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  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to wear it!
  2. That's pretty incredible! You just never know how your life is going to go from one minute to the next. Julie
  3. Not affected by fires here, but there is some bad flooding in southwest Iowa in my old town. Lots of folks have lost everything--several people I know and used to work with. My folks had 10.5 inches of rain, but they live in an elevated area so were spared the bad stuff. Missouri Valley and Red Oak are a mess Julie
  4. Me too! How much fun is this!?! Cool! Thanks, Bernie! You're the greatest! Let the celebration continue!
  5. Oh Michelle! I've missed you too!! I've thought of you often and hoped you'd have time to pop in again soon! The little guy is 5 already??!! Oh my!!!! Does he still sing "It Hurts too Much"? (was that the song??? I know he loved to sing something!) Great to have you back!!!! Julie
  6. Harry, So very sorry to hear of your loss. My kitties are my kids, so I can really feel your pain. I had a kitty who was 17 1/2 and had to be put to sleep due to intestinal cancer. I had a 5 year old that had a brain tumor. That was so sad as he was so young and so smart. We now have "Lucky"--19 pound tuxedo cat--age 9, he's also the therapy cat at the Care Center where I work. Then, last summer, 2 kittens found their way to our farm and we are raising them. They are beautiful--so different--not even sure they're actually sisters. Lol! "Bindy" is black and long and lean and tall and "Misty" is a light gray with cream paws, belly and muzzle--just as cute as she can be. All 3 are so different and love each other. Take care and know that your precious kitty had a wonderful life because of your loving care! Blessings, Julie
  7. Steve--so very sorry to hear of the loss of your dad, but oh how special to have that time with him recently. I am sure that is a time that you will always cherish. Take care, prayers are with you. Blessings, Julie
  8. What a find Ira! I wish I had more time to snoop around in that stuff. I do recall that sequence, but still don't feel that this was the first time it aired. I'm still remembering a fountain outside. Thanks for the ride! This is great!
  9. So glad things turned out well, Eric! The low points are where we learn and find out what we're made of. Blessings, Julie
  10. Ok, just watched it. That's not the first time it aired as I remember it. I remember it being Pete and Melissa dancing around a big outdoor fountain and having a wonderful time while that played in the background. I also thought it was earlier than 1986. Hmmmm....is my memory going??! Lol! Julie
  11. Boy, I remember that one Ira! I've posted about it before--long time ago. My roommate & I were die-hard DOOL fans and when that song came on we were mesmerized. My sharp friend sad, "That's that guy that sings your favorite song--'All By Myself'" She figured it out after just a few bars. Then she says, "You know, he's also the lead singer for the Raspberries". I said, "who's that?" She said, "Go All the Way!!" and I'm like Wow!!! I'm gonna go and watch the clip now and really enjoy it! That was right before I got my first VCR so never had a copy of it until I found the album. Thanks, Ira! You're great! Oh, and this is just my most favorite Eric song of all!! ! Blessings, Julie
  12. Julie

    Rough Night

    Hey Everyone--thanks for the prayers and well-wishes! She's just a 7 pound kitty--tiny but powerful!! I'm still sore, but nothing broken or swollen--just bruises. Hubby got a kick out of my "gravel-angel" in the driveway this morning on our way to the hospital! Hubby didn't have a great day. The surgery was more extensive than they thought and when he started coming out of the anesthesia he was in terrible pain. They had to call the Dr. twice and get increased orders for morphine and valium. Finally got it under control about 5 this afternoon. Long day! He'll be there at least tonight and probably most of tomorrow. Will check in when I can. Blessings, Julie
  13. Julie

