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  1. That's a great song to exercise too! Have you heard the live version?? It really rocks! Think it was recorded in Tokyo--not at home right now so can't check on it. --Julie
  2. Mayhap that was too graphic, but it really is a hoot!
  3. Well, since you guys brought up the Gloria Gaynor song, "I Will Survive" I've been sitting here giggling thinking about what a hilarious video I could shoot for YouTube. Bear with me--but as some of you may know, I work in a nursing home and I entertain with my keyboard. Now, I LOVE the old classics that my clients love, but sometimes I like to "shake things up" a bit! My favorite thing to do, is to hand out rhythm band instruments and play "I Will Survive" with disco accompaniament! It's a total riot! The staff comes running, my boss walks in with her jaw on the floor! Here are all these 80, 90+ year olds, jamming to a disco song! Seriously, I almost wet myself everytime I do it! --Julie
  4. Jeff--I echo your sentiments! I missed it all! That's what I get for being a good daughter and going home to visit my mom & dad for Christmas--both in their 80's and no computer. By the time we got home, all the goodies were gone! Oh well, family comes first and it was awesome to see them. Can't imagine a Christmas without them! Blessings All, Julie
  5. Kirk--I LOVE Stratego! My big brother and I wore out 2 of those games! In all the years we played, I think I only won twice, but I still loved it! I like the numbered answers too! Great idea! --Julie Maybe Bernie could give Eric his own personal set of Graemlins to use to answer our queries? Make it even easier!
  6. I always giggle when Eric sings the line "I run a comb through my hair...." at the very beginning. Sorry, Eric, but you ain't gonna get no comb through all that hair!!
  7. Oh, I almost forgot! Happy Birthday!!!! --Julie
  8. Good luck with the move! Got a kick out of your story! My big brother used to live in Rockford. I liked shopping at Cherry Vale and Machezney Park Malls. Got to see the Concord land there when we were there visiting. That was pretty cool. --Julie
  9. Aiden Quinn--oh my, those blue eyes!
  10. "Seven Bridges Road" --Eagles
  11. Danmichel, Nice to see you mention Eddie Rabbitt's "You Don't Love Me Anymore". Gosh, that Eddie could sing! I'm not a big country music fan at all, I guess it's Eddie's Jersey roots that always drew me in. Eddie is right up there with Eric in both singing, writing and playing music IMHO. R.I.P. dear Eddie --Julie (I got to meet him once in Branson. Got to sit in the front row of a concert and had my pic taken with him after the show! What a thrill!)
  12. Thanks Muzza, and, as it turned out, I got to hold him again yesterday! They live 134 miles from us, and they showed up as I was getting off work yesterday! My hubby knew they were coming, but I didn't! What a wonderful surprise! He's 12 days old now and so very precious! --Julie
  13. I got to hold my first grandson on the day he was born! Wed., October 18th. 8 lbs. 6 oz., 20" name is Ayden Michael. Precious....
  14. Julie

    Avatar Talk

    I have adored Snoopy forever! Loved Charles Schultz and his insights into the world. It's funny, cause I'm really a "cat" person, but Snoopy is just an incredible dog!
  15. Oh yeah! THAT'S why I spend so much time here! Thanks a bunch! --Julie
  16. Okay, so the Reporter/Democrat isn't exactly the New York Times, but I was kinda excited to find my pic in color on the front page of our local paper today! I'm the blonde in the pink shirt. Emmetsburg Paper --Julie
  17. Oh, and thanks everyone for sharing their accounts of WAB! Especially Lew's! After reading the others, it was refreshing to get the truth!
  18. Thanks for asking Tony! I've been sitting here in Iowa feeling really dumb and afraid to ask! (Oh, and I'm impressed that you can spell "Denise" too! Wow! --Julie
  19. Hey Mellie--I tried to get in the chatroom, but I was denied. I brought chex mix and diet vanilla pepsi. Not too exciting, but that's all I had! --Julie
  20. Julie


    8.2 miles for me with 2 railroad crossings to deal with. But, 6 miles of it is by the lake so it's a beautiful country drive. The other 2 are in town--4,000 population, so only 1 traffic light to deal with!
  21. Oh my! So, 29 years ago, I was standing in a KOA Campground store holding a can of pork 'n beans! Upon hearing the news, I dropped the can and it rolled across the floor. Another lady in the store said, "What did he die from?" to the lady manning the store. She said, "His heart quit beating." My mom and I got the giggles, and that's when the can went rolling. Wow! That was just like yesterday!
  22. J.T. was at the Iowa State Fair on Friday Night. Had we known about it sooner, we'd have gone. Heard it was awesome!
  23. Hope you have a spectacular birthday, Eric! Just enjoy the day and all the blessings in your life! --Julie
  24. Gina, While you're in Internet Explorer, go up to the top of your screen and click on "tools". Then, go down to "internet options". When that window opens up, go to the tab on the top that says "advanced". This will bring up a big list of options that you can "check". Keep scrolling down the list--under media it has some options that allow this and that. Just read them and select the ones that make sense (maybe I'm weird, but a lot of them do make sense to me!) There are options for ActiveX also if you keep scrolling through the list. Remember too, you can always "google" your problem--type in "problems with ActiveX" for example and this may lead to some good solutions. My friends at work think I am a total genius with the computer, but I really just look around and pull down menues and read & study stuff in there. --Julie
  25. Hi Gina, I'm not a hugely smart computer-type-geek, so I may not be really helpful, but, I had a similar problem with Active X when I tried to listen/watch the new stuff Bernie put on. I realize you said you have a new computer, but do you have the newest version of Quicktime? I thought I did, but come to find out it was a little different than mine. I also had to check or uncheck (can't remember which) a little box in my internet options area--and seems like I did something else too--although it escapes me just now (I'm tired and have had a rough day!) Anyway, I'm not really sure which thing was the magic bullet, or maybe it was all of them, but I got it to work. I guess re-reading this, I haven't really been very helpful in a technical kind of way, but I am trying to give you hope! (I'm a very hopeful type person!) I'll dink around and see if I can figure out what box I checked and where it was! In the meantime, maybe one of our more computer-whiz types will provide you with the right answer! --Julie
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