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  1. Steve--I LOVE "Spotlight"! I know a lot of people probably don't like it because of the fake drums, but it is an energetic rocker. "Come Back To My Love" wins by a nose in my book, though. We played that at a dance my brother was DJaying and the crowd went nuts. When it was over, we had a bunch of people come up to find out what it was. Yep, that one could have gone the distance too. *sigh*
  2. I don't want to slap you, Gord. I'm not the violent type. I don't know the song you might be referring to--although, it does sorta sound familiar. Maybe Matt can figure it out. You crack me up, Gord! --Julie
  3. Well, the back of the Geffen CD that I have says 1984. I think it aired on "Days" in the spring/summer of 1985. I'd have to research it.
  4. I've wondered about that too over the years. I believe that Mary Hart (of ET) is a fan of Eric's and she is a good friend of Deidre Hall (star of "DAYS"), but I have no idea if that is how it ended up being on the show--seems like kind of a long shot at best. Bernie--do you have any info on how this song ended up on "Days of our Lives"? Or, perhaps, this is a good "Ask Eric" question? hmmmmm....... --Julie
  5. Ok, new topic. If you could pick one (or more) of Eric's songs and re-release it, which one would it be? You can totally redo it or you can leave it just the way it is. We know our hero suffers from a lack of good promotion most of the time. Personally, I could never see any reason that "The Way We Used To Be" could not have been really big. I am biased to this song as it addresses that sad topic of lost love and literally cuts me to my very core whenever I hear it. I think it is beautifully written and exquisitely performed. It always sounds "new" to my ears. Personally, I wouldn't change it, but maybe something new could be done to it as far as instruments go. Put it in a big movie with big stars instead of putting it on a soap opera and it could go the distance. Others? ---Julie
  6. Uh, Gord? The song is Eric's "The Way We Used To Be". Trust me on this one. I've watched Days of Our Lives since I was 12 years old and when they played that song back in 1984 I rushed out and bought the album. On most days, I think that is the best song that Eric ever did. --Julie
  7. I was lurking on a "Days Of Our Lives" message board (yes, I know, I continue to be 'uncool') and somebody posted this message: I have been racking my brain trying to remember what this song was. It was definitely from the early 80's and I think it was "Bo and Hope's" song when they were starting to be a couple... The song was ace... A bit of a love song, but I'm wondering if ANYONE Remembers what the song could be. THE LYRICS I REMEMBER "Where tears are shed, where has love gone" " We used to talk about forever you and I" "I can remember when we used to be the best of friends, now suddenly.." Sorry, that's all I remember of the song... Also, I think there was a time when the show used to end with this particular song (during those Days) Hmm any help would be APPRECIATED... Even a site that has Days songs featured over the years.. thanks! Well, naturally, I knew it was Eric's "The Way We Used To Be" and it wasn't Bo and Hope, but golly, that's another story.....anyway, I e-mailed a reply and invited the poster to come on over to ericcarmen.com and join us. I thinks it's pretty cool that somebody brought up a song that was played maybe 3 or 4 times on a soap in 1984 and remembered it that well and that it still had an impact on them! Hearing that great song on "Days" was how I got re-introduced to Eric's music back in '84. Now that is a powerful piece of music!! --Julie
  8. I'm guilty too! This is one of the easier ones to try to match. I do it in the car. My cat, who goes to work with me, LOVES it when I sing with Eric. Tonight, on the way home, I had the radio on and I popped in the 'Berries and started singing and the cat just went nuts purring and kneading. *sigh*--I just re-read what I wrote. I sound pretty damn pathetic.....a single lady singing in the car to her cat. *geez* I am soooooo unworthy......It's no wonder I love "Winter Dreams", eh Marvin?
