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  1. on 3 levels, James. What about all of the classical music that was played on those cartoons? Wow! All the greats were covered on cartoons back in the day. When I was 4 or 5 "Santa" brought me my very own record player and a huge stack of LP's--at least 1/3 of them were classical, and even then, I recognized the music. Pretty cool. --Julie P.S. My kindergarten lunch box was a Quick Draw McGraw and then, a couple of years later I got a Secret Squirrel one! Still have them both and the SS one has the original thermos to boot!
  2. ouch! I got gas yesterday in Humboldt, Iowa for $2.74.
  3. Hmmmm...... "Brand Spankin' New".......... Could it be???!!!!
  4. I'm the marketing director and community liaison for a small nursing home. I've been doing this for just a year. Prior to this, I was an activity director in a nursing home for 15 years. In my free time, I spoil my husband and cat, do genealogy and scrapbooking. I'm also pretty good at restoring old photographs on the computer. And of course, my favorite activity is shopping!! --Julie
  5. Well, I got home tonight and had a bunny in my backyard. I really wasn't sure at first that it was a bunny, 'cause he had NO EARS!!! Must have froze off this winter! Talk about a strange looking creature! Anyway, I got some garlic cloves and put them all around the deck and around the foundation of the house, so we'll see how that works. --Julie
  6. Suppose that would work on a groundhog?? We had a groundhog sunning himself on our deck when I got home from work Monday! He's got a hole dug there too! I haven't seen a bunny yet this year, so possibly, if you get yourself a groundhog, the bunnies will go away?!! If you decide you want to try it, I'll try to box him up and overnight him to ya! --Julie
  7. I haven't seen much of Nancy Grace, although, I did catch her a few times when she was in Aruba looking for Natalie Holloway. Anyway, in this month's "Guide Posts" magazine, there is a feature story on Nancy which kind of explains her attitude. Her fiance was senselessly murdered. Here's the article: Nancy Grace in Guideposts Magazine --Julie
  8. Every Thursday afternoon, I take my big ol' keyboard to the family room of the Care Center where I work, and entertain the residents with big band music, polkas, old country music and whatever else I happen to have with me. I love playing a variety of songs and grew up listening to Lawrence Welk among other "not cool" pieces. I always "sneak" in some Beatles, a little Eric, and other "modern" stuff and they really love it. I can find a mood for just about every kind of music although I'm movin' to Canada with Tony if I ever have to play any rap! --Julie
  9. I think I'd run that by Herman first.....
  10. Well Tony, I'ven never seen either of those 2 "films". My faves? "Ordinary People", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "The Passion". --Julie
  11. We bought a '06 chevy Impala LTZ 3 days ago. All the bells and whistles. Love it. It replaced my '01 Impala. 89,000 miles on it at trade-in time and I never had a speck of trouble with it. My 1st was a '76 silver camaro with a black vinyl top. Wish I had that one sitting on blocks somewhere! My hubby had a white TransAM and then a black one with the gold firebird painted on the hood. Not sure of the years, but he loved them both. My brother had a schoolbus yellow Gremlin! Oh my!! Hope you all don't think less of me now!!! --Julie
  12. Our cat "Lucky" is a therapy cat in the nursing home where I work. He has made a huge difference in several lives in his years of "working". He also knows that some people just don't like kitties, and he avoids them. He is a tuxedo cat and very intelligent. Walks on a leash, loves to ride in the car, follows commands like sit, stay and play dead and the all important "lick", which the vet is totally in awe of. As a youngster (he was a cat that was dumped) he loved to bite and nibble on people and this can't be permitted on the fragile skin of the elderly. So, I just worked with him until he understood the word "lick" and whenever he starts acting like he's gonna gnaw on someone, we just say, "lick". Pets are indeed wonderful. I love dogs too, although with our lifestyle a cat just fits us better. --Julie
  13. 1) Currently looking for an iPod as we've decided this is the coming thing 2) Have oodles of cassettes. Listened to one just a couple of days ago, but generally, they are just gathering dust. Incidentally, my brother installed a Craig AM/FM Stereo tape deck into my Camaro back in 1976. People thought he was nuts to put that thing in the car! "Why don't you just get an 8-track??" My bro laughed them off and told them that 8 tracks were illogical! 3) I have all of my albums and we hooked up a Curtis Mathis turntable to our home entertainment center (although, I have yet to put an LP on for a spin!) When hubby went to prison, he put all of his stereo stuff in storage and it's in really good shape! --Julie
  14. Thanks for the "input"!! I appreciate it! I'm thinking Nano at this time. Maybe when we've had a chance to save some cash, we can get the new iPod so we'll each have one (me getting the bigger, better one of course--I'm the one with the big music library!) Ya, it's too late to get anything different. The dealer drove to Wisconsin today to pick it up for us, but the car has a single CD player and MP3 player plus the ipod jack right on the front of the radio (2006 Impala LTZ)----sure will be a step up from that 1969 diesel tractor/trailer we have with a doghouse and the rust flakes...... I did download some music from the iTunes store last year for our wedding reception, so will have to go back and check the site out. I really appreciate the advice! I knew you guys would be informed! Can't wait!! --Julie
  15. A warm and hearty welcome to you, Steve K! I'm always jealous of anyone who has had the honor and priviledge of hearing these guys play! --Julie
  16. We're getting a new car and decided to NOT get the 6-disc CD thingy as it has a front jack and a holder for an iPod. So, what do I get? I don't want to sound like an idiot, but do iPod's have MP3's on 'em, or is it another format? (don't have time to Google and read and research--coming right to you guys that are in the know). I'm going to assume that the imput jack on the car will work with things other than iPods, am I correct?? Are there other brands of these things--some kind of generic?? Do I really want the shuffle?? Do you have any choices on what pops up with that thing? I mean, can you override it. Say, if I'm only in the mood to listen to Christian music and not rock and roll?? Any help/advice would be great. We're getting the car tomorrow! Thanks bunches! --Julie
  17. Julie


    Gord!!! Hey everybody!! Look up 4 posts! It's our guy Gord!!! Welcome back!!!! --Julie
  18. Very cool gift indeed! I'm sure it will be cherished! --Julie
  19. Diet Lime Coke or Diet Cherry Coke. I do have a fondness for Diet Vanilla Pepsi, too. --Julie
  20. Too bad you didn't like the book, Don! Lol!
  21. My cat goes into a hypnotic trance whenever I play "I Was Born to Love You" or "Wild, Wild Heart". There is purring and kneading and he gets this weird look on his face! --Julie
  22. Count me in as a Jane Olivor fan. I have several of her albums and CD's. Discovered her in college. I want to say that she fell out of the music biz after her husband was diagnosed with some dibilitating disease and she was busy caring for him. She does a great version of "The Greatest Love of All". Ahhhhh....now I need to go and dig it out! --Julie
  23. Julie

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    Take your shoes off and relax with us Mitch! Nice to have you here! ---Julie
  24. Gee! I go to Mexico for a week and come back to find new avatars AND Eric! Did the plane crash and I went to heaven??! --Julie
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