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  1. Thanks Matt! You're just a fountain of knowledge--almost as fast as "Google" but much more personable!! LOL! --Julie
  2. Too Funny!! I had never had a dream with Eric in it until last Wednesday oddly enough! Mine wasn't weird though. I think mine was obviously influenced by Roonie's post about eating with him. That's all we did was eat and talk about music. It was great though. When I woke up, I was confused as to whether or not it was real or a dream. Anybody else dreaming about Eric?? (I once had a dream about Hall and Oates that was pretty amusing--my friend and I ran into them in a bar somewhere and decided to go motorcycle riding with them. We rode for hours and hours and then Daryl decided we better pitch a tent. It was one of those big family-size tents that you see in the K-Mart ads with 2 rooms. It had cots in it! I don't know where in the heck the cots were on the motorcycle It was absolutely the most bizaar thing! I'm blushing just thinking about it --as you can imagine, I'm leaving a big chunk of this dream to your imagination!)
  3. Just did a quick "Google" on Stonebolt. I see they're Canadian. Also, the song was "I Will Still Love You". (The song I originally confused it with was, "I Will Be In Love With You" by Livingston Taylor. I eventually found that one and I remember now listening to it on a road trip with my best friend and trying to learn all the words-LOL!)--Julie
  4. Thanks for bringing up this subject! Two artists immediately popped into my head that I hadn't thought about in a very long time. Mind you, I know nothing of production or any of that technical stuff--I just know what sounds great to my own ears. One is a group called "Stonebolt" and I believe it's a self-titled album. Purchased this album totally by mistake in 1979 or '80-ish. Heard a song on the radio, loved it and then went to the record store to buy it. There was a song by the same name on this album, so I bought it. I wasn't disappointed for long though as it quickly became one of my very favorites. (Liked it better than Eric until I heard the full body of his music--kind of embarrassing now.) Of course, I haven't heard this album in more than a decade, so maybe I wouldn't even like it now ! Can't for the life of me even think what the song was. I do think it got some radio play though. I'll have to do a Google search unless Matt is reading and can help me out! The other artist is Jimmy Harnen. Man, I really, really love this guys stuff! I only have the one album--"Can't Fight the Midnight" with his band, Synch. The song off of the album that climbed up the charts (I think it may have got to #10) was "Where Are You Now". Still hear it on the radio once in awhile. Haven't heard the whole album in a long time, but do believe I bought 2 albums and 2 cassettes (I used to do that if it was something I really loved!) What I remember most about the album, was that it was totally different from the "Where Are You Now" song. I think that was the only ballad on the whole thing. The rest was all pop/rock--very enjoyable--if you're a Richard Marx fan, you'd like it. Will have to scour the internet and see what ever became of Jimmy. --Julie
  5. When I'm not here at EC.com I'm busy doing genealogy. Just got back tonight from a week in Illinois retracing my "roots". Also, I love NASCAR! I love cars! I envy you driving around at Pocono, Julia! My first car was a silver '76 Camero that my folks got me for my 16th birthday. Wish I still had that little beauty! I've never been to a real race, just watch them on TV....sigh... --Julie
  6. Gee Don, I'd have LOVED to see the KNACK in Le Mars! I only live 90 miles from there and went to college there! Thanks for the review. Cool! Go Blue Bunny!! --Julie
  7. I had a friend in high school who sang along to everything on the radio--well, I guess we all did. Anyway, she always sang, "new mornin', new day" when singing along with Foreignor's "Blue Morning, Blue Day". It drove me nuts, because that was the name of the song. She still insisted she was right.....*sigh* Oh well, it made everybody laugh every time she did it. --Julie
  8. Way cool, Julia! --Julie
  9. Hey Beep, I don't think anyone is meaning to be nasty about the Christmas album. Just the usual bantering around here. I think we're all just a bunch of Eric-addicts who are in desperate need of a "hit" (pun intended). I like the idea of a Christmas album. (Heck, I'm the one that said I'd buy a CD of him singin' names out of the NYC Phone Book!). It's probably more likely that he'd record a children's album at this point?? That would be rather interesting. Eddie Rabbitt did it. (I haven't heard Eddie's, but I've seen it). So anyway, don't get discouraged by any of us, Beep. The bantering and conflicting opinions are what keep the board alive and interesting. When things get too worked up, Darlene serves us all a big frosty glass of lemonade and everything is great again! --Julie
