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  1. I was a good teenager. Not shy at all. I was in all kinds of music and band stuff and loved going shopping with my mom. (still do) Oh, I had my moments, but I didn't cuss or smoke or drink (or "go all the way") until after I went off to college! --Julie
  2. Julie


    Boy am I lucky! My awesome father-in-law decided to give us the $1,000 as an early Christmas present! Do I have a great FIL or what? Thanks for the link Ted. It sure looks and sounds great! --Julie
  3. Julie


    Anyone ever heard of this place or been there?? My husband and I were at his Christmas Party last night and his boss sent a wrapped gift around for everyone to look at. Then, he got up and auctioned it off. I had drank a few rum and cokes and was feeling pretty good, and decided to bid on the box! Oh my! Poor hubby started sweating! Afterall, we live in Iowa and he works for a Feed Mill (they sell and deliver feed to hogs and cattle all over the area). Anyway, I felt my hand go up when it reached $1,000!!! What was I thinking???? I don't have a $1,000!!! Geez, if I did I would have gone to see the Berries in concert!!!!!!!! At this bid of $1,000, his boss said, "Sold!" Oh my!!!! We had to go up front and he handed me the box. I opened it and it was a 24-pack of microwave popcorn!!!!!!!!!! Good Grief!!!!!!! I could have bought a boatload of that at Sam's club for that price!!!!!!!!!! My hubby looked like he was going to faint at this point. Then, I noticed a piece of paper and with trembling hands, I unfolded it. It read, "2 plane tickets to "Zihua" and back, 1 room for 7 nights and $1,000 cash"!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! Cool!!!! I guess this is the place that they go to at the end of the movie "The Shawshank Redemption". Haven't seen it. Guess I need to. So, anybody here been there??? --Julie (no hangover--just feeling a little weird)
  4. Oh Trindy! I got Eric's "B" String and joked with my husband that it would have been fun to get his "G" String! --Julie
  5. Mine arrived in Emmetsburg today!!! It was weird, I pulled up to the mailbox and there was nothing there. Kinda bummed. Not even a Christmas card or a bill! Nothing. Then, hubby came home and parked in the driveway and came in through the porch. Well, right between the doors was our mail! And, there was my Ultimate Fan Pack!!! (wouldn't fit in the mailbox!) Everything is AWESOME! Great job, Bernie, Ken, Gene and Kathy and the Packing Crew! --Julie
  6. Oh Sugarbabi--I don't know what is troubling you, but know that you're in my prayers. Sometimes it is hard to stay positive when the world is spinning out of control all around you. Give it up to our Heavenly Father and know that good can be mined from troubling situations given time. Take care friend! Blessings, --Julie
  7. I'm actually glad mine isn't here yet! I have to make goodies for a bake sale and take treats to work tomorrow. Would have had to have just stopped at the grocery store and picked up a box of stale candy canes had it arrived today! --Julie
  8. You know, you've gotta miss the charm of good old albums. Just finding the words printed inside was enough to thrill me. I really loved the ones that unfolded--like the "Boats" album. Sometimes you'd get one that was a neat color--I got a bright yellow Mecca recording of Star Wars, *hmmm, I think that's what it was....--my memory fails me!* Specific stuff I can't remember--just remember getting some neat posters and of course the Raspberry sticker...... --Julie
  9. Julie

    Your Best Trip

    Best trip to date has to be my recent honeymoon with my most darling husband. Heck, going anywhere with him is awesome! What a great guy!!! We went to Hilton Head, Island on our honeymoon. Loved walking hand in hand for hours on the beach and walking around in the wildlife areas searching for alligators. Found several and that was such a rush! Best trip previous to honeymoon would be when I spent a month in England in my college days. Best side trip was our midnight ferry ride to Belgium with a guy in a skirt! (actually, he was an authentic Scotsman in a kilt!) Five of us ladies met him on a side trip to Windsor Castle and he talked us into going to Belgium with him. He agreed to show us around and call some of his friends to open up their lace shops for us on a Sunday so we could buy things. All he wanted in return was for each of us to bring him back a bottle of booze! Too funny! He was a most gracious tour guide and was a gentleman the whole time! --Julie
  10. Anne--I recently helped a friend with a family scrapbook that had been made back in the 1940's. It was full of handwritten letters from her ancestors, photos and other things. I used my digital camera to photograph the pages just as they were and put the memory card contents into my computer and saved them to CD. I printed out a hard copy as well. It turned out really neat. She in turn, burned a bunch of CDs and handed them out to her family at a reunion this fall. Now, everyone has their own copy. --Julie
  11. No kids for me either. My alma mater is Westmar College in Le Mars, Iowa. It no longer exists though! Bummer!
  12. When visiting London years ago, I always got a chocolate Gateau cake that seemed to have a million layers. Don't know if it's exactly what you mention, but it was yummy.
  13. Lately I've been listening to Neil Sedaka's "The Hungry Years" CD as well as some of his others. I love singing along with Neil. He's right in my range! Also listening to Don McLean's greatest hits CD and like Marvin, I've been listening to the "Best of Bread".
  14. Bless you Mellie! Sounds like an awesome way to spend Thanksgiving! --Julie
  15. Hope your birthday is awesome, Diane! --Julie
  16. "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
  17. Theme from "Bridge Over the River Kwai"
  18. I've been fortunate and traveled a lot. When I was around 15 or so we went up into the wilds of Canada and walked (because there was no road) to a lake. It was a few miles on a beautiful path (covered with bear poop!). When we got to Lake Wauskasoo (don't think I spelled it right) I was enthralled with it. The lake was turquoise and you could see the bottom--which was snow white sand! It was like being on a tropical island! Just awesome! Hubby and I went to Hilton Head Island on our honeymoon, and found it to be incredible (course, we were on our honeymoon.......) --Julie
  19. Welcome back LC. I remember you--well, your initials! Count me as another 12 year old who thought it was Please Go Away! --Julie
  20. Julie

    Wedding Picture

    Thanks for all of the well-wishes everyone! Oh, and Tony, you're not far off the mark about the prison tatoo...... --Julie
  21. Geez! I thought this thread was really about cars! vroom, vroom, I'm outta here!
  22. I saw on the news this morning that Sir Paul's concert in Anaheim was beamed up to the space station for the enjoyment of the astronauts. Cool!
  23. Well, I don't think I have anything all that interesting or weird, but I did acquire some magazine and news articles about Eric in a funny way. I went to my local library in my tiny Iowa town of 300 souls and the elderly librarian (80+ at the time) set out to get me all the stuff she could through her inter-library connections. It really was pretty fun to see this lady jumping through hoops to get me all of this stuff. Actually, this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with this sweet woman. She has since passed away, but will always be special to me! --Julie
  24. Julie

    Wedding Picture

    Thanks for the best wishes! He is my Prince! Here's a pic of the 2 of us Love at the bowling alley
  25. Well, this is an experiment to see if I have figured out how to post a picture like JuliaD does from time to time! My sweet hubby and I were married on April 2 of this year. Let the honeymoon never end! wedding pic
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