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  1. Ok, here we go again..... Left to right: Alan (baritone); Steve (bass); Dan (lead); Bahoo (tenor) --Julie
  2. Marlene, Not only do they still make pop rocks, but there is actually a yogurt marketed to kids that comes with a little container of pop rocks that you stir into the yogurt for a new taste sensation. Don't know for sure what brand it is, but a girl I work with had some in her lunch one day (she bought it for her kids but.....lol).
  3. Julie


    Brian, I tried again--check your email. I went through my profile and I did have that box checked saying I couldn't e-mail people. Soooooo, hopefully, it will work this time! Julie
  4. Favorites: Diet Coke and water (not together though--
  5. Hey Gord!!!!! Good to have you back!!! Things just haven't been the same around here! --Julie
  6. Hmmmm...... My guess: Steve (bass), Alan (bariton), Dan (lead), Bahoo (tenor) Purely a guess on my part! Lol! --Julie
  7. Oh Matt! Shame on you!!!! Getting my hopes up for that re-mastered bass sound!!! 20 lashes with a wet noodle!
  8. Brian, Those "singles" listed are just that. They are stand-alone recordings--not a compilation. The one pictured is the cover for the CD single of "My Heart Stops". I have that--but that's all it is. The other songs are just listed there so you'll recognize Eric's other work I guess. --Julie
  9. Brian, That's weird that they didn't come through. I'll resend. GregKevin: No, I haven't heard Fountains of Wayne do that song. Is it good? --Julie
  10. Brian, They're on their way. I just got home--been gone all day. Enjoy! What singles CD are you referring to? Guess I didn't see that. --Julie
  11. Hi Brian, Check your e-mail. --Julie
  12. Julie

    Sites & Sounds

    I post on Weight Watchers.com every day--more than here actually! I've had excellent success with them! I also visit a Christian Message Board a lot and Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com. When I want a reward, I come here! --Julie
  13. Man, I never had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform live (or Eric alone for that matter), but, WOW! It must have just been absolutely, sizzlin', awesome! The big, dramatic pauses are just great! Thank you for this treat! (Even better than a hot fudge sundae and a butter burger at Culver's!)
  14. OOOOOOO!!!!!!! Butterburgers at Culvers!! Wonderful!!! I LOVE their hot fudge sundaes!! Their hot fudge sauce (ooooo Tiny--a sauce!) is just to die for! Love Subway too! --Julie
  15. Bobby Sherman--my first "conscience idol". But, I gotta say, before that, I was always singing "Hard Day's Night" on the school bus when I was in kindergarten. The bigger kids loved how I sang it (mainly because I couldn't understand the words----I thought it was a song about Mr. Magoo!!!--stupid little kid I was!) --Julie
  16. How sweet of you to worry! I've got both feet planted firmly on the ground though with this guy! I made myself a bracelet that says, "Patience" and he wants me to make him one to (I'm thinking a keychain might be better for him though.....lol) We've both been burned in the past and are being extra-cautious and really taking time to get to know each other. --Julie
  17. Ya, that's word for word what he said! We're not engaged though--we're sort of engaged to be engaged! He's a terrific guy! A total sweetheart and respectful, polite and trustworthy! And yes, he is very much a Hunk! In the words of a friend of mine who met him last weekend, "Julie!!! He's gorgeous!!!" Washboard abs, blue eyes, sigh......etc, etc....Sorry, Eric--he's even cuter than you! Lol! But, I really don't think he's ever heard of the Raspberries! (I'm reasonably sure that if I play some of their music for him he will recognize it, though!) ---Julie
  18. I've been dating a guy off and on for a couple of months now and things have kind of picked up steam in the last couple of weeks to the point where we're calling each other 3 times a day and such--and tonight, we were having a good discussion and talking about music and as luck would have it, he has pretty compatible taste with mine. So in the course of the conversation, I said, "If we're ever going to have any kind of a serious relationship, there is a group I love that you're just going to have to love even if you don't". And he said, "Well, who is it?" and I said, "The Raspberries" and without missing a beat he said, "I love them". (Honestly, I don't know if he's ever heard of them or not!) Then he used that as a seguay (did I spell that right??!) and said, "so, would you consider pursuing a steady and serious relationship with me?" to which I replied, "Yes!" So folks, a new fan is born! Lol! --Julie
  19. Hmmmm......that's really weird! How did you get your margins to move?? Lol! I'm impressed, Carmen. What do you do for an encore?
  20. Well, I got a pathetic 57. I guess I didn't like the 80's music much either.
  21. Ridiculous......hmmmmm.....how about: "Calling Occupants" by the Carpenters (don't know if that's the correct title, but it's gotta be close....)
  22. "Countin' Flowers on the Wall"--Statler Brothers "Big Bertha" ---Eddie Rabbitt "Sweet Pain" ---Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds "I Go To Rio" ---Pablo Cruise "Miss Otis Regrets" ---Bette Midler "Hands on You" ---Raspberries "I'm a Believer" ---Smashmouth (guaranteed to put me in a good mood) "My Heart Stops" ---Eric (actually, Eric and the 'Berries have tons of happy music!) "10,000 Pounds of Bananas"---Harry Chapin "The Tide is High" (and so am I--lol)--Blondie "Long Tall Glasses" ---Leo Sayer "Every Time I Think of You" ---the Babys I know there are about a million others. I'm a person that really appreciates happy music! Even dumb, happy music! --Julie
  23. I rode an elevator with a guy I was 90% sure was Neil Diamond several years ago! Hey, Matt, do you suppose it was the same guy you met??! I still don't know for sure. He was lost and couldn't figure out which floor to get off on and he was carrying a guitar case and was dressed very nicely. This was in Sioux City, Iowa. Anyway, when he finally got off of the elevator and stayed off, all of us that remained on there looked at each other and said, "Was that Neil Diamond???!!" Lol!! The only thing I wasn't sure of was that he wasn't very tall. Anybody know if Neil is short?? Lol!! I met Eddie Rabbitt after a show in Branson, Mo. several years ago and he was just terrific. He gave me an autograph and posed for a picture and complimented me on my camera! Too fun. Unfortunately, I was too star-struck to say anything intelligible! Also, this probably doesn't really count, but I'm good friends with one of Randy Bachman's daughters. Was invited to her wedding last year and would have loved to have gone but it was in Utah and I don't get much vacation time. We do keep in touch via email. I've never met her dad (and I've always been a big fan) but didn't want to exploit our friendship to meet him. It's kind of a weird story as to how we met and became friends, but I won't bore you all with it. Lol! ---Julie
  24. "I Go Crazy" by Paul Davis always used to make me cry. These days though, I guess it's "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me" by Expose. Pretty much sums up my love life. Gee, my life sucks! --Julie
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