  10. Did I just dream that Eric is Jewish?? Did I read this somewhere??? If that is indeed the case, I'm thinkin' a Christmas album is a rather remote possibility.....--Julie
  11. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    uuhhh....Tony.....I...uh, find it rather funny that you're callin' some of Paul's music "cornball". Of course,.... then again......you are the expert "cornball" here!!! --Julie
  12. I've always thought that Eric could do a killer version of "Oh Holy Night". I forgot to mention Nancy Griffith. She's a lot of fun to sing along with--especially "Flyer". --Julie
  13. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    Paul's "I Go Crazy" and Eric's "The Way We Used To Be" still bring me to tears nearly every time I hear them. Both are powerful, haunting songs. And maybe, like Marvin, they are songs that have a lot of meaning for a certain time in my life and still evoke some strong feelings. IMHO, those first simple cords to "I Go Crazy" are exquisite. No other way to describe them. *sigh*
  14. Well, here's some of my faves: Jane OliverMama Cass Eva Cassidy Bette Midler Donna Summer Jane Oliver (I really love Jane's voice!) Olivia Newton John I like many of the singers on the other lists too! --Julie
  15. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    Thanks, Matt! I figured you're faster than a search on Google!! --Julie
  16. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    Yes Marvin, this is Dan Hamilton from Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds. Sadly, I heard that Dan passed away a few years back. Great, powerful voice. Hey Matt--do you know anything about this? Everybody's lists are great! Since there seems to be some common thread here amongst us, it makes me wonder if there is something special about the shapes, sizes, etc... of our ear canals and drums???!!!! LOL!! --Julie
  17. Julie

    Male Vocalists

    In somewhat of an order, the ones that instantly came to my mind were: EricJohn Waite Paul Davis Dan Hamilton Eddie Rabbitt Neil Sedaka Lou Gramm Duane Allen Bryan Adams Well, there's a bunch more I'm sure, but those are my fave's. I gotta say though that Eric and John Waite's vocalizations have a very profound, mood altering affect on me!
  18. I'll echo that! Happy Father's Day, Eric, Bernie and all of you "Dads" on the board! --Julie
  19. We seem to have a "topic within a topic" thing goin' on here.....so typical . Anyway, I remember posting on this very topic several months ago and stated my first concert was "Lawrence Welk" !!! (I was just a little kid though) My first concert as a full-blown teenager was "The Captain and Tenille" with my then boyfriend. The next day he gave me a great card with a penciled sketch of Toni on the front that said "Love....." and on the inside, "will keep us together" and was signed, Love Always. Oh how I cherished that card. Still have it. He hadn't told me that he loved me at that point, but there it was in print! (needless to say, we broke up a few years later....but, that's another story!!) The concert that impressed me the very most was oddly enough, John Denver. I wasn't a huge J.D. fan, but had tickets so I went with a friend. At intermission, someone tripped and dumped a "Big Gulp" full of Coke on the sound board and totally shorted it out. The auditorium had lights but nothing else. (this was at Ak-Sar-Ben Coliseum in Omaha, NE). Anyway, after a really long delay, John Denver himself came out on stage and bellowed out to the crowd, "can you all hear me?" "Ya!!!" we responded. So, John picks up a regular guitar and walks out on to the center of the stage and sings his little heart out! What a performance! It was the coolest concert experience I've ever had. Pure, unfiltered, un-enhanced, un-amplified John Denver. I'm guessing that not too many people ever had the chance to hear him sing this way, and it was truly magnificent. They were able to get everything going again, but that 20 minutes or so was unforgettable and John really lived up to the adage, "The show must go on"! --Julie
  20. Well, I hate to say anything bad because the last time I mentioned a song I didn't like, I got a nasty "private message" from someone on the board. So, if I sound all sugary sweet about every song Eric's ever done, it's because of that. Anyway, it's the voice I crave--like candy to my ears. It's a tone thing, I guess. He could sing me the names out of the New York City phone book, and I'd probably listen to him at least through the "T's" on CD and he could "Go All The Way" through the Yellow Pages if it was live! ---Julie
  21. I found this on the message board under the thread, "Does Eric Read the Message Board". --Julie
  22. How about Eric with that white jumpsuit lying on top of a Baby Grand with a milk mustache?? --tee hee Julie
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