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  1. Hey, it wouldn't be any fun to come here every day without those darn Canadians stirrin' everything up!! For the record, I am tickled to death to have this great place to come to. I LOVE getting to hear the MP3's, reading all of the great stuff that Bernie has for us, and interacting with everyone on the board. It was a real thrill when Eric answered one of my questions! Thanks Eric for all of the great music and thanks Bernie for keeping it alive!! --Julie
  2. Well, Kirk, just speaking for myself, and not the other ladies on the board..... Ya see, I'm a double-D girl--so, I'm kind of used to not being complimented on my pretty blue eyes...... So, with me, go ahead and read the shirt, have the decency to blush and maybe grin, and then tell me I have pretty blue eyes. Ok? --Julie
  3. Marvin--if you're ever tempted to buy the "Best of Paper Lace" CD import, pass it up. I bought it off of Ebay and it's just dreadful! The versions of the songs are all different and just not tight and fun like that old album was. Loved crankin' my old Pioneer Centrex to the motorcycles at the beginning and end of "The B-Eyed Boys"! Great memories!
  4. I love that "Paper Lace" album. There is some pretty fun stuff on it (and good stuff too). My roommate and I used to always sing into our hairbrushes on "The Black-Eyed Boys" and "Dancing Cheek to Cheek". And for the record, I like their version of "Billy Don't Be a Hero" better than Bo Donaldson's. That's not saying that I love or even like that song anymore. Ya, I loved it when I was "tween" but, I'm past that now! lol! --Julie
  5. I'm a big fan of "Runaway" too! It is very haunting as Tony says. --Julie
  6. This posting should come with a warning label for Marvin---I can feel the whince and see the cringe....... Ok, Darlene, I too LOVE this song! You are right on--it is a beauty! It's both sweet and powerful--a real mover in my book. It kind of hurts to listen to it now that I'm no longer with the guy I love. Especially since I've known him since we were kids. *Sigh*. (It's so "Hard to Get over a Heartbreak") It really fit our relationship. Anyway, I love that Geffen album--have the whole thing stored on my hard drive for easy access. Guess at this point, "I'm Through With Love"...... Excuse me, gotta go have a good cry. ---All By Myself and Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, Julie
  7. Oh yeah.....I know all about the Captain and Tenille too. Have all of their albums--even one in Spanish. At the end of "Love Will Keep Us Together" Toni sings, "Sedaka is Back". I have all of Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods too! And ya, I realize there are more embarrassing album covers out there than "Tonight You're Mine", but, hey, look at my profile, I'm just a wholesome Iowa farm girl. That's the raciest cover I own! ---Julie
  8. I've got almost every Neil Sedaka album and CD. How embarrassing is that?? I've always had a "thing" about Neil....... ---Julie P.S. The most embarrassment I ever suffered in purchasing an album was Eric's "Tonight You're Mine". I bought several other albums and sandwiched it in between. Still, the clerk held it up and made comments about that girl on the front.
  9. "Only Women Bleed". Eewwwww!!!! (Alice Cooper?)
  10. Ya, Craig, I have that one too. But, gotta say I love Shakin' Steven's version of "Oh, Julie" the very best. It's faster and Shakin' is a lot cuter! I got it when I was in London in January of 1982.
  11. Julie

    audio systems

    I generally listen through my Dell Dimension 8200 computer with harman/kardon HK 695 surround sounds. Sounds pretty good to me. I have a hand-me-down Realistic STA 2380 Digital synthesizer/receiver that my brother gave me with a pair of really old speakers that he rebuilt. They aren't much to look at, but they have some mighty righteous sound to 'em. Gotta tell you, I have a pretty awesome brother! --Julie
  12. Gord, I make a great hot fudge sauce. The smell is absolutely to die for! Lol! I'm afraid by the time I mailed some to you up in Michigan though, it wouldn't be smellin' so great!
  13. Ah....the very reason I wear contacts. I basically feel like a dork when I wear my glasses--except I have the cutest reading glasses that everyone thinks I look very adorable in! (and smart!) --Julie
  14. You know, I've always rather enjoyed "Change of Heart" and "She Did It". Not because they are major wonderful creations, but, just because they are fun, bouncy songs. Both are great to exercise too! Sing in the car?? Always!!! I have a 15 mile commute each way to work every day. I rarely encounter any other traffic as it's a hilly 2-lane road (and, it's very beautiful, I might add--in the heart of western Iowa's Loess Hills). I sing my little heart out and especially like to harmonize. (for the record, I suck---lol--but, I still like to do it!) ---Julie
  15. I wouldn't have a clue which of Eric's songs would be good for Valentine's Day. I have yet to have a single, decent Valentine's Day in my entire life. Bah Humbug!!!!! --Julie
  16. Okay, I am a real live "Julie" and nobody has sang that to me since 5th grade! Wish they would though--I LOVED Bobby! Always watched, "Here Come the Brides". Keep in mind though, I was very young! Lol BTW--I'm pretty sure that Bobby is a paramedic. He used to do a commercial a few years ago for something and they would show him in his paramedic uniform. Might have been for OWI or something similar. --Julie, Julie, Julie........
  17. My All-Time Most Hated Song Is: Say You, Say Me.......Lionel Ritchie Should be called, "Gag You, Gag Me". I majored in English in college as did my best friend. We have studied great works of literature and still, neither one of us could understand what the heck this song was trying to say!! YUCK!!!! ---Julie
  18. I must confess.....my brothers used to get MAD magazine and I loved reading it. I might still have the one with the Star Wars spoof in it....lol. --Julie
  19. I've never ordered anything from them before, but the FYE Website says it has limited quantities of Scott's CD for sale. Check it out: here . You can also listen to "clips" of it. --Julie
  20. Oh, I would LOVE to hear Eric do Billy Joel's, "Until the Night". That's a great song--I haven't heard it in ages. --It's off the 52nd Street album.
  21. Gord?! You must be paintin' yer littl' heart out! Bless you! Hope you're havin' a good time! --Julie
  22. Wow! "Bad Time" is one of my "top 10" favorites of all time. --Julie
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