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    New Avatars

    Ahhhh....Snoopy & Woodstock! Life is indeed, good! Thanks! --Julie
  2. Julie


    "Orson" is a small town (population 5!) about 2 miles from my mom & dad's place! Sorry, off-topic, but when I saw "Orson" I just had to click on the thread to see if it was about my Orson! --Julie
  3. JohnO--that plane crash occured near Clear Lake, Iowa which is just a hop, skip and a jump from me. --Julie
  4. I agree with Matt--the little horse pulling the Bud wagon really tugged at my heart. And I gotta say, the big production number with all of the dancers dressed like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. and diving onto the hamburger patty by Burger King was pretty entertaining. --Julie
  5. Oh Darlene! That just makes me giggle! --Julie
  6. Heh heh Marlene! I can just see me in my 1969 International single axle deisel semi-truck, whipping along behind you up Monarch Pass at a crisp 10 mph, rust flaking off as I get into the higher elevations! Oh, and by the way folks, we actually do have this truck--her name is "Violet". She's a tempermental sweetheart. --Julie
  7. I'm a 1969 International diesel single-axle tractor semi with a few rust spots. "You're clumsy, old-fashioned and in the dark ages. You're way too practical and boring for your own good. You must live in Iowa." That really sucks, Keith!
  8. "Tommy T" --I was a bit taken aback when you posted something kinda funny about my wedding a few months back, but I laughed it off. Then you sent me the nicest PM congratulating me and my new hubby. I knew right then that I didn't have to worry about you. I love this board and the folks here. It's where I go to unwind at the end of the day. I try not to get too worked up about stuff that's posted. If I get bored with a thread or find it in some way getting a negative slant to it, I just move on to the next one. Anyway, it's a great place here and we all have a common love for this awesome music. Peace and Blessings, --Julie
  9. I want to say that both songs were written with those movies in mind but the movie folks went another route. Too bad. I adore, "Heaven Can Wait" and I really can get into the live version of "Marathon Man". It really rocks! --Julie
  10. I was hoping to be at the January B-Day chat--it would have been my first, but, my dad has been hospitalized this week and I want to go home and see him. We'll be on the road during the chat. Maybe next month! Save a dance for me, Sterling! --Julie
  11. Julie

    Thank You

    Continuing to keep you and your family in our prayers, Ted. May warm and wonderful memories of happier times sustain you and flood over you. May God hold you in the palm of His hand. Blessings always, --Julie
  12. It's a happy song. I love it. And Bahoo, really, this from the man who's going to turn "Desparate Fools" into a Barbershop Quartet Song!!! Goodness!!! That disqualifies you from discussing this song!!! Lol! Dar, I second your "Bah-Hooey"! --Julie
  13. I used to fall apart everytime I heard "I Go Crazy" by Paul Davis. I cry tears of joy when I hear "The Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts--we had that sung at our wedding. --Julie
  14. Oh Marlene! Wow! I went back and read what I wrote!!! Things really did change! What a difference a year makes!! Valentine's Day 2005 was absolutely awesome! It was well worth all those cruddy V.D.'s I had to endure! BTW, I met my sweetheart on Yahoo Personals! Favorite EC VD song now? "I Was Born To Love You". Ahhhh...... --Julie
  15. Eric's hair looks awesome! --Julie
  16. My mom and I have that album! It's currently sitting in the closet of my old bedroom back home. I played it all the time when I was a kid. Never gave the cover a thought, although looking at it now.....oh my! --Julie
  17. Hey all, You can quit looking for the sheet music. I've sent it to Bahoo and he's immersed in working on it! Lol! --Julie
  18. Bahoo, I'm going to attempt to email you the first page. I scanned it at 300 dpi and saved it as a jpeg. I won't send you any more of it until I know that it worked! --Julie
  19. Best wishes to all of you! Blessings! --Julie
  20. It just wouldn't be New Year's Eve without Auld Lang Syne! Love it!!! --Julie
  21. Oh I can see it now! Tony C. and Kirk up in the treehouse spying on the boys! Coming up with all kinds of evil plots. Darlene with her little lemonade stand down the block--kinda like Lucy! Dispensing lemonade, teaching violin lessons and interpretting dreams.... hmmmmm..... --Julie
  22. That's just pretty darn cool! Thanks for the link! Merry Christmas! --Julie
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