because of the "ain't". My background is in English and Speech Communications, so I do appreciate good grammer--but, I love the "ain't" used in the context of this song. The songwriter is telling a story and that word sets the tone and gives the song attitude. Just my own personal opinion though. The live version of "Missing You" is awesome. Sorry to go on and on about JW. He's got a big catalog though, and when your stomach is growling from the hunger of "Waiting" for Eric to toss out a buffet of new material, he makes for a great snack!
  12. Nice to have another fan on board, Ellece! To get a cool, hot avatar, and be removed from the "junior" listing, you just have to make 25 posts (I'm pretty sure it's 25). Anyway, once you have that many postings, you go to "My Profile" and it will let you pick a picture. The only bad thing is, that you can't even peek at the pictures until you hit that magic number. (all good things come to those that wait--and post!) Say Bernie, a friend of mine is on a message board that looks like this one and they can either post one of the site's avatars, or can send in one of their own! Maybe that's a lot of work for you, though. If that's why, then keep it the way it is, because we want you to spend your available time getting us cool stuff like you have been! --Julie
  13. Yes indeed, it would be quite clever of Eric to pose as, say a woman who lives on a farm somewhere in Iowa...
  14. Hey Matt--you must have missed out on the discussion about "Raspberries Preserved"--a tribute album. Check out the message board for "Preserved--who are the cover artists" for info about this CD that was released in 1996. It's rather a mixed bag of stuff. Some good, some mediocre and some that just plain suck <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> I think you'll have to go to page 2 or 3 of the message board to find it. --Julie
  15. For me it's mathmatical. There's more stuff in the solo years, and the more Eric, the better! Plus, I'm a tad selfish. I don't want to share him with 3 other 'Berries!
  16. I really love, "Come Back To My Love". It's got such a great beat and I think it could have made a mark had it been promoted. Example: my brother and I deejayed my aunt & uncle's 40th wedding anniversary dance 15 years ago (we're going out tomorrow night to celebrate their 55th!)playing everything from Lawrence Welk to Los Lobos due to the wide range in ages of our attendees. Late in the evening, things really started winding down and we couldn't get anybody out on the floor. I pulled out my newly acquired Geffen tape and had my brother cue up "Come Back to My Love". He was reluctant having never heard it before. Anyway, it was just unbelievable! Practically everyone got up and started dancing and boppin' around. I just ate it up. When the song ended, I can't tell you how many people came up and wanted to know what that great song was and who was singing it. We had to play it again before the dance ended and we played a couple of other tracks as well. Judging from the crowd reaction, I just always thought that song could of easily been in the top 40. Julie
  17. It's that little giggly 'hu' thing that puts "I Wanna Be With You" way over the top for me. Love it, love it, love it, when Eric makes those little noises, moans, raspy-things!
  18. Well, here's how I do it. I have XP, so don't know if that makes any kind of difference or not...anyway, I 'right-click' on the mp3 that Bernie posts (where it says "letspretendmp3" or something like that and it's underlined). Then a list comes up and I left-click on "save Target as" and then a "save" box comes up and I always put them in "My Music" folder so I can find them again. (I've never thought that Bernie's files tried to hide on my computer! ) After I get off-line, I go to my Windows media player, or my Quick Time player and go to "File" and then "Open" and I go into "my music" and viola! There it is. At least, that's how I THINK I do it...I can't do it while I'm writing this...hope this helps somebody. I had a lot of trouble when I first got on the website because I didn't have "Quick Time" installed. Now it's great and fast (I have a T-1 wireless connection, or something like that. I'm the hick farm girl, so I'm not up on all this new-fangled cityfolk sophisticated stuff... --Julie
  19. Here's a few: "Hungry Eyes" ñ Lutein (eye vitamins) "Great Expectations" ñ USA Baby "Every Time I Make Love To You" ñ Trojan "Change of Heart" ñ Lied Transplant Center "I Saw The Light" ñ Motel 6 "All Through The Night" ñ Pampers "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" ñ Walker Funeral Home "Let's Pretend" ñ Fisher Price "You Took Me All The Way" ñ United Airlines --Julie
  20. I just e-mailed the MP3 of "Wild, Wild, Heart" to Tony. Hopefully, I did it right! --Julie
  21. Thanks everyone for all of the nice messages! I just got home and everything went great! I'm not losing my sight afterall. (they thought I had Retinitis Pigmentosis) The last three weeks have been stressful, but thanks to Eric's great, great music and the "great escape" of visiting this board a couple of times I day, I got through it just fine and with a good report to boot. Fantastic timing of the release of the MP3, Bernie. You really "saved the day". --Julie
  22. Thank you for this great MP3! I'm going to the University of Iowa Hospital on Monday for some eye tests and I'm planning on taking my portable CD player and some of Eric's music along to make things go better. I won't be able to read, and I have to be in total darkeness for awhile so this is really going to be great. --Julie
  23. Cool that there are other Babys/John Waite/Bad English folks around. I've always thought there were a lot of parallels between JW and EC. Now, if Bernie were just a fan too, think of the great website JW could have!
  24. This subject was brought up in the discussion of "I Reach For The Light", and I just love it when Eric does this. I've been listening to "If You Change Your Mind" and thinking what a great song it is. It's got that ballad-thing going on for most of us that love that sort of thing and then it slowly builds into this desperate, pleading, agonizing crecendo (that I'm guessing Marvin just loves ) that is just wonderful and powerful and edgy and ...well, you get the picture! Anyway, there are many songs in Eric's catalog that share this quality and I can't think of another artist that pulls it off nearly as well as he does. Oh my, I'm listening to it as I write and I think I need to step out and get some air...
  25. Ummmm, Steveh...maybe it's just me, but I don't hear too much respect for women in "All Through The Night"...
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