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  1. I'd LOVE to hear Eric do some "Foreignor"! Like, "Double Vision", "Hot Blooded", or "Blue Mornin' Blue Day". I can just hear it in my head. ---Julie
  2. Personally, I love "You Took Me All the Way". Now a song I don't really care for is the discordant, "You Need Some Lovin'". Still.....Eric has that sexy rocker voice thing goin' on.......lol! "Lost in the Shuffle"? Well......I do like the instuments and such but it's not one that I like to "sing along" too. (although, once upon a time when I was going through some red-tape, I found this song really took the edge off for me....) --Julie
  3. "She Remembered" is not one of my favorite's either. Maybe it's because the last person I ever want to see again is the guy I dated in high school. That song scares the cr*p out of me! My "ultimate" Carmen Creation? "The Way We Used To Be". Awwwww....... --Julie
  4. Gotta say that Gord and Marvin are my favorites! Gord, cause he makes me laugh and scratch my head and just wish I could live in his happy world, and Marvin, cause he makes me think--even if I do get annoyed with him! lol! --Julie
  5. If you go to his website Mark Schultz you can hear his newest song. --Julie
  6. Don't know how many of you are into this genre of music, but I've been listening to a local Christian radio station for the last couple of weeks, and there is some really good stuff out there. The group "Casting Crowns" is great, as is Mark Schultz. Good, solid music--great beats, tight harmonies, uplifting music. Give it a listen! ---Julie
  7. You know Michelle, "Darlene" and I have exchanged emails and stuff several times and when I look back over them, I have to think that there is a very good possibility that she/he is indeed "Eric"! For instance: I do have Oliver's album that "Light the Way" is on, but I don't have a turntable anymore. I could probably get my brother to do it for me sometime. We all know for a fact that Eric has a brother. Coincidence?? I think not. Has "Darlene" ever mentioned "she" has a brother??! She/he does have the perfect alibi (how the heck do you spell that???!)--and who would believe that her husband's name is really "Herman"? See, it's really just "her" and "man"---it's a clue that Darlene (her) is actually a Man (Eric). Hmmmmm........the mystery starts to unravel..... ---Julie
  8. Darlene, You're still not listed in the directory though or as the person with the most posts. What's up with that??!
  9. "...you left in the rain, without calling my name....I didn't stand in your way...." Oh, how I loved that song! And the Oak Ridge Boys one too! I've got it on vinyl.
  10. Well, the first time I ever saw a picture of Eric was on the cover of the 1st self-titled album and I thought he was rather "woosie" looking--to be truthful! Sorry Darlene!!! (that hairdo on that cover is just plain bad). But, when "Boats" came out, I went, "whoa!" and then when I saw the video for "Hungry Eyes" with that short hair and Robert Palmer thing goin' on, I was hooked. I still think the most gorgeous pic is the one on the "Definitive Collection". So, I was drawn to the music and incredible voice first. (Didn't even know about the Raspberries till a few years later). --Julie (can't wait till the Iowa Caucus is OVER!!!!!!--geez! The phone is ringing constantly)
  11. Ya know Michelle, I've long suspected the very same thing!
  12. Yes, and I notice she's still not listed in the directory and is not listed as one of those with the most posts. The mystery grows......
  13. Well, I just sent Darlene a regular e-mail. It usually takes her a few days to reply....so hopefully, we'll know something soon! ---Julie
  14. Well, I got a regular e-mail from her a few weeks ago and she was fine--just busy.....hmmm.... She did mention that they had been having some computer problems..... ----Julie
  15. Julie

    Christmas songs

    Stu-- Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful music with us! Oh, it was just great! You are very blessed indeed to have such a wonderful and talented family! What great memories you are making with your children! Thank you so much! ---Julie
  16. oh! how exciting! it would have to be "Winter Dreams, Vol. II" complete with a cover of Barry Manilow's "Mandy" and Morris Albert's "Feelings". That would be ever so wonderful! <<Winter>>
  17. DOA was done by the group "BloodRock". I'll give your song a listen Stut5. I'm really curious. <<Winter>>
  18. Geez Marvin, I'm sorry. I certainly didn't mean to sound like I think you don't belong here. I was just merely pointing out that for someone who doesn't seem to get a whole lot of enjoyment out of Eric's material, that you certainly spend a LOT of time on this site. 870 posts is a LOT of posts--you have to admit, and it represents a LOT of your time. Just seems like you would enjoy yourself more if you spent more time on sites of artists whom you really "put up on that musical pedestal". How you chose to spend your time is certainly none of my business though, so I am sorry if I have in some way offended you. It is certainly not my intention to ever be deemed a trouble maker. And, if you go through my posts, you will see that on more than one occasion, I have stated that I respect your opinion. I would not have stated that if I did not mean it. I truly adore Eric and his musical genius. If it bugs you that some of us have so called "blind faith", too bad. My opinion is just as valuable as anyone else's here. Geez, where else on this beautiful planet can I go to GUSH about my favorite singer/songwriter/musician? Please excuse me for thinking that this was a good place to do this. Duh, what was I thinking??!! It's been great folks, --Julie
  19. Ok, Marvin, I just gotta ask this: "Why Are You Here????" For someone who doesn't think much of Eric's musical genius, talent, etc.... you certainly spend a LOT of time on this site. Just wondering how many posts you'd have if you really liked him. Darlene, get out the lemonade glasses and some extra sugar. I'm gonna need it! --Julie
  20. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. We are not seeing each other any more, so it's back to "All By Myself" and "The Way We Used To Be" and "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again". Actually, I don't think it's over for good. We have become great friends and for now, that is going to have to be enough. In retrospect, it's better to move things along slowly. Thank you all so much!! --Julie
  21. Hi OK, Sorry I don't know how to play the guitar, but I just wanted say, "Good for You!". I think it's really neat that you've "got the fever" and aren't afraid to pursue it! I want to say that Bernie has some guitar tabs listed for some of Eric's songs on the site somewhere along with some midi files. Maybe you're already seen them and they're complicated. At any rate, I'm sure you have a new appreciation for Eric's abilities as a muscian! Congrats and keep us posted! woooohoooo!! ----Julie
  22. Craig, As a person who is very musical, I can't help but think that Eric sits down at his piano everyday, even just for a little while. I see him playing mostly classical, hauntingly beautiful pieces. I know from my own experiences musically, that I like to "wow" the crowd when I play at my job. But, when I'm home alone and playing for my own personal fulfillment, I tend to play classical or just beautiful, soft, soothing music. Just my own 2 cents of course! --Julie
  23. Okay, by some miracle, I have a wonderful new man in my life. It happened very fast and he's actually someone that I've known since we were 8, but we never spent any time together or hung out with the same people or anything. As it happens, fate has brought us together. As we were getting to know each other, the subject turned to music and what we like, etc... He said he didn't know who Eric was, but when I sang him snipits of songs, he was like, "oh, I love that song". So, he loves the music, but only has been exposed to the stuff that's been on the radio. I want to make him a CD to listen to, but alas, in all my years, I've only listened to Eric when I was miserable (isn't that sad?) and I want to introduce him to the good stuff. But, I don't want to get into the hard-core stuff just yet--I need to break him in slowly.... What songs should I introduce him to first? I'm thinking the first one should be "My Heart Stops" because, that's truly how he has affected me....I bet Darlene would find this a most excellent choice and I'm thinking Marvin thinks it's dumb? (Sorry Marvin, just like to give you a bad time sometimes--but I do respect your opinions). Okay, give me your best ideas. Thanks! Julie
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