  9. You guys are crackin' me up! --Julie
  10. Wow Michelle and Darlene! That was a fascinating read from both of you. Here's my take on things after reading your posts. First, I LOVE my job--I really do! I've been there 12 years and have never had a dull moment. The part that causes me frustration is that I'm the only one there who knows diddly about computers and I'm always having to bail someone out of a catastrophe. Ya, I'm a perfectionist at work. The place would fall apart without me. Darlene, the 3 people anology is interesting. I have 3 bosses! (back to the computer problem!!!--I do like all of my bosses--like to kid around with all of them and tell them how helpless they are on the computer! Really makes me feel indispensible). Sometimes they don't provide things for my department that I feel they should. It seems as if our department is always the last one they want to help (probably because they know I'll just bring my own stuff! --I have my own computer at work because I begged for one for 6 years and they wouldn't get me one. I use my own cameras because I used to be a photographer and they just got me a $30 110 camera that takes crappy pictures) I'm basically not allowed to work overtime in my position (and I don't want to) so it's really odd that I did in the dream. So, ya, I guess I do have issues with work, but I really do love what I do and the people I work with. As for my brother--we're buddies. But, he is older and so he was always the boss, the smart one, the one that made all of the decisions about what games we were going to play, etc... We are very much alike--we both have a wicked sense of humor. Our taste in music is very different though. He likes stuff I've never even heard of. That's probably why it was so odd to have him hanging out with Eric and Bernie. I loved the idea of the layover in Omaha and the Scott McCarl thing! Yes, I knew Scott was from Omaha. I always think it's Mike McBride that's from Omaha but it is Scott (just wishful thinking--I'm related to some McBride's in Omaha). I can't believe nobody commented on the Bernie thing! That was hysterical--I literally woke up laughing! I guess I don't really know what Bernie looks like, so the only way he could be in my dream, was to have a milk moustache! I'm still coughing but haven't had any more dreams! Sure glad I don't dream about people trying to kill me! Thanks! It was fun! Julie
  11. Well, I had a dream last night. Must have been brought on by the medicine I'm taking for my cold. I woke up a half hour AFTER my alarm went off and was exhausted. I'm open for interpretation, Darlene! Here goes.... I got a phone call from Bernie saying that Eric needed a place to crash for the day as his plane had a long layover in Omaha (that, in and of itself, is pretty funny). I couldn't go to the airport to pick him up because it would mean I would lose my good-attendance bonus at work. ($150 every 3-months.........I think the chance to pick up Eric at the airport would be worth at least that, but, I declined. --duh) Anyway, I called my brother on his cell phone because I knew he was installing a home theater in the vicinity of the airport, and he said, "sure, I'll pick him up". Okay, the thought of Eric riding in the back of my brother's work van is also pretty funny. I can just visualize him, chin tucked onto his knees, sitting on a big spool of coax. Geez! Well, I finally got home from work, (I worked overtime--just what kind of an IDIOT works overtime when they have Eric Carmen sitting in their living room???) and I saw my brother's van was out in the driveway. When I got into the house, there were 3 men sitting on my living room floor (not on the furniture mind you, but on the floor) in front of this beautiful home theater (that I don't have). One was my brother, one was Eric, but I didn't recognize the other one. They were watching the STAR WARS TRILOGY on high definition DVD and nothing I did or said could get their attention. (I finally figured out that Bernie was the 3rd guy when he turned around and I saw he had a milk moustache painted on his lip!!!)----Geez, Bernie doesn't REALLY wear one of those does he???! Man, that was wicked cough medicine! So anyway, they're all really engrossed in the STAR WARS thing and I just couldn't get through to them. Finally, I went and brought out my new keyboard (Casio WK3000) and set it up behind them and started playing and singing as loud as I could (I'm not much of a singer, so I really don't know why I did that). Basically, all three of them turned around and "shhhhed" me. Anyway, my brother ended up flying back to Cleveland with Eric to install a home theater in his "new room" and rip out all of his recording stuff. I woke up sad and confused. Sigh...... Julie
  12. This one is really easy for me! Eric and John Waite. That would be the ultimate in my book (although Paul McCartney would be fun). --Julie
  13. I would venture a guess that "ICHBYM" was absolutely bone-jarringly awesome when performed live! Probably, by the end of the song, your heart would have been knocked into McBride's drum rhythm and you probably stood a good chance of dying of cardiac arrest when it came to an end! Whoa! I love the beginning of this song--it's tenderness is like foreplay--lips gently caressing, fingertips running lightly along my flesh. The building of the lyrics and the music is akin to the blood pumping through my veins, the air filling my lungs and rushing out--limbs entwined.......well,.......you get the idea. Eric's vocals are amazing--his voice has so much life and color and emotion to it. Hard to believe that he finds it so painful to listen to.....I find it incredible. His inflection is perfection. He has so much more control over his vocals than the average "Joe Rock Star" does. There aren't a lot of artists that can pull that off with the finesse that he does. This song is certainly a showcase for that talent. Lately, I've been making a point to listen for the instrumental parts rather than just focusing on the vocals. I have been really been blown away by Wally's guitar playing. I saw him on a video and it's almost as if the guitar is an extension of himself--the joy on his face while playing was exciting. He makes it look so effortless. All of the instruments on this song are powerful. These guys are definitely the masters of the slow, deliberate build. This cut is filled with lots of little surprises--the organ, the piano, the layers. From my own experience, I play alto clarinet and have for many years. Most people don't even notice the instrument in the band, but once you know what to listen for and you train yourself to "hear" the part, you find that it does add some needed color to the music. Thanks for the homework, Bernie. It was quite enjoyable! --Julie
