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  1. Love this song! Great choice! Thanks Bernie!! You never disappoint!!!! --Julie
  2. I'm not aware of a longer version of Ecstacy. I do have a turntable all hooked up to my stereo now, but all of my vinyl is still at my parent's house!
  3. Hmmmm..... My blackmail plot with the publisher is working!!! hehehehe.....
  4. You're killing me! Are you sure you aren't my big brother?? You sound just like him! Is your name really Jeff?? Hmmmm....... You're making me homesick!! --Julie
  5. I have milk coming out my nose! I hope you're all happy!!!!! --Julie
  6. Oh Dar! If only! But, realistically, the only way I'll get to see the boys is if they play in Minneapolis, Omaha, Des Moines or Sioux City. We just don't have the money or the time to go any farther. Don't think that any of those places has a HOB. Sigh. I do "dream" about it though! Just praying for a DVD of this experience! --Julie
  7. Groaning...... lol! --Julie
  8. Biggest disappointment--getting tickets to Dirty Dancing at the Nebraska State Fair, dragging my best friend there (who only went because DD is her favorite movie), leaving work early and driving clear to Lincoln to find out Eric was ill. I think I cried all the way home! It's even sadder now because I'll probably never make it to a Raspberries concert. Biggest bonus was when I went to a John Denver concert and some dork spilled a big mug of Coke on the sound board at the concert and after an hour, John came out, strapped on a regular guitar and proceeded to sing, "unplugged". It was awesome! It was so pure and beautiful! --Julie
  9. Oh my! I was witness to a similar incident about 6 years ago at work! We were taking the nursing home residents on an outing and the volunteer that was helping us kept running the van lift for the wheelchairs even though I had told him that for liability reasons he shouldn't. Sure enough, he got his thumb caught in a cable on the lift and it pulled the end of it right off! I saw the whole thing and to make it even worse (and hence, more memorable) he held the bleeding stump right up under my nose and said, "Lookey here!". Awful!!! Anyway, we were able to retrieve the missing piece and put it in a sterile apple cider jug (ya gotta love Iowa). It and he were rushed to a hospital in Omaha, but alas and alack, they were unable to stitch it back on. His nail, (well, a shorter version of it) did grow back, and he doesn't really look too worse for the wear now. He even came to our wedding! Anyway, I know it is painful, so I do feel bad for both of you. --Julie (oh, and SillyOldBear, that was just waaaaaay too funny about the Disney characters only having 4 appendages!!!)
  10. Well gang, I knew we had discussed Eric's hair before, so I went searching through the message board. Had to go back a ways! Still, it's fun to read Julia's story about Rosie! --Julie
  11. It has to be Davy Jones! So cute! Saw him and one of the other Monkees at World's of Fun in K.C. back in the 70's. Speaking of that episode of the Brady Bunch, I thought it was a hoot how Davy and Marsha looked together! Man, he's a little guy! -Julie
  12. Sterling, That is cool about knowing someone from E'Burg. My hubby probably knows of her--his family has been here forever. As for Audobon, that's not terribly far from where I used to live. We're only 35 miles from the Iowa Great Lakes. You'll have to stop in! We'd love to show you around! --Julie
  13. Wow Sterling! How, pray tell, do you know of Palo Alto County?? Interesting...... --Julie
  14. I can never think of the name of it, but ELO has a nifty instrumental. Also, I have always loved Foreignor's "Tremontaine"--which I am almost certain that I have misspelled! --Julie
  15. Julie

    Guilty Pleasures

    On an interesting side note, Andy Williams was born in Wall Lake, Iowa--not far from where I live. Wall Lake is also the home of Cookies Barbacue Sauce! --Julie
  16. Have an awesome Birthday, Baby Sister! --Julie
  17. Beautiful! Great file--now I can listen to it in the car instead of just through the TV! Thanks! --Julie P.S. If any of you got QuickTime Pro, you can easily convert the movie files to sound files so you can burn them to CD. When you're in the QuickTime window, go up to "file" and then when that opens, hit "export". When you get into this new window, down toward the bottom it will say "export" and there will be a drop down menu. Go clear to the bottom and select "sound to Wave" and click ok. Hope this helps if any of you are having trouble with this. --Julie
  18. Still searching for one! Since I got married and moved, I'm kind of outta range of any quality radio. Kinda sucks up here. I love listening to Christian radio, KGBI in Omaha was my fave. Can listen to it now via the internet, but it's just not the same.
  19. Don't watch much TV, seems like when we do, it's mostly news shows or the old comedies on TV Land--Andy Griffith, Leave It To Beaver, etc....
  20. The Emmetsburg Democrat and Reporter. Small towns....ya gotta love 'em!
  21. We're supposed to dress up at work today. I'm going as a scarecrow. I've got the "boneless" walking part down cold and the dopey voice too. Should be pretty cute! --Julie P.S. - Our pumpkin carving/decorating contest judging is today at work too. I painted creepy eyes and a mouth on my pumpkin, and then wrapped it up in surgical tape. I'm calling it "Mummy Dearest".
  22. Julie

    Guilty Pleasures

    Thanks Julie! That was driving me nuts!!!! --Julie
  23. Julie

    Guilty Pleasures

    Hey Julie-- That song by Livingston Taylor was called, "I Will Be in Love With You". I loved it too! --Julie
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