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  1. It's a happy song. I love it. And Bahoo, really, this from the man who's going to turn "Desparate Fools" into a Barbershop Quartet Song!!! Goodness!!! That disqualifies you from discussing this song!!! Lol! Dar, I second your "Bah-Hooey"! --Julie
  2. I used to fall apart everytime I heard "I Go Crazy" by Paul Davis. I cry tears of joy when I hear "The Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts--we had that sung at our wedding. --Julie
  3. Oh Marlene! Wow! I went back and read what I wrote!!! Things really did change! What a difference a year makes!! Valentine's Day 2005 was absolutely awesome! It was well worth all those cruddy V.D.'s I had to endure! BTW, I met my sweetheart on Yahoo Personals! Favorite EC VD song now? "I Was Born To Love You". Ahhhh...... --Julie
  4. Eric's hair looks awesome! --Julie
  5. My mom and I have that album! It's currently sitting in the closet of my old bedroom back home. I played it all the time when I was a kid. Never gave the cover a thought, although looking at it now.....oh my! --Julie
  6. Hey all, You can quit looking for the sheet music. I've sent it to Bahoo and he's immersed in working on it! Lol! --Julie
  7. Bahoo, I'm going to attempt to email you the first page. I scanned it at 300 dpi and saved it as a jpeg. I won't send you any more of it until I know that it worked! --Julie
  8. Best wishes to all of you! Blessings! --Julie
  9. It just wouldn't be New Year's Eve without Auld Lang Syne! Love it!!! --Julie
  10. Oh I can see it now! Tony C. and Kirk up in the treehouse spying on the boys! Coming up with all kinds of evil plots. Darlene with her little lemonade stand down the block--kinda like Lucy! Dispensing lemonade, teaching violin lessons and interpretting dreams.... hmmmmm..... --Julie
  11. That's just pretty darn cool! Thanks for the link! Merry Christmas! --Julie
  12. Anybody else notice Member #692? Mike Marrone! Welcome to the board, Mike! --Julie
  13. That was great! Thanks VAB5! --Julie
  14. Thanks for the Christmas giggles, Darlene! --Julie
  15. Thanks for the warning Matt! If I'd have seen it somewhere, I'd have nabbed it because I love this group. Might as well listen to my own vinyl of this stuff. At least the pops and crackles are "mine". --Julie
  16. Oh my! We'll be away for Christmas! My brother only uses his computer for "space" stuff--no music, no email...sigh... We won't be back until Monday night. Any chance the goodies will still be under the tree by then? --Julie
  17. Hard to believe, but I've never seen any of the King Kong movies. Obviously, I am aware of the basic plot. Hmmmmm... maybe I should go check this one out if it comes to town.
  18. Gee, I thought I saw some of those cereals at Food Pride in Emmetsburg yesterday! I'll look again. Gosh, I better check the dates on them!! --Julie Hey--Does anyone remember, "Shake a Puddin'"?? It was a powder that came in a little paper container shaped like a triangle (kind of like sour cream does) and you put it in a special brown shaker that had a tan lid and shook it up to make individual servings of pudding. My mom still has our shaker. She always used it to make gravy with! --Julie
  19. Thanks for sharing Julia! I miss our Gord! A lot of our newer folks would enjoy him too! Pass on my wishes to him for a very Merry Christmas! --Julie
  20. Thanks Marvin for the "Long Cool Woman" lyrics! That song has an awesome beat, but I could never understand it! Ok, how about the song that they play at the end of the show, "WKRP in Cincinnati"? That one drives me nuts. Of course, I haven't seen the show in years, so I can't even really think of how it goes real well, but I want to say it's something like: "Went to the bartender, said 'What have you got in here?' " and that's really all I can really remember. --Julie
  21. Honey Bunches of Oats! (I swore I posted this yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared!) Also, I loved Post Oat Flakes! They were awesome! I was just looking for them Saturday and decided they are history. --Julie
  22. Julie


    Tommy, sorry, not for sale! We are really looking forward to this 2nd Honeymoon!
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