  14. Ya never know......Eric could be posing as a simple farm girl from Iowa........ --Julie (S.F.G.F.I.)
  15. Gord, were talking about Celine Dion, ok Not, Peter Pan. Don't compare Celine Dion with a fictious character, like Peter Pan. Celine is French and has a potential to sing high octave notes. Peter Pan does not. Peter Pan makes Peanut Butter. Were talking one person here not two. Everyone is different. Like you said and I, Celine Dion does sing wonderful. ---Julie (Just my opinion )
  16. Oh Julia! Sorry about your toe! I broke my little one last August, so, at least I'm not, All By Myself..........But, I Can Remember the pain........ Sorry, couldn't resist..... It does take a little time to heal. My job has me walking all over the place and so I kept aggravating it. Take it easy and you'll be fine! --Julie
  17. Billy, didn't know that John toured with Ringo this year. That one slipped past me. He's really been around a long time. I got to see him with Bad English in Omaha many moons ago and just loved it. I agree, he's underrated--but you do hear him quite a bit--at least around here. I don't imagine a week goes by that I don't hear him on the radio or in a store over the sound system. Ahhhh....the Babys. Listen to them all the time. I love "Silver Dreams". The remastered "Babys Anthology" is great--almost missed it as it looks just like the old "anthology"--has a lot more music on it-17 tracks I believe and I think the old one just had 11. You can still find them if you go digging-saw one at Borders this summer. --Julie
  18. Anybody ever hear John Waite's version of "Drove All Night"?? Awesome! It's on his live and rare tracks CD. Course, I think John has an incredible voice and great timing and such. Julie
  19. Oh, man......that gave me goosebumps! Awesome! I sat here, shut my eyes and.....wow....It takes a major talent to reproduce that sound and do it justice. Very, very, cool! Thank you, thank you!!! --Julie
  20. Well, mine are real, too. And they're double-D's. Geez, can't believe I'm posting this!!! I've never broken my nose, but I did break my thumb and my little toe!! LOL!!
  21. JoAnne, I too have to wear reading glasses now, so I understand how hard it is to read small print. If you go up to toolbar at the top of your screen and click on "view" and go down the list you will find there is a place to change the size of your text on your browser. I find the "medium" setting to be the most comfortable but you may like the "large" or "largest" setting best. Give it a try--you'll love it! --Julie
  22. Geez, Tony. I was all set to tell you how to put your picture up until I read the end of your message. Sometimes, not knowing is best, afterall!!! And JoAnne, you have to have so many posts before you are able to get a picture. I believe it's 30 or so. At that point, you go to "my profile" and it will give you the option to do it. If you use the search function on the message board, you will find a thread that tells how to do it in more detail. Welcome to the board. --Julie
  23. Kirk and MAM-- Thanks guys! I was feeling lonely in this posting! I kinda figured they were either singing softly or something and that it had to be just totally the most dorky thing to stand there and do. Eric did "Top of the Pops" and sang "Hungry Eyes" way back when and he forgot to mouth some of the words and he got the weirdest look on his face. It's a funny clip. Julie
  24. Okay, so this is either a really stupid question that you all assume I should know the answer to, OR, it's a really good question that nobody knows the answer too. Which is it?? Julie
  25. Pardon my ignorance, but I was watching some video of Eric tonight when he was lip-synching some of his hits and I got to wondering about how this is done. I mean, here's a bunch of musicians playing away on guitars, drums, etc., and it is so obviously the recorded version of the song that is airing on the show. Are they really playing and/or singing to the live audience, or are they just faking everything? If they are just standing there moving around and moving their lips, I'm just thinking that must feel really stupid! Just wondering..... Thanks, Julie
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