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  1. I guess I'm too young to remember "Make Room For Daddy", but I do remember Angela for playing "Penny" in "Lost in Space".
  2. I don't watch the show, so don't know what style of song they would want Eric to do. I would love to hear him do "The Way We Used To Be". I think this song needs some serious exposure. I loved it the moment I first heard it and only love it all the more now. It is a beautiful, timeless song that has great potential if only it were spot-lighted and promoted in the right way. What a great platform to spotlight it on! --Julie
  3. Oh Geez! I'm 99% compatable with Axl Rose!!!Heavens! Who makes up this stuff?? -- Julie
  4. Remember to make a wish when you blow your candles out......something along the lines of some new Eric music to listen to would be a good example of an excellent wish!! Hope you have a terrific birthday! Best Wishes! Julie
  5. Wow, I missed that too! I about fell off my saddle! --Julie
  6. It came through here just great and I'm really enjoying it! What a treat to see and hear the guys all together! I've only ever seen still photos of them, so it is really exciting. LOVE the facial hair, too! I'll have to see if I can make a VCD of it to watch on the big TV. Wow! This is the best thing I've had in my Easter Basket since I was 7 years old! Thanks, Bernie! --Julie
  7. Ya....let's see, was it on the "Tony Orlando and Dawn" reunion album and possibly Marie Osmond's latest???? Seriously, I just can't possibly imagine anyone but Eric singing it. I agree with Darlene. It's his vocal timbre, whatever, that makes this song enjoyable. I do like it. --Julie
  8. Quick! Get me some insulin! LOL!!! Too funny. These people have way too much time on their hands! Oh, to be young again! --Julie
  9. Oh, I would LOVE to hear Eric sing "Maybe I'm Amazed". I think the critics would eat him alive though. The other songs that come to mind are: "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress"--Hollies(?) "Hot Blooded" --Foreignor "Vincent" --Don McLean "Billy, Don't Be A Hero" --Just seeing if you're paying attention.... Heck, I think he could do an awesome job on the International Ladies Garment Workers song--you know, "Look for....the Union Label......etc..!" --Julie
  10. I'm still here, but I too have been keeping up with world events. *This* is a good escape...an almost guilty pleasure in times like these. My heart is with our troops and their families and friends as they face unknown odds in these uncertain times. --Julie
  11. Julie


    Julia, I am so very sorry about the loss of your mother. I'm sure it was a great comfort to her to have you there while she was so ill. May all of the times you shared together sustain you in the days to come and may you always keep her love in your heart. Godspeed, Julie
  12. Marvin--thanks for clearing that up.--Julie
  13. Matt--is that the same Bruce Fairbairn that was an actor on "The Rookies" or is it just a name coincidence??? --Julie
  14. "All For Love" by a nose. Love them both, but there's just a little bit more intensity in AFL and the harmony is great. He has that desperate, edgy, urgent thing goin' on that is just sooooo good.....sigh..... Of course, I'm listening to "Sleep With Me" right now, and man, it's just very excellent as well. It has a big chunk of that urgent, edgy-thing going on near the end.......I suffer from indecision...... This really is a most wonderful album. Lots of heart and soul in it. Sounds as good now as it did the first time I heard it. There's really something on this album for just about any musical taste. There's some pretty hard stuff, some bouncy, fun tunes, some power ballads and some heavy orchestrated stuff. All in all, it's the perfect companion to PMS....... --Julie
  15. Hey everybody! I was surfin' around tonight and found this great Cleveland Radio Station that lets you listen to quite a nice selection of Eric's solo music and also the Berries, the Choir, the Quick, Cyrus Erie and even the Euclid Beach Band. Pretty cool!!! There's even an announcer who does a little blurb for the songs. Check it out! Citi Music Cleveland --Julie
  16. Julie

    First Concert

    This is sooooo embarrassing...but, my first concert was "The Lawrence Welk Show" at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines in the mid to late 60's! My first "teenage" concert was "The Captain and Tenille" in Omaha, NE. --Julie
  17. Interesting...I too have some Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass albums....."Whipped Cream" is my favorite. Haven't listened to it for years. I played the heck out of mine too. Hey,since it seems to be 'true confession' time, I always dug Lawrence Welk's "Winchester Cathdral" album. You're all sworn to secrecy...... --Julie
  18. Darlene, At the top of the message that you just posted, you will see the date that you posted the message and next to that are some icons. The 1st one is a little person standing next to an index card, the second one is a little envelope and the third one is an envelope with 2 little people shaking hands. Click on that, and you can send a private message. Cool!--Julie
  19. Oh yeah! I'm likin' this addition very much! Of course, it's makin' me want to hear the whole clip...(hint, hint) --Julie
  20. I haven't actually done it yet, but I think you can convert music to MP3's with the latest Windows Media Player. At least, I'm pretty sure that you can convert an MP3 to other formats, so I would guess you can do the reverse. I converted the latest MP3 to another format so I could burn it to a CD. Of course, if you don't have a way to get the music file into the computer, that's a whole other problem..... Sorry, I'm starting to sound like a computer geek, and while I excel in some areas... well, you get the picture --Julie
  21. Julie

    Disco Ball

    I caught most of the show. Listened to it anyway while playing Solitaire on the computer. I enjoyed "YMCA". I'm guilty of not doing the "M" correctly.....sigh. I've got to say, musically the show was disappointing to my "Eric-trained ear". A lot of the singers sounded like they hadn't sang in a long, long, long time. No vocal control. Not that I'm a singer mind you, but it just seemed like they'd been drinking milk and not practicing their scales!! I liked Gloria Gaynor. The lady from England sucked (my opinion only--maybe I just need to remove some wax from my ears.....) It was fun though to re-live those by-gone disco days though. I'm trying to picture my cats doing disco..... --Julie
  22. Well, I don't have any children, but my 12 year old goddaughter's favorite group is the Beach Boys. She was in the car with me a couple of months ago and I put on "Cruisin' Music" for her. She says, "is that the Beach Boys?". I told her who it was and she said, "cool! Sounds just like the Beach Boys!". There is hope for her! --Julie
  23. So Marvin, you remember all of the details of the game. Do you remember what Kristy was wearing??!! --tee hee--Julie
  24. It would have to be his personal copy of "The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Hopefully, there are things underlined and/or highlighted and thoughts and ideas written on the page margins. --Julie
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