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    Guilty Pleasures

    Oh Stonebolt--"I Will Still Love You"! Love that song and hardly anyone I know has ever even heard of it. I accidently bought the album because I had the title mixed up with another song. Put it on for a spin and really loved it. I'll have to go digging for that one! I also loved a song by Livingston Taylor (James' bro), although the name and tune escape me now. Heck, I think it might have been something very similar to the Stonebolt song and that was the one I thought I was buying! Hmmmmm.....gotta do some thinking here. In the meantime, does anybody know what I'm talking about??? --Julie
  2. I found this back a couple of pages, posted on Sept. 26th. "Yes all, I'm still alive. Been too depressed to come to the site - I didn't get to go to see the boys play on my BIRTHDAY in New York (July 24th) and have a hard time reading about how much fun everyone else has - it's just too depressing for someone who doesn't get to go! I got out the old Raspberries songs the other day, and have been blasting "Go All the Way" in the car for a few days now. I've been blaming my sore throat on a cold, but I'm pretty sure it's the singing that's the cause. Hopefully I'll be able to bear coming back soon." -------------------- Michelle ---Julie
  3. She posted a few weeks ago that she was really busy. I miss her too and worry about the blood clot in her leg. Wonder if her little guy is still singing "It Hurts Too Much" all the time?
  4. Julie

    Guilty Pleasures

    I feel like such a geek sometime. Nice to know I'm not all alone....... That said, I love #5, #4 and #2. Plus, I adore anything by Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds (or Dennison).....sigh.
  5. Thanks, Anne! What a fun little commercial! --Julie
  6. Thanks Guys! It's GRRRrrreat!!! --Julie
  7. Hope it's an all-around awesome kind of a day! --Julie
  8. Have a great one Billy K! --Julie
  9. Hope you had great birthdays! --Julie
  10. Happy Anniversary 'Berries and a big "thank you" to Bernie, our fearless leader! --Julie
  11. My 80 year old mom loves Eric's music and the Berries. I play it on the CD player every time we go somewhere in the Trailblazer. She always hums along! And, when I was like 12, when GATW came out, she heard it with me in the car and always sang along! She's cool! She just turned 80. What is about these 79-80 year olds??? Interesting that they're all about the same age.......
  12. Well said ya Silly Old Bear. I'm not one to hit the skip button either. And even though, I listed "Money Down" as the one I least like, I can't seem to get it out of my head! Lol! --Julie
  13. Here's a thought...... Little ol' Emmetsburg, population 4,000 and out in the middle of nowhere, is building a multi-million dollar casino/hotel/campground/lake and it is set to open in June of 2006. The 'Berries would make a big splash here for the Grand Opening........ --Iowa, We'll Make You Smile!
  14. I'm probably never going to make it to a Raspberry Show unless they play closer to Emmetsburg, Iowa!! (only 3 hours from Minneapolis and 4 from Omaha.....hint, hint) That being said though, I would most definately want to hear "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye" and CAASM. Gosh, I remember hearing "DWSG" on the radio when I was a kid. Course, I didn't know that it was the same group that did "GATW". (I didn't make those kind of connections back then)but I remember thinking it was an awesome song and I adore it know. So classic and timeless. Ahhhhh.... --Julie in little ol' Emmetsburg
  15. Well, heck, if the goodies are a DVD and a sports car, count me in!!!!
  16. Julie

    My son

    Cool. I'll have to give it a try! --Julie
  17. Julie

    My son

    He's a cutie, JuliaD! How the heck do you post pictures, anyway?? Do ya put 'em on your own website and then just link to here? --Julie
  18. Man, I just LOVE, "If You Change Your Mind". It just builds and builds and is so raw and just tears your heart out! Awesome song! I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like live! Guess I'm not too fond of "Money Down".
  19. I know lots of people adore it, but, "Sunrise" makes me cringe. I always thought it sounded like something the "Brady Bunch Kids" would do. Just the words though--I like the melody. And while I'm not terribly fond of "Lost in the Shuffle", it does have a great beat that's fun to exercise to.
  20. Great! On our way to church yesterday, my husband and I decided to listen to the Beatles rendition of TTR and wow! This file is just awesome! Thanks Bernie! --Julie & James
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