    Rough Night

    So, my hubby is in the house tonight preparing for surgery tomorrow. Nothing serious, but still a worry. I go out in the yard to say goodnight to my Father-in-law and as I'm walking across the driveway, one of my kitties comes flying around the corner and collided with my leg throwing me to the ground. I couldn't move, it knocked the wind right outta my sails. Laid there a long time and just couldn't get up. I had left my phone in the house. Hubby was making numerous trips to the bathroom and didn't realize I was in any trouble. When it started getting dark, I got scared and kinda panicky--we live out in the country and really cold. I started throwing gravel at the house hoping to break a window. Anyway, after an hour and a half, my hubby finally wondered what happened to me and found me. He had to pick me up. Good grief. I think I need to get one of those Life Line things to wear around my neck...."help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Anyway, sure hope I can get up tomorrow and get my sweet hubby to the hospital! Blessings, Julie
  14. It's like what my momma used to say, "If you can't say anything nice, than don't say anything!!" GEEZ!!! Thanks for ruining my thread!
  16. "Say you, say me; say it for always Thats the way it should be Say you, say me; say it together Naturally" Gag you, Gag me....... Right, Tony??! Yuck!!!! Julie
  17. Boy, I don't know Kathy Lee. The 10 lbs. is terrific. I don't know about the energy thing. Are you getting enough sunshine? That always perks me right up. I just don't know enough about health matters. I've been doing the green tea thing, but I honestly don't know if it's giving me more energy. I think I just feel better because I'm exercising more. Sorry I'm not any help, but, I'll pray for you! Julie
  18. Julie

    Oh, boy

    I know what Dr. Laura would say. She'd say she's a minor and you should deal with her parents. Not an easy thing to do, I agree, but the right thing to do. If something would have happened to that 16 year old girl while she was in your house, she would probably have loved to make it be your fault. Just my 2 cents.
  19. It's "My Heart Stops"--a cute little number that Eric did. I'm pretty sure that Bernie had it up at some point. Ya Marv, I shoulda had them do that! I don't know that they have speakers though! I love "My Heart Stops". I think of my darling husband whenever I hear it, cause that song is just how I feel! Julie
  20. So, today I was spending a lazy Saturday hitting the consignment shops....I walked into our little Goodwill Store in Spencer and for some reason found myself looking at the cassette tapes. (I honestly don't know if I even have a working tape player! Lol!) They didn't have many--40 at best on a little rack on the wall. There, on the top, in the middle was, "My Heart Stops", the single with "It Hurts Too Much" on the flip. Naturally I bought it. I already have a worn copy that I bought in Omaha when it first came out. It was just so odd to find it in little Spencer, Iowa. Just goes to show you, you never know where a little gem may pop up and make your day! Julie
  21. Ya! Thanks so much for the support! I don't get to relax too much yet though! I'm having a little surgery tomorrow for a bump on the top of my head! Nothing serious, just annoying! Lol! I suspect it's gonna smart a bit! Will definately pale in comparison to the other though! Yep, God is Good! Blessings, Julie
  22. "I'm a Redneck" can't think who did it! Lol! "Drinkin' My Baby Off of My Mind" Eddie Rabbitt "Tell Ole 'I Ain't Here' He Better Get on Home" --Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley
  23. Hey! I'm fine! Went and had my tests and everything is fine! Praise God! As for my weight loss efforts? I just lost .2 pounds this week. Really bums me out because I worked hard, didn't stress eat and did the stuff I was supposed to. Oh well! There's always next week! So, how's everyone else doing?? The thread has been quiet the last several days. I want us to keep motivated! Come on guys! We can do this!!! Blessings, Julie
  24. 1st album I purchased: Bobby Sherman: Portrait of Bobby 1st 45 I purchased: hmmm....probably "Julie, Julie, Julie, Do you Love Me" Another one of my firsts was "Lonely People" America. That song always appealed to me. Looking back now, it was a good choice, taught me about harmony and background singing. You know, my folks (well, Santa really) bought me my 1st record player and stand when I was 4! The bought me at least 20 or more LP's to go with it. Quite a selection. I'm sure I still have all of them. A nice bunch of classical, kid stuff (Tubby the Tuba--remember that little gem) and even some religious music. This would have been in 1964. Julie
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