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  1. Matt, So sorry to hear of Ted's illness. I'll add him to my prayers too. Hang in there. --Julie
  2. I got an 8. I'm just not shy. Both of my parents tell me they were painfully shy--hiding behind their mother's skirts, etc... They couldn't believe they had 2 kids that were so "un-shy". Course, #3, my little brother is extremely shy--almost to the point of being a hermit!
  3. Prayers are being said. I would imagine your mom's a pretty strong lady--she raised you, right??! Blessings, Julie
  4. how 'bout "green eggs and Spam"?
  5. Julie


    Soooooo, if I have this right, this is indeed the same "Tillie"? Why, that's pretty amazing! It is a small world, and we never know the path that God has us on until we start walking down it. Yes, everything happens for a reason! So cool! Thanks for sharing!! Blessings, Julie
  6. Hey Gord! Good to hear from you! Wishing you well! --Julie
  7. aaawwwwwhhhh....it's just soooo warm and fuzzy around here! God Bless us, Everyone! --Julie
  8. "I Go Crazy" --Paul Davis "The Way We Used To Be" --Eric Carmen "I Go Crazy" -- Paul Davis (sorry, gotta nominate it twice, 'cause it's just the perfect song in my book and makes me bawl like a baby every time. Those first notes that come out of that song set the tone for what's to come. Beautiful.
  9. "Oh Lord, It's Hard to be Humble"--Mac Davis
  10. This is sweet! I really LOVE "Forgiven" by Michael Lord. Might have to get that for my iPod! It even played Andrew Gold--Marvin, you might want to give this a spin! Currently playing Air Supply--but I love them, so no prob. Great find, Brian!
  11. I thought I heard "Cindy in the Wind"!!
  12. uh...., thanks, James...I guess!
  13. I have a certain fondness for Bill Fries (pronounced "freeze")---alias C.W. McCall. Bernie might too! They have something in common. See, Bill (C.W.) was an ad guy and did these commercials for "Old Home Bread" in our area back in the 1970's. The commercials were about trucker, C.W. and Mavis, a waitress who worked at "The Old Home Filler Up and Keep on Truckin' Cafe" (which by the way is located just 7 miles from where I grew up). Anyway, that's pretty much how the whole thing got started. The commercials were a huge success back then and out of that came "Convoy". I'm even in one of the commercials as an extra, although, that was before the days of VCR's and I think you'd have to watch it frame by frame to see me. I got to pet Sloan the dog, got Mavis' autograph,etc... Pretty exciting stuff for a pre-teen! --Julie (once again proving what a geek I am!)
  14. Oh my! I'm such a GEEK, aren't I?????!!!!
  15. on 3 levels, James. What about all of the classical music that was played on those cartoons? Wow! All the greats were covered on cartoons back in the day. When I was 4 or 5 "Santa" brought me my very own record player and a huge stack of LP's--at least 1/3 of them were classical, and even then, I recognized the music. Pretty cool. --Julie P.S. My kindergarten lunch box was a Quick Draw McGraw and then, a couple of years later I got a Secret Squirrel one! Still have them both and the SS one has the original thermos to boot!
  16. ouch! I got gas yesterday in Humboldt, Iowa for $2.74.
  17. Hmmmm...... "Brand Spankin' New".......... Could it be???!!!!
  18. I'm the marketing director and community liaison for a small nursing home. I've been doing this for just a year. Prior to this, I was an activity director in a nursing home for 15 years. In my free time, I spoil my husband and cat, do genealogy and scrapbooking. I'm also pretty good at restoring old photographs on the computer. And of course, my favorite activity is shopping!! --Julie
  19. Well, I got home tonight and had a bunny in my backyard. I really wasn't sure at first that it was a bunny, 'cause he had NO EARS!!! Must have froze off this winter! Talk about a strange looking creature! Anyway, I got some garlic cloves and put them all around the deck and around the foundation of the house, so we'll see how that works. --Julie
  20. Suppose that would work on a groundhog?? We had a groundhog sunning himself on our deck when I got home from work Monday! He's got a hole dug there too! I haven't seen a bunny yet this year, so possibly, if you get yourself a groundhog, the bunnies will go away?!! If you decide you want to try it, I'll try to box him up and overnight him to ya! --Julie
  21. I haven't seen much of Nancy Grace, although, I did catch her a few times when she was in Aruba looking for Natalie Holloway. Anyway, in this month's "Guide Posts" magazine, there is a feature story on Nancy which kind of explains her attitude. Her fiance was senselessly murdered. Here's the article: Nancy Grace in Guideposts Magazine --Julie
  22. Every Thursday afternoon, I take my big ol' keyboard to the family room of the Care Center where I work, and entertain the residents with big band music, polkas, old country music and whatever else I happen to have with me. I love playing a variety of songs and grew up listening to Lawrence Welk among other "not cool" pieces. I always "sneak" in some Beatles, a little Eric, and other "modern" stuff and they really love it. I can find a mood for just about every kind of music although I'm movin' to Canada with Tony if I ever have to play any rap! --Julie
  23. I think I'd run that by Herman first.....
  24. Well Tony, I'ven never seen either of those 2 "films". My faves? "Ordinary People", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "The Passion". --Julie
  25. We bought a '06 chevy Impala LTZ 3 days ago. All the bells and whistles. Love it. It replaced my '01 Impala. 89,000 miles on it at trade-in time and I never had a speck of trouble with it. My 1st was a '76 silver camaro with a black vinyl top. Wish I had that one sitting on blocks somewhere! My hubby had a white TransAM and then a black one with the gold firebird painted on the hood. Not sure of the years, but he loved them both. My brother had a schoolbus yellow Gremlin! Oh my!! Hope you all don't think less of me now!!! --Julie
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