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  1. I worked as an Activity Director in a nursing home for 15 years and had a big ol' Casio Keyboard that I put on a wheeled stand and took it around the nursing home. I loved playing back in our Memory Care Unit--many times they would request me to come back and play for the residents. Sometimes, I would do little hallway concerts as well. Everyone would calm down (including the staff). Music is so powerful! I also had a set of rhythm band instruments that I would pass out and they could play along with me. Those were wonderful times. Sadly, after my husband suddenly passed, I have never played a note again.
  2. I was just coming on to link Fil's analysis! I was so happy to see him cover Eric today! I really enjoy watching Wings of Pegasus and I knew he'd love Eric.
  3. I have 3 of these--one is still in the wrapper! It's my "go to" song when I'm down in the dumps--how can you be grumpy when you hear this happy song?!
  4. Oh my!!!! This is sooooo gorgeous!! Thank you!! How crazy is it, in all the lakes in all of Sask., that I've been there too! Small world indeed!
  5. My most favorite Eric song!!! I was originally introduced to it on "Days of Our Lives" and I suspect that this is what is generating many of the hits on the song. It was for Pete and Melissa and moved me so much and I had this nagging feeling that I should know the voice! A good friend told me, "Oh, you love him--you play him all the time!" and she started in on "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again". But then, she mentioned something that I had never connected the dots to---she said, "He was the lead singer for Raspberries, you know, "Go All the Way"?! Man, I felt dumb! I had loved the Raspberries from hearing "GATW" and "I Can Remember" on the car radio back when I was a pre-teen! Very special song, indeed! It is gorgeous and I don't understand why it wasn't a massive hit.
  6. Hmmmm.......we stayed in our 5th wheel at a campground that was 80 to 100 miles from there-Green Water Lake?? I think--it was in a park--they were having a school reunion and my dad's cousins invited us to stay there and go to this reunion thing. That would be a hoot if it were the same place.
  7. Wow! What an awesome interaction with Eric and all! Pretty much makes my ride in an elevator with Neil Diamond seem like nothing. And, BTW, I and my friends said absolutely nothing and we all practically had convulsions when he got off!
  8. 2 of my grandpa's brothers relocated to Canada--one to Norquay, Saskatchewan and the other to North Star, Alberta---many, many years ago--like around 1915-ish! It's been a long time since I've been up there! Now we have family scattered about there. Yes, Eric's music has a far reach!! You're right--probably not that simple--I guess I too have some music in me from playing alto clarinet and saxophone in band all the way through my college years. I played some after that too, but now I just listen!
  9. I don't know how to do this!! LOL
  10. Great post!! Your screen name seems familiar. Welcome back!
  11. I've never been a prolific poster--I just love Eric and the Berries but never feel like I have anything to really offer. Just a simple farm girl from a town of 350 people. I feel bad I haven't been on here much in the last 10 years. It was rough after my husband suddenly passed and I had to work more and then had to help with my elderly parents and my brother who was dying. Things have finally settled down now, and I'm enjoying the boards and have noticed the big drop off of the old regulars. Gosh, I remember the old message board--I think I was member 20 on that one--although, perhaps that wasn't the first board? Pretty sure there was another one before that. I just know that I had a computer a year or so before I got internet (and it was dial-up).. I do remember the first thing I ever searched for was Eric Carmen though and that's how I found this wonderful place!
  12. It just popped into my head last night after watching him do an interview where he talked about learning to play violin when he was little.
  13. Does anyone know if Eric ever played the violin on any of his recordings either as a solo artist or with Raspberries?
  14. Beautiful! Love her voice!
  15. Julie

    Name that food...

    Haha! Well, if I had gone with my gut instead of second guessing myself, I would have done better. Only got 9 correct. And, as a corn producer, I'm hoping you all got the "silk" correct on the corn! LOL Also, I don't think I've ever visited this spot on the boards.....
  16. This is a good one! They had some obvious chemistry and a cute playfulness and their voices sounded great together. Are you familiar with his duet with Janey Clewer? “Only Time Will Tell” was the song. I bought her album so I could hear it. Not my favorite song, but, it was good to hear some new music from him. I believe it’s on YouTube if you haven’t heard it.
  17. Beautiful tribute--Kirk, you're the master of finding these gems!
  18. Very cool! I was really thinking there was no way I could like this, but it works!
  19. Happy Birthday, Craig!
  20. Thank you so much for posting! Watched it last night and was really moved it all. So good! It was very cathartic--it's been a heartbreaking week.
  21. So sad and numb, yet, look at what he left us! We have beautiful music and we've made wonderful friends and memories here. That's an amazing legacy. My heart aches for his family and close friends and all of us here. Thank you, Bernie, for bringing Eric to us and creating this wonderful place ❤️
  22. Hey, everybody!! Good to be back!!
  23. Boy, we must have been really good this year!! Thanks Bernie and Eric!! Love it!!!!
  24. Hmmmm.......I am a big John Waite fan and would love to hear him do either something by John, The Babys or Bad English.......just not sure which one........I'm leaning towards, "Silver Dreams" by Babys because I love it so much (even though John doesn't sing lead on the whole song). The end of the song has some high notes and I can hear Eric singing it in my head
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