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  1. I guess I have the biggest problem with the fact that a married, supposedly "Christian" man with 7 children feels that he needs to go out late at night, without his wife and hang out with young ladies at a bar. People say and do really stupid things when they are under the influence. Was he "under the influence" when he left home that evening? My 2 cents, Julie Happily married, Christian lady
  2. Julie

    Heat Wave

    It "cooled" off here the past 2 days, although it was in the 90's today. We got a hair over 6 inches of rain on Tuesday night and you can't even tell it! The cracks in the ground were so big, the water just ran in. It's been even drier at hotter at my folks'. They live north of Omaha. They have probably only had a total of an inch of rain ALL summer. It is just awful there. --Julie
  3. Was "Say You, Say Me" ("Gag you, Gag me") by Lional Ritchie on the list?? I just don't get that song and would put it right near the top of a "wussie" list! Sorry if I offended anyone. I do like other L.R. songs--just have a real gag-reflex when I hear that one! --Julie
  4. My new hubby introduced my cat to his daughter's after our wedding as, "your new little brother"--so I understand this purrfectly! I and the "little one" lived with my folks until I got married, so now when we go to visit we have to take the grandcat with us. Sometimes he insists on staying with them for a couple of weeks! Congratulations! --Julie (we're expecting our 2nd grandchild in October--a human one!)
  5. Well Paulie, my "pet peeve" of the day is that whenever I try to look at the media files here that Bernie is putting up today, a little box pops up that says, "click here to activate ActiveX control". Then, as soon as I click on it, a box pops up that says that Internet Explorer needs to close! AARRGGHHH!!!!!!!! Geez, I've tried updating my ActiveX, I've gone into my preferences and told it that ActiveX was fine with me. Sigh. Still no luck. Oh, and those folks who act like dorks whenever a camera is pointed at them. Well, they just can't help themselves. Somewhere along the path of the "food chain" their ancestors "lucked out" and were not consumed. Thus, the "stupid gene" was allowed to perpetuate! And, as the granddaughter of an engineer for the Chicago & Northwestern, that grafitti stuff is bothersome.......but not near so much as this ActiveX thing is to me currently! Lol! --Julie Thanks for the opportunity to vent. It's 100 degrees here and I'm feeling a tad bit cranky! Lol!
  6. Julie


    Oh! So glad to hear this wonderful news! Take a deep breath and .....whew! Amen!! --Julie
  7. Julie


    Thanks Bernie!!! It's AWESOME!!! And Chris, I'm still praying! --Julie
  8. I'm sorry to hear this Matt. Will keep you in prayer. --Julie We need a "hug" graemlin too!
  9. Julie


    Chris, you guys have already been in my prayers as I had read your posts on "the other site" (as opposed to the "fragile" one... ) I echo all of the above. I know what a stressful situation this can be. It's hard to get anything else on your mind. Hey, maybe you can crank up some Raspberry tunes and some E.C. ones and sing them at the top of your lungs! Music is truly good for what ails you and is an excellent "de-stresser". Please keep us posted and take your wife out to dinner or try to do something fun this weekend. She will appreciate your support. You sound like a very caring and loving husband--I'm sure your support means everything to her. Will keep you in prayer! --Julie P.S.--Hey Bernie! We need a prayer "graemlin"!
  10. A couple of days before my subscription to XM expired in my car, I heard the Partridge Family singing on the 70's channel. I hadn't heard them on anything but a scratched up LP. Man, David has got a gorgeous voice. It's absolutely beautiful! Makes me want to download some of his tunes onto the iPod!
  11. Your brother is fortunate to have you for a sister. Glad he is "home". Every day will bring more healing. It will be a big adjustment, but hopefully he can remain positive. My cousin was in a similar accident on his motorcycle many years ago and his leg was so severely damaged they decided to amputate. Your brother just needs to focus on the positive--be thankful for what he has rather than to focus on what he has lost. He is fortunate he has his life. Will keep him and your family in prayer. --Julie
  12. Matt, So sorry to hear of Ted's illness. I'll add him to my prayers too. Hang in there. --Julie
  13. I got an 8. I'm just not shy. Both of my parents tell me they were painfully shy--hiding behind their mother's skirts, etc... They couldn't believe they had 2 kids that were so "un-shy". Course, #3, my little brother is extremely shy--almost to the point of being a hermit!
  14. Prayers are being said. I would imagine your mom's a pretty strong lady--she raised you, right??! Blessings, Julie
  15. how 'bout "green eggs and Spam"?
  16. Julie


    Soooooo, if I have this right, this is indeed the same "Tillie"? Why, that's pretty amazing! It is a small world, and we never know the path that God has us on until we start walking down it. Yes, everything happens for a reason! So cool! Thanks for sharing!! Blessings, Julie
  17. Hey Gord! Good to hear from you! Wishing you well! --Julie
  18. aaawwwwwhhhh....it's just soooo warm and fuzzy around here! God Bless us, Everyone! --Julie
  19. "I Go Crazy" --Paul Davis "The Way We Used To Be" --Eric Carmen "I Go Crazy" -- Paul Davis (sorry, gotta nominate it twice, 'cause it's just the perfect song in my book and makes me bawl like a baby every time. Those first notes that come out of that song set the tone for what's to come. Beautiful.
  20. "Oh Lord, It's Hard to be Humble"--Mac Davis
  21. This is sweet! I really LOVE "Forgiven" by Michael Lord. Might have to get that for my iPod! It even played Andrew Gold--Marvin, you might want to give this a spin! Currently playing Air Supply--but I love them, so no prob. Great find, Brian!
  22. I thought I heard "Cindy in the Wind"!!
  23. uh...., thanks, James...I guess!
  24. I have a certain fondness for Bill Fries (pronounced "freeze")---alias C.W. McCall. Bernie might too! They have something in common. See, Bill (C.W.) was an ad guy and did these commercials for "Old Home Bread" in our area back in the 1970's. The commercials were about trucker, C.W. and Mavis, a waitress who worked at "The Old Home Filler Up and Keep on Truckin' Cafe" (which by the way is located just 7 miles from where I grew up). Anyway, that's pretty much how the whole thing got started. The commercials were a huge success back then and out of that came "Convoy". I'm even in one of the commercials as an extra, although, that was before the days of VCR's and I think you'd have to watch it frame by frame to see me. I got to pet Sloan the dog, got Mavis' autograph,etc... Pretty exciting stuff for a pre-teen! --Julie (once again proving what a geek I am!)
  25. Oh my! I'm such a GEEK, aren't I?????!!!!
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